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What could be the cause of my throbbing tooth pain?

I am having an intense pain in my teeth every time I chew on my right side. What could be the cause of this pain?

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It is difficult to tell without proper diagnosis. Very often it is indicative of a deep cavity, a possible abscess or the possibility of a crack in your tooth. Either way you should probably seek professional care as soon as possible.
Throbbing tooth pain is nature's sign of a serious concern. You might have a nasty infection or a fractured tooth which is causing a nasty infection. Better get it checked by a dentist before it gets worse, and it can get much worse.
the bite could be hitting too hard on this tooth; you might have a gum abscess; maybe dental infection. See the dentist and they will figure it out.
This type of pain can be due to a dead or infected nerve, periodontal infection, fractured tooth, sinus infection, and I rare cases a tumor or cyst. It is recommended to see a dentist for examination and radiographs for definitive diagnosis at this time.
See a dentist for evaluation, X-rays, and treatment.
There could be many reasons for pain: maybe you have a huge cavity or an abscess, or perhaps your tooth is cracked. Call a dentist.
Throbbing tooth pain is the pain that goes beyond the mild and moderate tooth pain and reaches to even more severity level. If you have an intense pain in your teeth and you started chewing on your right side, then the possibility is that you might have one of the severe dental issues. This can be a warning sign of tooth abscess. The tooth abscess is a problem in which a pus is filled at the roots of teeth and thus, it is caused by an infection.
You can have a cracked tooth, a large cavity to the nerve, etc. A visit to the dentist is highly recommended. Without an exam and X-rays by a professional, there is no diagnosis that can be recommended.
Hey there! There are a number of possible causes for this type of pain. Generally speaking, pain of a throbbing nature indicates a soft tissue problem which may be as innocuous as some gum inflammation, but could also be as serious as a periodontal (gum) infection or even a dental abscess! I would highly recommend seeing your friendly local dentist so that they can examine the area and give you a diagnosis. All the best!

Dr Rick
Most probable cause of a throbbing pain is if there is pulp exposure, but it has to be evaluated after taking an X-ray. I would advise you to visit the dentist and have it evaluated. I do not know where you live, but we have offices in Little Ferry, NJ and Yonkers, NY, we would love to see you in one of our offices thanks. You can reach us at 2013428585
A lot of things can cause this...cavities or even teeth that need root canals!
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There are many possible causes, due to lack of information was given, I can’t really give an answer towards your question. However, most common two reasons of tooth ache are:
1. Tooth decay
2. Periodontitis

I advised you to seek a dentist and do a proper examination to find out the actual cause of the pain in order to have a proper treatment.

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Dr. Chun-I Lee
I have no idea without looking in your mouth and taking proper radiographs, that would help me with proper diagnosis. There are many factors that contribute to your discomfort . You need to make an appointment with the dentist as soon as possible!
You could have traumatic bite or an infected tooth in either case it is time to visit your dentist and don't let this happen for too long as it may cause more damage
Quite likely the cause may be a cracked tooth. Every time you bite on that tooth, you may be causing the crack to open slightly which can be very painful. The pain could also be due to an infection (abscess). I would recommend getting a dentist to check this as soon as possible.
This is a pathologic puzzle that needs to be solved since it affects only one side. Your dentist will take X-rays after he examines your teeth determines what can be the cause of your symptoms. It is possible that your teeth have shifted causing TMJ pain which can be referred as your bite shifts, also could be parodontal destruction which are the supporting structures of the teeth themselves through neglect and keeping routine check-ups with your dentist. Many people do not realize that dental problems cannot be postponed indefinitely as they tend to get worse and cause more damage. Ultimately your entire state of health can be affected by for dental care. So the answer to your question is not so important that you get it quickly, but that you take some time and actually discovering which set of symptoms can give rise to your particular problem, muscular skeletal, decay of the teeth, Orthodontics shifting of the teeth, or trauma Associated to damaged tissues. All of these symptoms can give rise to the problem here presenting your dentist will determine by your treatment plan how best to proceed, solving emergency problems first.