Endodontist Questions Chipped tooth

One of my front teeth just chipped. How will this be fixed?

I accidentally bit a bone and I just noticed that my tooth towards the side is chipped. What will be the procedure to fix it?

8 Answers

Without seeing it or doing an exam, X-rays, and pulp testing, I couldn't tell you what to do. With that, if you wish to fix it, please see your dentist who can do the exam and give you options on how to fix it.
Ask your dentist. This is common injury. They can most probably bond on some composite to replace the missing chip area. Be aware that chipped front teeth can be difficult to hold a filling. These sometimes break and need to be redone. If it is a large chip, they might want to do a crown or veneer. Often if it is one of the two central teeth, they recommend 2 crowns or veneers. It is difficult to match the colors when doing full facial restorations.
Probably a simple filling. You should follow up with your general dentist.
it can be fixed, but if the chip goes down the nerve of the tooth, a root canal may help better.
Without more information and a clinical exam, it is impossible to determine for sure. It depends on how big the chip is. If it's really small, it might just need to be shaped and smoothed off. If a medium amount chipped off, it will probably need to be bonded with some composite resin. If a large amount chipped off, it may need a veneer or a crown. And finally, if it chipped off close to or into the nerve of the tooth, it may need a root canal, then a crown.
If the chip is really small, your dentist can repair that by using a tooth colored filling material, but if the chip is so big that that the nerve inside the tooth is exposed, you may need root canal and crown.
The treatment will depend on several factors such as on the tooth, surfaces involved and any other procedures that he tooth has had. It may only require a “white filling.” If it is larger it could require a crown.
You would want to see your general dentist as it may be as simple as smoothing the area or potentially doing a restoration to replace the missing tooth structure.