Endocronologist (Pediatric) Questions Hypothyroidism

What is the connection between low ferritin level and thyroid?

My daughter is 3 years old and has always been low on her iron and hemoglobin levels. We did a recent test and found her thyroid levels also show a drop. Is there a relationship between the two or is it a separate problem altogether?

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Ferritin is a protein in the blood which stores iron. Low ferritin can leads to anemia and the symptoms of anemia. Low ferritin may also lead to persistent low thyroid hormone level. Iron (ferritin) is important in the synthesis of thyroid hormone. Also, low thyroid can cause low ferritin. It is therefore important to treat ferritin deficiency or iron deficiency. And treat hypothyroidism if indicated. Ideal ferritin level should be > 100ng/ml. You need to discuss with your physician to correct ferritin level. If the thyroid level is low enough, it needs to be addressed.
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There is not a direct connection. However, there could be a problem that is affecting both. Also, sometimes when children are sick their thyroid levels go down to allow the body to heal. Please follow up with your child's primary care provider.
Thyroid levels are not related to iron levels. Your body needs iodine (no iron) to produce thyroid hormone. If she has low thyroid level, she must be seen by an endocrinology to rule out hypothyroidism and find out the cause of it.
No direct relationship. If she has autoimmune Hashimoto's thyroiditis as the explanation for her abnormal thyroid tests, then if she also had celiac disease or some other autoimmune bowel problem, that could be some link. You should go back to your medical team and see what other tests they have done to figure out a more specific cause. Another issue is which thyroid tests did they really do, what was the reason for doing the tests in the first place and if the TSH is normal but the T4 or free T4 is low, then it could just be a binding variation and not really abnormal. Might want to see a pediatric endocrinologist if still some questions.
Hypothyroidism is made worse with iron deficiency or low ferritin level
Thyroid disease at that age is likely due to Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Autoimmune disorders can run together. Low ferritin indicates iron deficiency. Celiac disease and inflammatory bowel disease could cause low iron. Celiac would be more common for that age.