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How long after a crown is cemented can I eat?

I am a 37 year old female. I want to know how long after a crown is cemented can I eat?

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in general one hour after.
You can eat right away, but stay away from sticky food as it takes 24 hours for the cement to harden completely.
This depends on the type of cement that is used. But usually after 2 hours you are fine to eat or drink like normal. Be sure not to eat anything if you are still numb, you risk biting your tongue or cheek!
There are different setting times depends on the materials. In general, 30 minutes is safe enough with most dental cements.
Most cements set within 30 minutes
Once the crown is cured permanently with cement you are free to eat immediately.
Dependent on the objective of the crown replacement via temporary, time may vary from 3-5 minutes.
Usually right away.
You should wait until the numbness disappears, and I recommend waiting at least an hour after the crown is cemented.
With the type of cement that we use in our office, you are able to eat as soon as you leave the office! You do not need to wait to eat, drink, floss, or brush.

Dr. Susan A. Hockaday, DDS, PA
You can eat right away If you are not numb, but to be extra cautious, stay away from sticky and chewy foods for at least 24 hours.
Hi, hope all is well. It depends on the type of crown and the type of cement used for the crown. Usually, it is okay to eat after the crown delivery, but we recommend you call the dentist who cemented the crown for you to get more accurate feedback.
Drying/setting times for different cements vary. An hour wait after a crown is cemented before eating is a average wait time. It is best to speak with your Dentist for his/her recommendation.
Most crowns are good to chew on after 2-12 hours. Some are OK to eat with immediately, depending on which cement your dentist has used. Regardless of the type of cement used, it is avoid chewing in areas that have not fully recovered from dental anesthetic to avoid soft tissue damage.

Usually, we tell our patients not to eat on the crown for an hour after it has been cemented.
Hope this helps.

Dr. Johnson
It depends on the type of cement used, but typically at least an hour or until local anesthesia wears off if it was used.
If your dentist tells you that it was a temporary cement, then 30 mins is good enough, provided that your bite is okay. For permanent cementation, you are ready to eat, on condition that your bite is okay and you are not numb.
After 1 hour.
Depending on the cement used but I recommend to be careful, but after 1 hour should be plenty of time. I have cemented crowns and I did not like the result and had trouble removing it in only a few minutes and then have to cut them off!