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How should I prepare for my acupuncture session?

Is there anything that I should do before my acupuncture session? I have an appointment next week.

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Make a complete inventory of your symptoms and share your medical history with your practitioner.
Talk with the office that will be giving the treatment to find out if they have any suggestions.
One caution is not to have a session when you are so hungry and dizzy. Otherwise, relax and enjoy. Wear something comfortable.
Nothing is necessary for you to do, other than no caffeine or alcohol and things like that. Those substances can counteract the treatment.
Make sure that you eat before you go in to the treatment i.e. don't go on an empty stomach. Be sure to rest well the night before if you can. Dress in loose fitted clothing or in layers or bring some shorts so that many body parts can be exposed easily without having to undress too much. Be prepared to be there for a while and be prepared to talk about every aspect of your health (diet, work, home life, stress factors, menstrual cycles, skin, digestion and elimination, etc). Most practitioners are very thorough on intakes initially.

Be willing to listen and ask questions but don't try to learn everything they are doing. The practitioner went to school for at least four years to learn what they are doing, so full explanations can't really happen, but they should be able to tell you things in a way that allows you to understand basically.

Remember that if they use the word "liver" "kidney" "heart" or other organ it doesn't mean that organ itself, but a system of related functions in your body. With that, remember that Google isn't a school, so ask the pro before looking things up.

If you experience any discomfort or pain let the practitioner know - we don't like to hurt our patients, but sometimes a needle hits a spot that can hurt, (most won't) so just keep open dialogue with the practitioner.

That should do it. Good luck and enjoy.
Hi! I hope I answer in time. Usually, I ask patients to eat something light, soup or half a sandwich. You don't want to be over full or have an empty belly. Wear loose clothing to be comfortable. No perfume or cologne due to people having allergies.
Don't brush your tongue in the morning so the acupuncture doctor can make better diagnosis by looking at your tongue. Don't drink coffee, colored drinks one hour before acupuncture appointment. No make up. No lip sticks.
Nothing special is needed in preparation for a session. But, please ask any and all questions you have of your acupuncturist. This is an intimate partnership of your health journey, and education is the key to making informed decisions of your life and health to naturally live well.
1. Be well rested
2. Make sure you've eaten something that day
3. Try to arrive 15 minutes early so you're calm and have a normal pulse rate before your treatment

You'll do great!
Just in case you still need guidance, wear loose fitting clothing, eat a meal beforehand so that you don’t feel lightheaded after and drink plenty of water before and after.
Just wear comfortable clothing but most places should have something you can change into if you are coming right from work or wearing more restricting clothing. You do not have to believe in acupuncture for it to work but the more relaxed you are, the better so it's nice just to think of a favorite vacation spot, listen to some relaxing music or meditate while enjoying the treatment.
Good-morning. Regarding your question:

1. Prepare the history.
2. Explain the symptoms.
3. Explain any encounter with other medical practitioner, i.e., your family doctor.
4. A list of medications that you are taking.

What to wear: Please wear or bring loose fitting clothing that can be rolled up or down. Sweat pants, skirts, tank tops, etc., are the most convenient. Feel free to bring such clothes with you and change when you get to the clinic. Many of the needles may be placed in your extremities, and easy access is helpful for treatment.

*What about food?*
It is vital that you are neither hungry, nor too full during your acupuncture treatment. Even if you do not feel hungry, you should make sure that you have eaten something within 2-5 hours of the appointment. Acupuncture can be dangerous if blood sugar is too low.

Infections and illnesses, such as colds, flus, ear infections, and allergies are easily treated if addressed within the first 24 hours.
No, not really. Some practitioners will ask you not to eat anything or scrape your tongue for a few hours prior to an appointment, but most of us can work around this aspect of diagnosis. Acupuncturists often use points around the elbows and knees, so it's helpful if you're wearing loose clothing so we can access these areas.
Wear loose clothing. If you have any questions regarding your health, write them down and take to your appointment, so you don't forget. Make sure you have eaten something the day of your appointment as acupuncture moves energy and you don't want to be light-headed from low blood sugar. It's nice to take a relaxing shower before your visit.
Wear comfortable clothes. No jewelry. Please make sure you eat before your treatment. Enjoy your sessions.
Just be sure that you don't go hungry, stoned, or drunk as these things can adversely affect your response to acupuncture. Also, of course you want to be freshly showered, and wear loose pants or a skirt and a top so they can easily get to your back and legs. Otherwise, don't plan on doing anything strenuous after treatment as you will be very relaxed and your qi will be flowing well. You don't want to stop that with vigorous exercise or work.

Enjoy your treatment and be ready to feel fabulous!!
Don't eat right before the session, but also don't be hungry. If you take medications don't take them at least 3 hours before acupuncture. Prepare a list of your concerns, because a lot can be addressed by acupuncture.
That's it
Good Luck!
Each acupuncturist operates differently, but I would say there is nothing specific you need to do before acupuncture. Obviously, don't eat too much to be overfull. Dress comfortably in loose clothing for your appointment.
It is a great question! I am glad to answer it.

1. Wear loose clothes because you need to expose the legs and arms at least.
2. Do not go in with a full or an empty stomach because of an extreme condition of blood sugar will cause dizziness or even fainting.
3. Hydrate yourself after each session
4. Do not go to do a cardio/hi-impact or swimming exercise right away
Hi there,

Wear loose clothes, have some food, but not too much. and maybe have someone to accompany you. Otherwise, there isn't much to prepare for. It's really easy.
Good luck!