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What is an alternative to mesh for hernia?

I am a 47 year old male. I want to know what is an alternative to mesh for hernia?

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Hernias can sometimes be repaired with stitches alone. Groin hernias repaired with sutures and the body's natural tissues have a high failure rate (>70% in some studies). Ventral or umbilical hernias that are less than 2 cm in size can be repaired with stitches alone. The likelihood of failure increases if mesh is not used as the hernias get larger in size.
Mesh is best to prevent recurrence of the hernia.
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Hernias can also be repaired with suturing that does not involve the placement of a mesh. Please review the following Harvard guide for further details:


Samuel Keith Williams, III, MD, CPG
Ask a surgeon please. Most insurance companies are happy to pay for second opinions. Try to go to a surgeon on staff in a medical school.
No mesh or biologic