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Pulling pain in back in morning. Could it be due to sleeping position?

Lately, I have a sharp pulling pain in my back. I really feel it in the morning when I get out of bed, and it has been going on for about a week. Could this be from sleeping?

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Yes, it could be, especially if your mattress is older than 8 years.
Many factors could be considered. Poor sleeping habits, pinched nerve from the low back or muscle spasms. The only way to find out is to seek a chiropractic consultation.
Check your mattress, too. A bad mattress Could cause back pain.
Yes, it could be a cause.

There are many different possible causes for back pain in the morning and you will need to go see your chiropractor for a thorough evaluation first so that he/she can diagnose you and tell you exactly why you are feeling this pain. Your sleeping position or your mattress/pillow, etc., could definitely be the cause of your pain and your chiropractor will be able to give you proper treatment and exercises/home care to relieve your pain as soon as other possible causes are ruled out. So, bottom line, go see your chiropractor to get some relief. It’s not fun to wake up with back pain in the morning.

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Dr. Jessica Grichy, DC
Maybe or weight lifting or long travels etc get checked by chiropractor.
It is most likely from your intervertebral discs absorbing fluid at night while you're not loading them being upright. I suggest finding a therapist or chiropractor trained in McKenzie Method near you and get it taken care of before it gets any worse. Here is their therapist locator for the US
Yes it can. The best sleeping position is on your side with a pillow between the knees. Never sleep on your stomach. How old is your mattress? You may need a new one.
The short answer is yes. It sounds like you injured your back sometime in the last week. This could have been just from sleeping. The way you sleep obviously is not helping. I would look up some ergonomics on sleep posture and make an appointment with a chiropractor, as they should be able to assist you with the discomfort.
could be from a worn out mattress. try sleeping in a different bed for a few nights to see.
It’s probably from something more than sleeping, but being in one position for an extended period will aggravate an existing issue , especially if the bed isn’t comfortable !
Yes, back pain can be associated with your sleeping position. I suggest using a body pillow. Put it in between your knees and by your chest. It will help to prevent you from stomach sleeping and keep your spine straight.
Yes, it could be, but usually that pulling is an indication for other underlying musculoskeletal problems. Seek professional care by a chiropractor if it persists.
Yes. Pillow between your knees should help.
Yes, and/or old mattress.
You could be sleeping in the wrong position, or it could be your pillow or it could be an aging procession

It could be aggravated by your sleep, but a sharp pain in the back generally means that there is something happening in your spine or your spinal muscles. Morning pain can mean that your muscles or spine are being aggravated by your sleep position. You may want to have it evaluated if it has been happening for over a week now. A simple chiropractic exam can usually reveal the cause of the problem and then some treatment and home routine should take care of it. Sharp pain has to be evaluated as it can range from anything from joint/muscle issue to nerve pain.
Yes, it could be from your mattress or how your body positioning is throughout the night. But, please be aware that most low back pain symptoms can be from an underlying disc issue. The lower back (L4,L5 and sacrum) are the most common areas for a disc herniation causing low back pain that could mimic and/or cause low back pain and spasm. Pain in this region, if a disc, can also be commonly worse in the morning and upon transitional movements (getting up/down out of bed or a chair). It would be best to get yourself checked out by a chiropractor in your area to assess what is the true root of your pain symptoms before you spend a lot of money on a new bed.
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Dr. Dan Secrest, DC
That could be a result of several things, especially since it is worse in the morning. Changing a pillow may fix it. Or it could be a disc or joint inflammation or degeneration issue (those tend to flare more in the morning). Switch the pillow you use and use a pillow under the legs (if you are a back sleeper) or between the knees (if you are a side sleeper). If changing your sleep habits does not work, try having a chiropractor examine the spine and possibly take a lateral X-ray of the spine to see if there is any damage through there.

Yes, it sure could be. Best positions to sleep in are on your side or back. But make sure you have a pillow between your legs when you are on your side. Preferably a body pillow. The keys to sleep are position comfort and support. Beds and pillows are extremely important when it comes to this. So important that I created a sleep store to help people get better sleep. Feel free to check it out:
Yes, it could or it could be something different. I recommend finding a quality chiropractor in your area and schedule an examination. Knowledge is power.

Dr. Duchon