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I am having pain around my hamstrings. Can I see a chiropractor for this?

I have been getting a sharp pain around my hamstrings for the past 3 days. The pain starts from the bottom and goes up to my hamstrings. Will a chiropractor be able to help me?

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A chiropractor can definitely help with your hamstrings pain.

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Hamstring conditions can occur from one powerful movement such as a sprint or from repetitive stress such as marathon running. Hamstring injuries are known as strains meaning that some or all of the fibers in the muscle tear. Some complete tears do require surgery, but the majority can be treated with chiropractic and rehabilitation.


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Yes chiropractic care can help
A chiropractor can do an examination of that region to determine what the cause of the pain is. Depending on the diagnosis, a chiropractor may be a good option.
Yes. It sounds like lumbopelvic spinal instability that will cause unequal leg length and weight bearing. This will also cause irritation of the sciatic nerve which controls the muscles of the leg.
Yes Absolutely! Chiropractors specialize in all issues involving muscles and bones.
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Pain in the hamstring is often a result of improper function from a joint fixation or muscle imbalance in the back. A chiropractor specializes in musculoskeletal complaints like yours and can help find the cause of the problem as well as the best solution.

If you do not have a chiropractor, here is a list of evidence-based chiropractors around the world.!map
Absolutely a great place to start. Have them evaluate your low back.

See this video to learn more about a chiro's role:
There is a good chance that chiropractic can help relieve your pain. You should schedule an appointment with ou local chiropractor and make sure you give accurate and complete information about your current condition to he doctor during the exam. After the exam is complete he/she should be able to give you some treatment options based on their findings.
Yes chiropractors are qualified to evaluate musculoskeletal issues such as muscle strains.
Yes, as to helping, only an exam and X-rays will tell.
Yes, absolutely. Chiropractors specialize in neuromusculoskeletal disorders, under which category yours can fall.
Yes, especially one that uses Kinesio Tape.

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The best help you will expect is from a chiropractor, even though you can see a sports doctor as well; both specialists are experts in helping you and surely you will get the best result.
Very likely this is a musculoskeletal issue, which is in the scope of practice for a chiropractor. An evaluation would determine the possible cause, and if was out of the realm of Chiropractics, you would most likely be referred to the appropriate professional!
Sorry to hear about your hamstring issue. I would try light stretching with moist heat. The hamstrings attach to the bottom of the pelvis, on the sit bone. If your pelvis is misaligned, it is going to pull on the hamstring. It may help in letting the muscle heal in its actual position to get adjusted, if the light stretching with moist heat doesn't work. Hope I helped.

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You should see a chiropractor if they specialize in myofascial work, which is a type of muscle work. Traditional chiropractic may help. Chances are you have a muscle imbalance going on which is causing the pain all your hamstrings or you have a weak core. You may have Lower cross syndrome.
Yes. I see many patients with the same condition.
It sounds like you may have a piriformis syndrome which could be pressing on sciatic nerve or just a hamstring tightness and injury. Definitely have it evaluated by a sports chiropractor to find out.
Yes, chiropractic physicians are experts in musculoskeletal diagnosis and treatment, meaning primarily muscle and joint diagnosis and treatment.
Yes, you can make an appointment with your chiropractor. Sometimes we have symptoms which is called referred pain. Have there been any back problems? Any sudden movements, quick bursts of activities you have done to cause the pain? It's hard to determine without an exam. Some people with low back pain can have pain that wraps around the groin into the hamstring and stops at the knee. Some have pain that goes all the way down to the feet. Others just have localized pain in the back or a specific area.
Usually, muscle spasms will ease up after a few days. If it continues, it could be neurological, following a dermatome pattern. Advise you to make an appointment and take Ibuprofen (if you have no contraindications) to reduce the pain and keep inflammation down.