Podiatrist (Foot and Ankle Specialist) Questions foot pain

Why do my feet hurt every time I run?

I have recently started running to lose weight. But every time I run half a mile, I end up with this awful pain in both of my feet, which cuts down my pace. What could be the reason for this?

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Need orthotics. See your local podiatrist
Is the pain in the heel and arches? This could mean straining and micro-tears in the plantar fascial tissues, often known as plantar fasciitis.
The pain is likely due to overuse of muscles of the feet and legs. The best option is to be evaluated by a foot and ankle specialist to determine the exact cause of your pain and to develop a treatment plan that will work best for you.
May need better support. I would go to a qualified Running store to be fit for proper shoes. May also be some fatigue due to conditioning. Start with better shoes, arch supports, and slow progression to running. You need to condition for running.
There can be many reasons that you have pain in your feet when running. It could be related to the shoes you are wearing that may or may not be supportive enough. It could also be due to the fact that you are not doing adequate stretching preparation for the run and or possibly running on a hard surface like sidewalk or concrete. This can also lead to problems. I would recommend you see a sports podiatrist as soon as possible to reduce the chance of injury and allow you to enjoy a comfortable run.
It is difficult to give you a definitive answer without being able to evaluate your feet. My suggestion is to be sure your shoes fit well and to consult a podiatrist in your area for a complete examination.
I would have your feet checked out by a professional, there could be so many reason your feet are bothering you after running. It could be your shoes, plantar fasciitis, arch pain, tendon issues, etc.
Depends on what part of your foot hurts. See your podiatrist for an accurate diagnosis.
There are many possible reasons for what you are describing. You need a biomechanical evaluation to address your problem.
It could be many things. Most likely if running is a new thing for you, your feet need to adjust.
Flat feet and high arch feet may hurt with running. Arch supports or custom-made orthos is my help. How old are your sneakers? Old shoes can be a big reason for foot pain with running. See a podiatrist, get a good biomechanic exam.
You may be experiencing symptoms that are usually associated with abnormal subtalar and midtarsal joint pronation on closed kinetic chain ambulation or while running. I would recommend that you purchase a pair of "Powerstep full length Orthotics" and try wearing them in your shoe to help control and/or decrease in the abnormal pronation. You can purchase Power Step Orthotics online at Amazon. They are sized to regular shoe size (e.g. if you wear a size 9 medium in a male, then look at the size chart for your particular shoe size). I prescribe Power Step Orthotics which are pre-fabricated devices that tend to work well and are reasonably priced. Since most individuals can afford to buy custom made orthotics that can cost between $200.00 - 450.00 and most insurance plans don't cover orthotics.
It could be the fact that you’re doing too much too quickly. Or you have flat feet and over use of muscles and tendons. Inserts may be a good idea.
This is particularly difficult to answer without an exam, but there are many reasons that your feet may hurt when you run. It could be your weight. It could also be pronation and Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (which are elements and symptoms of having a flat foot). You should see a Podiatrist to see exactly what kind of dysfunction you might have with your feet and how best to correct these issues
The most common reason is overuse due to increased pronation, depending on your foot type. The shoe gear usually has a big role as well. As a general rule, stiffer running shoe are better than soft, cushioned, and flat shoes. Some of the more stable shoes out there are runner shoes like New Balance, Asics, Brooks, etc. It would be better to have an evaluation done by a specialist to identify the underlying problem and treat it properly.