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I have pain in my hips due to excess weight. What can I do?

Over the past 6 months, I gained a lot of weight. I think this extra weight is causing me to have a lot of pain in my hips. What can I do to help manage this pain?

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Excessive body weight can put increased stress on the joints, hips and knees being the most common. Chiropractic can help to alleviate the pain but what’s more important is to help you correct the underlying problem through diet and exercise to control weight and optimize health and wellness.
I would get balanced by a Chiropractor and consult a nutritionist to start a lifestyle change diet, not a diet as a verb. Hope i helped, Got your back! Dr. Todd Gewant
Your best course of action would be to change your diet and work on getting the weight off. While doing that, consulting with a chiropractor would be a great first step.
First, how do you know that the weight is the cause? Get an X-ray of the hips.
Try losing weight and getting an adjustment to your hips at a chiropractor
Isometric core muscle exercises will help to decrease the pressure on your hips.
The sudden increase in weight could be a hormonal problem. I would recommend to see a family doctor or nutritionist that could provide you with some answers regarding your weight gain. I also recommend that you have a posture check by a chiropractor because posture and good allignment will decrease your weight tremendously.
Thank you for your question.
Weight gain, in the short term, is rarely the cause of pain but instead, often exacerbates existing problems. The weight we gain causes more force on the joints and muscles and can lead to weaker or improper functioning areas to become painful.
It is advised to consult an evidence-based chiropractor to help better determine the cause of your pain and find an appropriate solution. Here is a link to a group of evidence-based chiropractors around the world.!map
There are hip stretching exercises designed to alleviate stress and help with pain. Also, you might want to deal with that extra weight you gained and consider a diet and exercise program since your body is telling you that something is wrong.
Getting adjusted and doing massage are a great supplement to any weight loss strategies you are already engaged in...and will help the workouts go smoother and be less painful!
Losing weight is the best solution. I would recommend walking 15 minutes, 3 times daily to keep the hips and low back mobile.
Best practice is always deal with the cause when you are able. I would start with trying to lose the weight you have gained. There are multiple ways doing this so I would do a little research and find what works best for you and your schedule. Additionally, I would start stretching and strengthening your lower extremities and core muscles which should help reduce the extra stress on your joints.
Increase weight should not be the cause of your pain unless your hips or Pelvic was already misaligned and not the weight DISTRIBUTION is creating a more un-even posture creating the pain. I would suggest a chiropractic assessment or even Alexander Technique assessment to see what is the cause of the pain.
I would first like to know the reason for gaining a lot of weight in six months. If you are pregnant ,it becomes a self-limiting problem. If that is not the case, you need to drastically change your eating and drinking habits. If you continue to gain weight, I would seek professional help as you could possibly have a metabolic disorder that needs to be addressed.
Rapid weight change needs to be as closely looked. It probably is adding a level of pain, but it needs to be solved. Seek out a great Chiropractor that also does clinical nutrition or a functional medicine MD.
Losing weight is an option

I would recommend the HCG diet. It is safe and can help you lose a significant amount of weight in a month.
You are probably correct about the weight gain causing hip pain. The excess weight can also change the arches of the feet, making them flat, which will in turn cause knee or hip problems or both. The change in your center of gravity will also put new stresses on your lower back, causing subluxation and nerve irritation, which can also manifest as hip pain. Besides losing weight, have your chiropractor check your feet as well as your back.