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My front tooth got chipped at the bottom. What can be done about it?

My front tooth got chipped from falling flat on my face recently. Will I have to get this extracted or can it be treated?

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I am sorry about your fall. When you visit your dentist, an X-ray will be taken. If it is just a chip, you may be able to have it smooth out to match the teeth next to each other. It may be able to be bonded. If it is bonded, you will have to be careful biting into food. You may have to have a crown placed on it. Your dentist will tell you if you damaged the supporting root structure. You have choices to make once you know what injuries you have.
Chipped front teeth can be treated in a variety of ways. Each method involves differences in longevity, appearance and costs. See a dentist to learn which would be best for you.
Sounds like you’re not experiencing any nerve pain, so a simple filling or possibly crown/veneer should be all that’s needed
You need to see a dentist in order to properly answer that question. Depending upon the circumstances, your treatment might require either a very simple bonding repair, versus root canal therapy, versus extraction. Since the possibilities are so variant, examination and discussion of the pros and cons of all potential treatments is the first step that must be taken. A dental x-ray will also most likely be necessary.
You have to make an appointment with dental professional and have it examined, and diagnosed by the dentist. A lot could be done about a fractured tooth, but the treatment can only be determined in the dental chair, and to make a proper decision the diagnostic tools are needed
That depends on the chip. Minor chipping can be fixed with fillings. Larger portion broken off may need a cap. If the tooth is fractured to the gumline and can't be restored, it may need to be extracted.
Go to an emergency or a normal dentist. If it is just superficial, it can be solved with a filling. If it hurted deeper the tooth, like the nerve, more things need to be done. If the tooth is very deep cracked or fractured with the trauma, only in that case might be the case of an extraction.
Bonding can possibly be done.
It depends on the size of the chip. An X-ray is required to rule out root fracture. Root fracture would require extraction. Often times it is a small chip limited to external tooth structure. This can be smoothed or bonded to restore. Larger fractures will require composite bonding and or root canal and crown. Appropriate examination is required to determine required treatment.
First try to save the tooth. Depending on the chip, it can be bonded with a white filling that fills in the chip or you may need a crown (covers the whole tooth). If the nerve has been damaged, a root canal may be needed. Not too complicated on a front tooth--only one canal ( a back molar tooth has 3 or 4 canals). I wouldn't consider extraction at all unless there is a crack lengthwise down the root of the tooth(rare). Don't worry.
Many options are available, from invasive to noninvasive procedures. Simple filling to veneer to crown. Depending on how much of tooth is broken.
Need more information, but if the root is not cracked or fractured, depending upon the size of the chip, either bonding or a crown could be considered.
The tooth needs to be evaluated. Depending on the damage, the appropriate treatment can be determined. If it is just a simple chip, it can be bonded.
Assuming the bottom is the edge is the biting edge of the tooth. The dentist can smooth the rugged edge which under the microscope looks like a brissul brush with nerve endings that becomes sensitive because of being exposed to the contamination of what goes in the mouth during the process of eating and even exposure to air temperature to cause hyper sensitivity. The dentist in buffing the edge of the fracture and possibly treating with ointment will make the tooth less sensitive until it's properly restored.
It all depends on how badly you chipped it, mobility, and if there is pain associated with the tooth. Best is to seek a dentist to examine the tooth and determine what needs to be done. In some cases, it might just be a simple touch up, and in drastic cases, it may require extraction. Without a professional examination and X-rays, it's very difficult to determine the outcome of trauma.
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No worries, you are not even close to extraction!! Depending on the depth and extent of the fracture, this can be fixed with a simple tooth color filling or, worst case scenario, a crown or root canal. It seems like you are not in pain, so my guess is that it could be restored beautifully just by a tooth colored filling.

Depends on why and how the chip occurred and also how big the chip is. A simple chip could be repaired with dental bonding, sometimes without drilling. More info or a tooth selfie would help here.

It truly depends on an X-ray and exam. The severity of the fracture will be determined and then treatment is planned. Could be as simple as a regular filling or possibly something else
I doubt it would have to be extracted. Depending on the size of the might just need a filling...or you might need a crown. Any tooth with trauma is always evaluated and followed for any signs that a root canal is necessary.

Hope you are not in pain. You should see your dentist immediately so they can take an X-ray to find the best solution for the chipped tooth. Typically, if the chip is not too serious, it can be fixed with an Enameloplasty (reshaping of the chipped area to smoothen it) or with a filling. Regardless, you should get it checked.


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It all depends on how bad the damage was. If you experience pain, then you'll want to see a local dentist to evaluate the tooth damage. If the damage to the tooth is bad enough, you'll end up losing the tooth. If the damage is not too bad, then the tooth can be saved. A root canal may or may not be indicated. See a dentist pronto!