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Can you fix chipped teeth?

I am a 25 year old female. I have a few chips in my teeth from playing sports. Can you fix chipped teeth?

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Yes. We can bond the teeth. On anterior teeth, you need to be very careful not to bite into things like corn on the cob/apples, etc. because the fillings tend to chip/break in the front. For larger chips/fractures, consider 3-4 crowns/veneers.
Yes you can fixed chipped teeth with different dental material and techniques. Wearing a sport guard during any sport games is advisable to avoid future issues, making them fairly inexpensive. Please visit your dentist.
Yes, Bonding is done correctly is strong, looks great, and should last a long time.
Yes, it can be filled with fillings or crowns.
Yes we can.
Yes, it can be done. See your dentist.

Chipped teeth can definitely be fixed. The severity determines how they can be fixed. You should discuss with your dentist the options.


Bruce L. Elkind, DDS, PA
Chipped teeth could be fixed by bonding, veneer, or crown.
Hello, it depends on which tooth is chipped. Typically, we can use a filling to even it out or we can shave it down. Another option is a Veneer. Please consult with a dental professional that can determine the type of treatment that you need. Thank you for your question.

Yes, chips can be fixed in a few different ways depending on the severity and which teeth they are. You can put a bonding material on it (the stuff that is used for tooth colored fillings). You can put a veneer on it, or you can put a crown on it. There are a few factors that make people chose one over the other, but yes, it can be fixed.

William F. Scott IV, DMD