Plastic Surgeon Questions Scars

I have a scar because of a fall from when I was a kid. Can the mark be cleared through a cosmetic surgery?

I have a scar from the stitches I received when I was a kid, it cuts through my eyebrows and reaches to about my forehead. It's a really odd spot and I am unable to hide it with make up. Can plastic surgery help in correcting it?

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It cannot be eliminated but it may be able to be minimized by a scar revision performed under local anesthesia.
The scar can never be completely removed. However, it can be possible to improve scars with fractional lasers. Speak with your local plastic surgeon for the specifics in your situation.
This depends on the extensive scarring. Physical examination would be able to give a more complete answer.
Much depends on the color, width, and texture or firmness of the scar. Also, if hair is missing in the eyebrow, it becomes more noticeable. Possible remedies include dermabrasion, cortisone injection, laser treatment, micro-needling, re-excision, and hair transplant if needed.

Patrick H. Beckham, M.D.
The answer is, "maybe." From your description, it might be possible to revise the scar in such a way as to disguise it better, but it is impossible to completely eliminate the blemish. You need to go to a reputable Board Certified plastic surgeon and have him/her give you an honest opinion.

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Dr. Mes
Scars can be eliminated with ablative lasers like CO2 or Erbium lasers. These lasers slough off superficial undesirable skin and induce new growth of skin and collagen. Platelet Rich Plasma can be extracted and concentrated from patient’s blood to be injected into the scar for remodeling of disorganized fibrosis of tissue. This fibrosis causing the scar can be lysed with many micro injections of PRP which causes new growth of rejuvenated skin, softening the appearance of scarring. However, one should be careful not to intervene with hypertrophic scars or keloids as patients tend to scar even more with medical interventions.
Sounds like it should be easy enough. Some scars need an excision and repair, like starting from scratch. Hair grafting can be done to hide a scar in the brow, but there is a poorer “take” when grafting in a scar. Outside of the brow, laser away :-)

Thanks for your question! Unfortunately, your scar can never be completely removed, but there are different options for treating it. Depending on the location and size of your scar, a facial plastic surgeon can reposition it into a more cosmetically favorable area. Other options include procedures to reduce the size of the scar (excision), or to minimize the appearance (dermabrasion, microneedling). An in-person consult would be highly beneficial and give you the most information!

Monica Kieu, DO
You can absolutely look into getting a scar revision to help reduce the appearance of your scar. I advise you to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon.
This can not be answered with yes or no. Plastic surgery may better the look of a scar. If there is a lot of tension on the scar it is more difficult.
Best to show your surgeon and discuss your options.
Some scars can be improved while makeup works best for others. Where the scar is is most important. See a Plastic Surgeon to be if it is worth treating.
Usually, we can make the scars better, but we can’t erase them. Scar revision, LASER, and dermabrasion are some of the most common surgical tools used. Nonsurgical options can include steroid injection or topical steroid cream, bleaching cream, silicone sheeting, and more.