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My daughter’s middle tooth seems to be out of line from the remaining teeth. Can this be corrected with braces?

My daughter is 10 years old and her middle teeth seem to be not in line compared to the rest of her teeth. Should we consider braces for her?

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Yes, but your daughter will need an evaluation to see why the tooth is not in alignment and what is causing the malalignment.
Absolutely! Baring any unforeseen abnormalities, her issue is most likely fixable. Ask your general dentist for a recommendation for an orthodontist in your area and schedule a consult!
Braces certainly could be indicated. The best time for crowding treatment is before all baby teeth are lost.
I would advise that you seek orthodontic treatment especially if you and your daughter are concerned about the current position of the teeth. After an initial exam your orthodontist may recommend clear aligner therapy, braces, or possibly some form of limited treatment option depending on the severity of the bite. Usually a consultation is complimentary and you can have all your questions answered. Hope this helps and good luck!
Yes, age 10 is a good time to get your daughter checked by an orthodontist for braces.
Yes, it can be corrected with braces.

Braces are a great option for any tooth alignment issues that your daughter may have. Typically, young boys and girls are ready for braces between the ages of 11-13, so now is a great time to get a complimentary consult from a local orthodontist.
Yes, braces can fix almost any misalignment. If the misalignment is caused by significant crowding of the teeth, removal of one or more teeth may be necessary.
Yes, it can be fixed!
Absolutely, braces can correct crowded teeth or the when the midlines of the upper and lower teeth don't line up. When the middle of the teeth do not line up it is usually because the bite is off or not fitting together well on one side of the mouth. This situation should be assessed by an orthodontist to make a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Braces or other orthodontic appliances may be recommended to correct it. Hope that helps!
At 10 years old, your daughter's teeth are most likely still erupting and not in their final positions. However, to be sure, a visit to a Board Certified Orthodontist for a consultation will give you the information you need and peace of mind.
Braces can correct these types of problems very effectively. It would be wise to get a comprehensive Orthodontic evaluation from a board certified Orthodontist as 10 years is a time when 12 year old molars and adult cuspids begin to come in and you should insure that all the adult teeth are able to function properly. To find a board certified Orthodontist, look under the Orthodontist locater tab at americanboardortho.com
Absolutely but it may be an easy fix and not involve full braces. Seek a professional Orthodontist for a consultation. Hope that helps
Yes. It can definitely be corrected with orthodontic treatment, whether it's braces or Invisalign. Just make sure you visit your local orthodontist to make sure her bite is not causing the problem.
It would be a good idea to seek an orthodontist for initial consultation. He or she should be able to explain the dental condition and discuss what treatment options are available.
One of the great benefits of orthodontic treatment (braces) is to correct a misplaced tooth or teeth and create a beautiful and functional dental alignment. You should have your daughter evaluated by an orthodontic specialist. You will be advised if she needs braces and when to start treatment. Sometimes it is more efficient to wait before starting treatment.
Yes :)
Yes braces would be able to correct this middle tooth. I would find a Board Certified Orthodontist in your area and call to see if you can schedule a complimentary consultation. This website has a Board Certified Orthodontist Locator.

Yes, it can certainly be fixed with braces.
10 years is the perfect age for your daughter to be seeing an orthodontist. I would highly recommend having her evaluated to see if she could benefit from braces to perfect her smile even further.
Generally speaking, yes. However, an X-ray would be important to rule-out extra (supernumerary) teeth that might be an issue. A patient history would also be important to determine if there has been a history of trauma to the tooth or surrounding dental/soft tissues. Dr Norman Nagel
Usually, it can, but it depends on the case. You should get a consultation with an orthodontist. There are many underlying reasons that this can happen, but braces are likely in your daughter's future.
Braces will help align her teeth. You should schedule an appointment with an orthodontist to get evaluated.
Hello - Yes, orthodontic treatment can correct midline discrepancies. Please seek out a certified orthodontist for a consultation. We wish you the best!

Dr. G
I would consult with an orthodontist to see what they can do for your daughter. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends the your child's first orthodontic visit should be around the age of 7. Orthodontists not only straighten teeth, but also have influence how the upper and lower jaw grows. Most orthodontists provide complimentary consultations, so the only thing you may lose is a bit of time to have a specialist provide an opinion. So...Yes. Hope this helps... Dr. B.
Yes. Please call our office and reserve a time for her to see Dr. Nasser. 318 864 2860
Yes, of course it can be fixed with braces! Now depending on how many baby teeth are still present, it may or may not be time to start with braces. If it's just an alignment issue, it's best in my opinion to wait until most of the permanent teeth are in before you start (like just one or two loose baby teeth left). Otherwise, you could be looking at either two sets of braces, or an unnecessary extended time in braces (which are both negative and avoidable by waiting for eruption of most of the permanent teeth).

However, if there is a skeletal imbalance, or severe crowding, or a parafunctional habit such as thumb sucking or mouth breathing...this kind of problem can, and SHOULD be intercepted when they're still in the mixed dentition (ie...still many baby teeth left)...sometimes you can take advantage of growth by intercepting these things early on!

The best thing to do is to have your child screened by a specialist...they will steer you in the right direction!
Absolutely. Braces do a wonderful job at aligning teeth :)


Tony Skanchy, DMD, MDS
Of course. By braces, all her teeth will be straightened.
Yes, I would have your daughter examined by an orthodontist. An orthodontist will look at her and determine why her mid line is off and recommend the proper treatment.

Thank you for writing to us with your question about your daughter. Please know there are many variables with tooth position, baby teeth, and habits at age 10. Braces may be the best treatment, but it is difficult to know this unless I see her teeth and bite. Please schedule a complimentary screening with us to assess her bite and treatment needs.
Yes, I would see an orthodontist to have it fully evaluated. Is it a primary tooth? Is it a permanent tooth? Does she have all of the remaining teeth? Thank you!
It can be fixed with braces. In fact, braces are the best and most accurate way to align teeth.