Acupuncturist Questions Eczema

Is acupuncture recommended for skin conditions like eczema?

My mother in law suffers from eczema and dry skin. Someone told me that acupuncture can help her and treat other skin disorders. Should I look more into this for her? Would you recommend it in her case?

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Absolutely. I personally would use a formula I make for topical application called Nourishing Ointment that I learned in school. It works wonders. But acupuncture would be a nice adjunct therapy to that to help calm the immune system and balance the body/mind/spirit system. If you decide to tray acupuncture, make sure you start with a fully trained acupuncturist (not an MD or Chiropractor that did minimal hours of training to get a license).
Acupuncture can help and it is likely that a practitioner will also prescribe herbs to help as well. A detailed assessment would allow for a more thorough answer.
Yes, acupuncture can help. But if you do both acupuncture and herbal treatment, you can see the result a lot faster.

Absolutely, acupuncture can help with eczema and dry skin. You should find someone locally to treat your mother-in-law, because acupuncture treats the patient, and every disease has different causes and variables. I cannot recommend anything more than finding an acupuncturist locally.
We have seen a few cases of eczema in our office. Most skin issues come from a deeper cause. Looking at that aspect helps in finding the root cause, which is what we are good at. Acupuncture and more important dietary changes and herbal prescription are the best remedies for that type of condition. Emily products are another adjuct that we use to soothe the skin while healing occurs. So, yes, I would recommend our services for your Mother-in-law. Wish her the best!
I can use herb medicine to treat this problem

Yes, acupuncture and herbs can help her a lot. It not only helps her eczema, but balance her energy. I will suggest to find a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist and get treatment soon.

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Jonathan Fang
Acupuncture has limited efficacy for eczema and dry skin. In this case, we provide oral herbal medicine, too. The skin conditions herbal medicine shows more effective than the needling alone. The cause of the eczema is very critical in our treatment.
Yes, it can help.
Yes, eczema, acne, psoriasis or any dermatitis can be well treated by acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (Chinese herb). Acupuncturists treat not only skin conditions, but also treat underlying conditions (i.e., allergies, digestive problems, stress etc. which can aggravate skin condition).

Shuko Ward DAOM, LAc., Dipl.OM, FABORM
Yes, if the provider makes the pattern diagnosis and chooses the point accordingly.
Yes, Acupuncture is very effective at treating skin problems, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, etc. In her case I would recommend a combination of acupuncture, topical creams and internal Chinese Herbal prescriptions. The combo seems to be very effective. Stress is the main cause of flare ups and acupuncture reduces stress significantly.
Yes, Acupuncture can help.
Yes, I do recommend acupuncture for skin conditions.
Yes it is certainly worth to try it. Our theory is quite different from the conventional medicine. The skin is the largest organ of our body. One of it's function is eliminate the toxins from the body and by doing so, it suffers. Those symptoms are rashes, etches and dryness. We should find out what cause all the toxin build in the body and treat the cause would be a solution.
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Yes, there are Chinese herbs which may be applied topically for conditions such as eczema as well as acupuncture treatments which are specific just for this condition an both are extremely effective at addressing the root of the problem.

Acupuncture can help with skin conditions. However, the herbal will be more effective than acupuncture along. It would be better to see your mother-in-law to know how to help her for her skin.

Terry Chang
Yes, there are more than a couple patterns, according to eastern medicine, that cause eczema, so it is absolutely worth taking her to be examined by acupuncturist.
Chinese medicine and acupuncture can view skin disorders almost in another dimension. Some conditions of eczema may be more related to seasonal allergies where others may be related to diet. All of which acupuncture can influence for a healthier individual too. I would recommend to see the primary first to rule out any infections, but the acupuncture treatment would most likely incorporate herbal supplements or moxibustion for a synergistic and effective outcome.

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Yes, acupuncture and TCM work wonders for eczema and dry skin. Since eczema and many other skin conditions are just symptoms of internal imbalance, acupuncture addresses these imbalances and once that is resolved the skin heals. Most patients see results within the first 4 to 6 weeks of treatment, depending on the severity of their condition. Yes, I would definitely recommend trying acupuncture as treatment.

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Aleksandra Dianova, L.Ac.
There are many conditions that would create a symptom such as eczema. We have found that if the patient follows our treatments, we should see some positive results overtime. Acupuncture is definitely recommended.
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Acupuncture may offer a way to balance over all health to decrease episodes of eczema but acupuncture needles should never be placed through skin that has any type of abrasion, rash, open wound, etc. The skin itself must be intact and a healthy area.
Yes, your mother-in-law would be a great candidate for acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Often, with eczema and skin issues, acupuncture and herbs can help to rectify the underlying imbalance causing the issues.
Yes, but effects take time
For eczema, it will be more helpful to see an acupuncturist for herbal medicine. There are formulas to help this kind of issue. They may be taken internally and applied topically as well. Acupuncture can be helpful for skin issues, but probably as an adjunct to the herbal medicine, and dietary modifications. Also, consider the use of a Halotherapy (salt) spa, or perhaps epsom salt bath.
We use acupuncture for skin problems in combination with low level lasers.
Acupuncture coupled with herbs can be very effective in treating various skin conditions, including eczema and dry skin. In Chinese Medicine, we believe issues with the skin signify imbalances internally. Thus each case is unique and needs to be evaluated to determine which acupuncture points to use and which Chinese herbs to prescribe.

Read about some of our favorite herbs for skin disorders here:
Yes. To cure any disease, you have to find the cause. Acupuncture can find the cause to treat the disease.
You betcha! We also have herbs available to us that can help this kind of condition. I would definitely give acupuncture a try. But remember, it doesn't happen over night. Most conditions take a series of treatments to heal. And if you don't get relief from the first acupuncturist to try, find another who works with herbs, too. But do give them a fair trial - several weeks at least.

In Eastern medicine, eczema is considered a physical reaction of the body to an internal imbalance. Once this imbalance is treated both with Acupuncture and Chinese herbs, it will naturally affect the reaction we know as eczema and dry skin.
Acupuncture can be very helpful in treating all skin conditions. I, of course, would recommend it but please remember that the medicine takes time. Typically, the longer a condition has been in existence the longer it takes to resolve.
I do not know your mothers particular case, but I do know that I have treated many skin disorders with acupuncture or with herbal salves, dietary changes, lifestyle changes, etc. The treatment would depend on the differential diagnosis, so bring your mother in to a Licensed Acupuncturist if she is interested in pursuing this route. Make sure the practitioner is a Licensed Acupuncturist and call a few to find one that you feel is a good fit for your mother. You can check NCCAOM.ORG and search by zip code, then call some in your area and see who you feel you can work with.

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According to traditional Chinese medicine any rash or redness of skin such as eczema is due to too much internal heat. Acupuncture and hebal medicine can help her condition to cool off her system. Stay away from spicy foods, sugar, alcoholic drinks, sodas. Organic coconut oil helps with dryness. Drink plenty of fresh filtered water. Less stress. Massage, yoga, meditation for relaxation. Thanks
Yes, Acupuncture can treat skin disorders. However, acupuncture treats these condition indirectly by addressing the internal imbalances that caused the skin disorder in the first place. Skin disorders can be caused by a variety of internal imbalances stemming from the immune system, blood, emotions, heat, stress, toxins and more. I myself, have worked on patients with this type of condition with great success. however treatment may take some time depending on how long your mother in law has had the condition. I would highly recommend using Acupuncture in her case. Find a licensed Acupuncture Physician in your area and help your Mother in law get some relief. Good Luck!