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After burning my arm with a curling iron, what can I do to prevent scarring?

I burnt myself on my arm with my curling iron, and I do not want to have a scar! Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

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While you cannot get rid of a scar, you can have it improved surgically if you are a candidate. Sunblock, sunblock, sunblock to keep it from becoming dark. In about 1 year, a scar matures and you will see your final outcome.
If there were blisters, there will likely be some scarring that cannot be avoided. Using creams such as Silvadene will help it heal and then using Copper Peptide creams after will also help the healing process, but it mostly depends on the depth of the burn. You also need to wear total sunblock on that area to avoid it getting darker in skin color
We recommend silicone cream. It’s Rx only and a bit pricy but works better than anything else on the market. Biocorneum.
Moisturizing cream with light steroids or CBD balm/cream topical. Treat for 3-4 weeks then see where you are at as far as pigmentation and scarring.

The scarring after a burn depends mostly on two things: first and foremost, on the depth of the burn. The deeper the burn, the greatest the scar. Also, on the type of care performed until the burn heals. A curling iron burn should not be that deep. In any case, it should be about first or second degree. In the first degree case, it should heal well. It may leave a darker discoloration, or hyperpigmentation. This can be treated with prescription strength hydroquinone. In the case of a second degree burn, this definitely requires more care and may leave a discoloration, as it may have damaged the cells that produce pigment. The third degree definitely will leave a mark. Smaller burns can be excised.

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Luis A. Laurentin-Perez, MD PhD
Curling iron burns tend to be deep. First, of course, seek medical attention and keep the burn clean and free of infection. We initially use topical silver sulfadiazene cream on these burns, then moving to something like an antibiotic ointment. When the skin has grown back and the burn is “closed”, silicone-based ointments and/or patches and a compressive wrap or a compression sleeve help the burn scars to stay flat.