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How long does it take for dental implants to heal?

I just received implant surgery but that area is still sore and it feels tender. How long is it going to take for that area to heal?

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It is individual for each person. Sometimes it may take a month or two.
Healing time for dental implants can differ depending on the type of implants, location, stability of implant at the time of surgery, and many more factors. Average healing time is 3-6 months.
Usually after about 14 days the tenderness goes away. Sometimes it may only last a day.

It depends on the circumstance. If the implant was placed into a healed extraction socket (tooth removed previously and bone filled in the socket), then the minimal amount of discomfort, if any at all, would be expected. If the implant was placed at the same time an extraction was done, then there will be some discomfort. If more surgery than that was done (peeling back
gum tissue, bone grafting, etc.) at the time of implant placement, then discomfort surely would be expected after surgery. Anything lasting more than two weeks after implant placement needs to be evaluated by the implant surgeon for complications.
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About 4 months
The initial soreness/pain/discomfort last can last several days.

After that there should be very little pain unless you chew something hard over the implant site.

AVOID CHEWING ON IT and three months later, you can have the crown made.
Starts "healing from day 1," but it's much better 3-6 months out and many are loaded right away. A year is probably at least 80% done.
Implant surgery can be sore for the first 3 days or so after surgery. If it has been longer than a week or two it is recommended you contact your dentist and let him know so they can check for things like infection. Then, depending on the quality of bone, most dentists like to wait a minimum of 3 months before placing the final tooth to allow for the implant to integrate
with the bone.
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It’s normal for the area to be sore for a few days. It should be improving day to day. It takes four months for the implant to bond with the bone and be ready to receive a your new tooth.

Eric L. Spieler, DMD
Your body has undergone a surgical procedure. This would be similar to a knee replacement or other type surgery. It is normal to have soreness and tenderness for a week or so after your surgery as the bone and surrounding tissue begins the healing process. Cool compress and rinsing with salt water can help. I would avoid heat in the first few days as this increases blood flow to the area and can increase swelling. Good luck and hope you're feeling better!
Some discomfort is to be expected after an implant, and every patient and procedure is different. The implant will not be completely healed for approximately three months, but the tenderness should subside long before that. Please contact your provider if you are experiencing persistent or severe pain. They will be able to either write a prescription for you or advise you to come in for a re-check.
It can take up to 4 months for a dental implant to heal fully. The pain should be gone within 1-2 weeks following treatment.
In most cases, 3-4 months allows for sufficient healing.