Surgeon Questions Erectile Dysfunction

Can erectile dysfunction be treated through surgery?

My husband is suffering from erectile dysfunction. While he has taken various medications and approaches for the problem it still persists. We are both getting frustrated. Do you think a surgery can help in correcting this problem?

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His problem could be a side effect of his medication, but before you get to this result, he needs to discuss his problem with his doctor and be referred to a specialist. There are a number of investigations that are required to be done to exclude any pathological cause.
Surgery is generally used to accomplish one of the following goals:

-Implanting a prosthetic device within the penis, which causes an erection
-Reconstructing the arteries within the penis to increase blood flow, which helps to facilitate an erection
-Blocking off veins within the penis that allow blood to leave the penis, which helps to maintain an erection.

Your doctor could recommend which of these is the best for your husband.
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The short answer is yes but it should be qualified. There are prosthesis available that can be inserted into the corpora cavernosa of the penis. These are the two lateral channels where blood engorgement takes place during an erection. One can insert a prosthetic device into these "pockets" to create stiffness. There are 2 types namely a rigid system and an inflatable type with a pump under the skin. There are various options available for ED and before a prosthesis will be used many other options should be investigated. There are various drugs available as well as injections. The latter are to enhance testosterone levels and also an intra-corporeal injection to create an erection. It is always important to consult with a specialist in this field. These could be a Urologist, Surgeon or sexologist
I do not know your husband's age, but most of the time, the problem is several things and surgery will not help. You and your husband need to talk to a person who can talk to you both and go from there. Just make sure they are a good sex therapist. I have several patients and there is a lot to be done without surgery. Please do not give up.
Check with a good urologist.
Not my field.
A penile prosthesis is a potential remedy for such a situation but I would not recommend it unless all other options were totally exhausted.