Psychiatrist Questions Anxiety

Are there any natural remedies or medications that will help with anxiety and depression?

I have been suffering with anxiety and depression for about 10 years, and have tried every prescription medication with no success and bad side effects. Are there any natural remedies/medications that will help?

8 Answers

Healthy diet and exercise can be very effective. Minimizing processed foods seems to be helpful for certain people. The other tool that seems to be underutilized is a good psychotherapy.
you should see an expert who handles treatment resistant depression/anxiety. If prescription meds did not help natural remedies would not either
Valerian can help with anxiety. I do not know of any natural antidepressants.
Not reliable ones. You should work with a psychiatrist who is an expert with meds.
Calming herbal remedies include supplements of Kava Kava, or Valerian herbal supplements. Antidepressant herbal remedies include St Johns Wort also extra B vitamin multi, Mg* , Vit D and Fe+ for women of 14-55 yo. Aromatherapy diffusers are easy office or room additions and lavender or peppermint aroma therapy is calming, bergamot is antidepressant .
St. John's Wort and Sam-3 have been placed before the public as natural remedies for depression. Side effects with medications given by psychiatrists are troublesome. Acupuncture has positive effects. Research with hundred of depressed patients has proven the analytic psychotherapy with a trained psychiatrist who can give anti-depressants that match and work and the proper dosage give the best improvement.

I'm so sorry to hear you've been suffering from anxiety and depression for so long. Medications can be helpful to take the edge of some of these disorders but, as you found out, they often have side effects, addiction potential and often lose their effectiveness over time. I, and many others, have successfully treated anxiety and depression with counseling or therapy. This is not a quick fix, but it sidesteps all the medication problems. It typically takes three months of therapy to notice a difference and six months to a year and a half to resolve.
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