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Do complex carbs help in reducing my insulin levels?

I am suffering from diabetes and I'm looking for ways to regulate my insulin, including changing my diet. I know carbs is a no-go. But, can I consume complex carbohydrates like oats, millets, etc.?

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Complex carbohydrates are permissible within limits.
It all depends on your post meal glucose and weight. If you are trying to lose weight, cutting out carbs which is normally 50% of calories, is a shortcut however very few can do it completely. The main answer is found by checking your 1 hour post meal glucose, if it is high over 160 (normal 140) THEN that food is not good. It helps to eat slowly and enjoy the meal. Unusual for most of us Americans.
Excellent question; it goes to heart of the matter which is insulin resistance; this is what occurs with high insulin levels which produce obesity,which is a major cause of insulin resistance, as well as other complications of diabetes. Consuming complex carbs which are low glycemic index foods means slower digestion and absorption of carbohydrates with lower blood sugar and insulin levels which help to prevent insulin resistance by having an impact on obesity as well as on insulin receptors.
Complex carbs include foods with nuts, seeds, unrefined whole wheat breads and starches as well as high fiber veggies.and omitting processed foods. I believe that is the ideal diet but you must realize that the carbs are carbs and they must be restricted to prevent too much insulin release and wt gain. That is the trick
have your physician refer you to a nutritionist to find out more details of a low glycemic index diet.

Marvin A Leder MD FACP FACE
All carbohydrates absorb as sugar in the blood but complex carbs absorb more slowly but still will elevate sugar in diabetics. But adding proteins and vegetables to your meal of complex carbohydrates will prevent rapid or high rise in sugars after meals and your insulin might have time to work better.

Dr. Marina Strizhevsky
Absolutely not
Yes you can. That is the simple answer but the problem is more complex. You need some carbohydrate in your diet and simple cho is not "bad" in itself. Simple CHO is absorbed more rapidly than complex CHO since the complex CHO has to be broken down in the gut to simple CHO to be absorbed but in the final analysis the outcome is the same just the timing is different. Insulin can be adjusted eat either. With the newer insulins we have now, it is not to difficult to adjust the insulin dose & timing to eat simple or complex CHO. Novo now has a new insulin that is ultra fast acting and can (under the right circumstances by people educated in its use) can even be given after a meal after you know how many and what kind of carbs you have ingested. Oats, millet, etc intake is in fact important since you need such foods for calories and for fiber. There is no need to restrict carbohydrate food & you need them. BUT you do need to learn the content & absorption pattern do they can be timed with your insulin. Get a good dietary & medication for your diabetes & never forget what St. Paul said centuries ago "moderation in all things". Good luck
Complex carbs will also raise the sugar levels but you can eat in moderation.