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What can be done for chipped tooth?

My front tooth recently chipped. Money is tight for me. Are there any reasonably priced options to fix my chipped tooth?

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There is always treatment options available for chipped teeth along with pros and cons. If the chip is extremely minor, your dentist may be possibly able to smooth or polish the chipped area. Alternatively, a small composite resin (tooth coloured/bonding) filling may be another economical option. Depending on the size of the chip and your cosmetic expectations, this may serve as a good short or perhaps medium to long term option. If the chip is directly on the biting edge, there is a risk of fracturing the filling even with the best possible dentistry, and the color match will be close but not perfect. Your dentist may also discuss the option of porcelain veneer/veneers with you for the best color match and longevity but this will come with a higher cost. Ultimately, you will need to decide what is most important to you and make the best decision for you.
Chipped teeth will require various remedies depending upon the size and location of the chip. When it comes to cost you have to weigh price versus durability. A $400 fix that lasts five years will eventually become more expensive than a $1500 fix that lasts a lifetime.
You can discuss it with your dentist. Sometimes a small filling could fix it but there is no guarantee that it will last longer. Most of time, it will need a crown if it's bigger in size
I'm sorry to hear that. While, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that placing a thin layer of porcelain on your tooth (a veneer) would be the ideal option since it gives you the longevity , you can, if the chip is within a certain size, be replaced with a regular composite filling material. The result in expeert hands can be just as beautiful. However, you need to keep 2 things in mind.
1. A composite has a finite "lasting power" and eventually it too may chip away so you will need to replace it or fix it, and
2. A composite restoration will stain over time depending on the foods or drinks you consume.
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This depends on the size of the chip. Options include smoothing, simple fillings, veneers, and crowns. All have their place but with decreased cost becomes decreased likelihood that it will last a long period of time.
This would depend on the severity of the chip and your expectations of aesthetics and longevity. It may be simply filed if very small or perhaps bonded.
You can have it bonded.
Depending on how bad it’s chipped, try dental bonding or just a large composite filling.

For reasonably priced options, you could look at bonding a tooth-colored filling to the tooth or, depending on the size of the chip and its location on the tooth, you could consider an odontoplasty (cosmetic recontouring).
Depends on the severity of the chipped part of the tooth. If the chipped part is not involving the nerve, then direct white filling called composite can be used to restore it, which is usually affordable in price.
Depending on how badly the tooth is broken determines the options. But many times, simple bonding can remedy the situation.


Richard J. Staller, D.D.S.
Get a white resin composite filling to repair the chip
If the chip is small, it can be repaired with a plastic composite material. We call that “bonding.” This treatment can range from $75 to a few hundred dollars. That is the cheapest way to fix a chip, but it is not the longest lasting. Longer lasting options include veneers and caps, which are more costly and time intensive. Crowns and veneers can range $700 - $1300 each. Most dental insurances will cover some of these costs.

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The most reasonable option is a bonding. It is a white filling material that “glues” onto the tooth. It blends with natural tooth structure and fills in the space. The more expensive but definitive option is either a crown or veneer, both of which go to the lab. The bonding is done chairside in the office.
I am sorry to hear about your front tooth. A composite filling or bonding is a reasonably priced option to fix your chipped tooth. However, if the chip or fracture is very large, a crown which is more expensive may be required to protect the tooth. If you chipped the tooth from teeth grinding, a good mouth guard is recommended to prevent more teeth fracture. Please visit your dentist for further evaluation and treatment. Good Luck!
Do not chew on the tooth until you see your dentist so more isn't chipped. There are many ways to fix your tooth depending on the size of the chip - from resin bonding to a full crown.
Most state and local dental associations and local societies sponsor occasional scheduled regularly free clinics for those patients who have financial concerns and emergency situations. Contact your local dental society within your state.

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Bonding is the least expensive solution. If the chip is small, then bonding would be the best choice. If it is a large chip, a porcelain veneer or crown would be the best long term solution.

It depends how badly you chipped your tooth. If it is a small chip, it would be a simple fix. If you chipped a large part of the tooth, unfortunately, you need to get a crown. You should consult your dentist and discuss the options.