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How long does it take for permanent teeth to come after his primary teeth fall?

My son is 7 years old and two of his primary teeth have just fallen out. How long does it take for the permanent teeth to start coming?

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The first primary teeth to fall out are usually the lower front two (mandibular central incisors, usually at the age of 6-7 years old). This is usually followed by the upper front two (maxillary central incisors). The reason primary teeth fall out is because the permanent tooth usually resorbs (removes) the root of the primary tooth as the permanent one erupts. This happens unless something else causes the primary tooth to come out like trauma. Once the primary tooth has fallen out due to the permanent tooth resorbing the root, it should take a couple of weeks to start seeing the permanent tooth. Remember the primary tooth falls out because there is not enough root to anchor it in; however, the permanent tooth still has to go through the gum tissues to be seen. Hope this helps.

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It varies by person. It can take up to several months.

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After the primary teeth loosen, the permanent teeth secrete an enzyme that dissolves the baby teeth roots. What was left of the baby tooth roots looked like little tooth pieces that were in his soft tissue. The crowns of the permanent teeth will be seen shortly. For mothers, it is never fast enough. It may be a few weeks.
Tooth eruption varies greatly. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Have a dentist take xrays to confirm that the permanent teeth do indeed exist. When they erupt depends upon his genetics and nothing can be done to change that. The older he is when they come in, the better able he will be to prevent cavities.
It depends on dietary stimulation/chewy food choices, or not enough space for new teeth to arrive. It can be as quick as a few days or as delayed as a few weeks, even months.
Usually pretty soon, but if you are worried about whether everything is normal, the dentist can take an x-ray to see if the permanent teeth are present.
This varies from person to person. Usually if the baby teeth fall out in their own it takes at most a few weeks for the permanent teeth to begin their eruption sequence.
The permanent teeth should be showing almost immediately. Visit your Pediatric Dentist for further evaluation and treatment.
Usually eruption patterns are predestined but the familial traits such as hair, eye color and a myriad of other DNA traits that we get from our families. I tell patients that a precocious eruption pattern is a sign of rare intelligence, I have found that to be no harm no foul. It's just what's normal for that patient
It all depends. It may take months.
It could take from a few days to several weeks for his big teeth to come in. If you have any concerns, take him to a dentist for an X-ray.
Usually, teeth have different stages. If they are the bottom front teeth, usually between age 5-7. Top front teeth are between 6-8. But some kids are different. As long as it can be seen on an X-ray then don’t worry.
It depends on the person. That is different for people. We can check him free in our office and give you the right time!
That all depends on the individual. Some kids lose their teeth as soon as they are erupting, some it may take a month or so. On average, kids lose their first set of teeth around 6-7, so I don't think it will be too long since the baby teeth fell out on their own I'm assuming. Usually, that is a sign the adult teeth are coming. For a better answer, visit your dentist to get an X-ray to see how far along the adult teeth are or to get an idea if there is anything preventing eruption. It would not be a bad idea to visit your dentist if the adult teeth don't show up after a month. Nothing to lose sleep over, though.
It can take a couple weeks to a month for the tooth to come in.
Within a week to 2-3 weeks.