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Why does my vision get shaky after looking at a computer screen?

I work at a computer, and when I look away from the screen, my vision gets shaky. Why does this happen?

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What is happening is that you are experiencing eye fatigue. When you stare at a computer for a very long time, you are using your "focus muscles" in one position and your eye muscles fatigue, like your legs feel getting up after doing extensive lunges. If you are not wearing the correct eyeglass prescription or are looking through the wrong part of the glasses if they are bifocals or progressive lenses, it can make it worse. Please see an eye doctor for a good examination to be sure you have the right prescription.
There can be several reasons for symptoms after viewing a computer screen.. In some screens, the image is projected at a rapid rate, called dithering, this can cause some additional fatigue in reading over that of the written page. There can be other sources of strain, including such things as a need for reading glasses. A thorough eye exam is your best option for identifying the cause and treatment for your symptoms.
Most frequently, eye fatigue after using a computer is due to the eyes drying out. The cornea does not stay adequately lubricated after prolonged reading, watching TV, driving, and results in reduced image quality. Some people describe this as images "jumping around". Take a break every 20-30 minutes from the computer, be sure to blink plenty, and use artificial tear drops to lubricate the eyes.
Your eye muscles have fatigued after being used for a period of time without rest. Even a weight lifter has to drop his weights after a few minutes of lift