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Can my thyroid be the reason behind my high cholesterol?

My latest body check up reports have indicated high cholesterol levels along with high TSH levels. Could there be a connection between the two?

3 Answers

Proven low thryoid may raise cholesterol but it is usually not a primary cause. Have your doctor check your thryoid and consult with him or her.
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There may or may not be. High cholesterol and thyroid disease can occur each on its own, but they can also occur together. A high TSH indicates a failed or failing thyroid. That means that the thyroid hormone that controls a lot of chemical reactions in the liver (where cholesterol is made) as well as chemistry of the rest of the body. If thyroid is low, then the chemistry of the liver (and other organs) do not work well and a high cholesterol may be the result. What should you do? 1) get your thyroid under control and in normal range for free T4 & TSH. 2) Then, see what your cholesterol does. If still high with control of thyroid, 3) then treat the cholesterol with anti-cholesterol drugs such as a statin.