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What medication is prescribed to shrink the cyst size in case of a PCOD patient?

I was diagnosed with PCOD 20 years ago. Lately, I have been gaining a lot of weight and the doctor said we will do a check up to see if the cyst has grown beyond the permissible size. What medicines are prescribed for enlarged ovarian cysts?

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None seem to work for me though others swear by birth control pills.
Birth control pill
Usually BCP is the first line of treatment.
Depending on what kind of cusp you have and how big it is your doctor will give you better options
Usually birth control pills. Sometimes a medication called provera will be used to do the same thing.
Unfortunately there are no real great medications to shrink ovarian cysts. Certain birth control pills which contain drosperinone can help minimize cyst formation, but often times a large ovarian cyst has to be surgically removed
PCOD or PCOS is a hormonal dysfunction that affects the ovaries but has far reaching gynecological and medical consequence, including infertility, insulin resistance and obesity. The combined oral contraceptive pill helps in reducing the size of the ovaries. Metformin helps with insulin resistance and anovulation.
Birth control pills
Start with metformin and, if no contraindication, appropriate oral contraceptive. Repeat ultrasound in three months.

Dr. Chaudhury
Oral contraceptives are prescribed in PCOS to regulate menstrual cycles and prevent overgrowth of the uterine lining.