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Bilateral medullary nephrocalcinosis and hyperthyroid

I have been diagnosed with bilateral medullary nephrocalcinosis in Jan. 2017. I have not received any care or treatment. Also back in June 2016, I experienced symptoms of hyperthyroid, my pcp at the time sent me for a thyroid ultrasound which showed hypervascular bilateral thyroid. I was never told what this means and have not received and care or treatment. I also am deficient in vitamin d.

Female | 31 years old
Complaint duration: 3yrs
Medications: Norco
Conditions: hyperthyroid, stage 1 CKD

2 Answers

The bilateral medullary nephrocalcinosis is no likely to be related to hyperthyroidism, but actually hyperparthyroidism (primary) which causes elevated blood calcium and urine calcium. The thyroid ultrasound findings are consistent with inflammation usually autoimmune in nature which can result in underactive thyroid and less often overactive thyroid. You need to see an Endocrinologist to be properly diagnosed and treated for your concerns.
First your low Vit. This may result in low calcium and breakdown of bone with the calcium the becoming deposited in the kidney. This is easy to correct & should. The kidney problem should be followed for signs of progression. Now as to the thyroid. You did not tell me what your FT4 and/or TSH was so I can give you little advice about the thyroid. Ultra sound is good to locate & define thyroid tumors but it is not good for diagnosis of hyper or hypo thyroid. A simple blood test for FT4 & TSH will tell you much more about these. If you have hyperthyroid the FT4 should be above normal & the TSH low as it is suppressed by the high FT4. You should not be treated for hyperthyroid based on an ultra sound alone without the confirmation of the lab. The lab is also needed as a baseline for followup as the FT4 & TSH are used to adjust medication doses or make decisions about surgery or radiation ablation of the thyroid. Get the tests & see a good thyroid specialist as well as a good kidney Dr.