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When should I seek anger management?

I am a 35 year old man and feel irritable a majority of the time, like at work and at home. Sometimes, it makes me just blow up at home. The tiniest thing could make me start an argument in my household. Does this mean that I should see anger management?

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If it affects your functioning

It sounds like you are exhibiting difficulties to regulate your emotions. Thus, I will recommend that you seek the help of a professional and address feelings and/or thoughts hindering your ability to manage your reactions. Factors such as painful emotions, feeling not heard, or symptoms depression could manifest through anger and/or irritability. You deserve good quality life, thus do not let negative feelings/thoughts to drive your life.


Lecsy Hernandez, LMHC
Anger is often just the tip of the iceberg. In our culture, we often only allow men to feel angry, as opposed to allowing them to feel and experience the whole range of human emotions. I definitely think it could be helpful to find a therapist who can help you explore and understand your irritability; I think it needs to be understood, versus just managed. It's giving you important information and it's helpful to know how to decipher this. Perhaps it's actually anxiety, or sadness, or you're feeling helpless or not heard or understood, or taken advantage of. There are so many possibilities. A good therapist will help you figure this out.
You should see a therapist possibly or a anger management group
Yes, you should seek some help at this point before it gets worse or escalates to you acting out the anger through physical aggression. It would be good to see your primary care physician first to get a full physical to rule out any medical issues that could be causing this irritability such as sleep apnea, anemia, vitamin d deficiency, problems with thyroid, testosterone levels, etc. It is important to avoid trying to cope with anger by drinking or using any illicit drugs due to the fact they can further aggravate your mood. After getting a full physical it would be good to see a psychiatrist to consider medication to help reduce symptoms and counseling to help add better coping mechanisms to manage the anger.
Yes it a great idea to seek psychotherapy
Anger management will help you control the unreasonable outbursts, but it will not necessarily let you discover the cause of your irritability and blow-ups at home. It would help more to talk with a qualified mental health therapist to allow you to understand and possibly direct your anger toward its basic provocation.
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Simple answer is yes.

Without knowing how long you have been feeling irritable most days, I would suggest you go to your doctor and get a medical check-up to rule out any biological issues. I would also suggest you seek individual therapy to begin working through your triggers.