Pediatrician Questions Milk consumption

As my child grows, what should be her intake of milk?

I am a mother of a 4 year old. My daughter refuses to drink milk. How much is the ideal milk requirement for her in a day?

7 Answers

After the age of one year too much of milk is not good reduce to eight ounces instead give milk products like yogurt and Cheese and variety of vegetables fruits and meats
16 oz
If her calcium level is normal and her eating habits are good, she can altogether eliminate milk from her diet.
There are milk substitutes like yogurt, almond etc that can be substituted. Minimum 8oz a day
At her age, she needs about 16 oz of dairy products per day. If she will not drinks milk give a slice of cheese which equals 4 oz dairy yogurt or pudding
She can be totally healthy without milk. You don't say if she does other dairy products like cheese and yogurt. If she does, you have nothing to worry about. I believe in picking your battles and this is not one worth fighting.
About 16 oz a day.