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Why am I so scared of the dark?

I have been scared of the dark since I was a kid, and now I'm 24 and still haven't gotten over this fear. Because of this, I only sleep with the TV on to have some light. What other things should I do?

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Dear Madam/Sir,

Sorry to hear that fear of darkness prevents you from sleeping without the TV on. As the fear has been through your childhood, did you ask your parents about the precipitating factor? Do they now what started it? Do you have the sound of the TV on? Or just the screen with light on? You may want to engage in prayers or meditation depending on your belief system. I would also suggest you consider seeing a licensed psychologist, who specializes in hypnotherapy, to get to the roots and origins of the fear. Heal from it and release it so you can live a life without the fear of darkness.

Take care,

Dr. Lata Sonpal
My guess is that you haven't gotten over the fear because you actually avoid being in the dark. When we avoid non-dangerous situations, we train our brain to see danger even when we are safe. Consult with a reputable cognitive-behavioral therapist for assistance in developing a good treatment plan to help you overcome this fear.
Hello, have you tried going to counseling to try and work through your fear of the dark? Have you tried a nightlight instead of the TV?
I would recommend getting therapy to uncover the cause of the fear. I don't believe anyone should have to stay stuck in fear. We often have an experience as a child that gets imprinted in our minds, deep in the subconscious, and until we resolve it, it stays hidden and reeks havoc on our lives. The healing journey is a challenge, but I would guess so is living in fear. You deserve to be free from the fear.
Hello! This is actually a very common fear. CBT and exposure therapy can be highly effective.
Being afraid of the dark can make going to sleep a literal nightmare. A fear of the dark doesn’t just plague kids; many adults suffer from a fear of the dark, too, so there’s no need to be embarrassed about your fear, no matter what age you are. The trick to ending your fear of the dark is adjusting your perspective and working to make your bedroom feel like a safe, welcoming place — even when the lights are out.

The following link should give you some additional cues

There are some apps you might want to download to will be useful if you have a smart phone. The apps are: CALM and PEACE
Try a night light over a television. Even two nightlights and then just one. You need to realize that you are in control of the dark and no one else can really get you. Your mind has to be relaxed and at ease and watch the television until you start dozing off and on and shut it off and just keep a nightlight on.