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Where are acupuncture needles placed?

I am a 38 year old female. I want to know where are acupuncture needles placed?

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It depends. Acupuncture can be placed into almost any part of the body 100% safely except on eyes by experienced acupuncturist or certified doctors.
Needles are placed all over the head and body, depending on what you are being treated for. They can also be placed in the ear and hands.
Needles will be placed in many different places for different kind of treatments. For example needle placement for a weight loss treatment will not be similar at all to a migraine treatment.
There are over 400 acupuncture points on the head, ear, face and body.
There are four types of circulatory system in our body: The first is the circulation system of energy, the second is the nervous system, third is the blood circulation system, the fourth is the lymphatic circulation system. Acupuncture is the first energy cycle system, meridians.
Well... they are placed in specific acupuncture points anywhere on the body ears or head.

In our body, there are more than 400 acupuncture points. But it doesn't mean all the points need to be used during treatment. Major people put needles below your knees and elbow. Maybe some on the back. A few on the face and ear. It depends on your acupuncturist, after his/her diagnosis. Generally speaking, it is quite comfortable.
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Jonathan Fang, lic. Ac.
Depends on the diagnosis and treatment plan. For me, I use mostly points on the ears (auricular acupuncture) and arms and legs. I usually use one in between the eyebrows also. Most of the arm and leg points are from the elbows and knees distal (towards the fingertips and toes). But hard to answer this question without diagnosing you, which is not possible over the Interweb without you being present, in person.
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The placement of the needles depends on what the acupuncturist is trying to balance/treat. Most acupuncturists use the world health organization (WHO) meridian map to choose acupuncture points. There are 361 points to choose from using this structure.

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It all depends on what issues you have, and your practitioner will decide and tell you at the first consultation and treatment.


Scott Sang In Lee
Needles are usually placed in the areas of the body that need therapy: muscles, joints...

Alexandre Hillairet, DAOM.

The needles are placed in specific acupuncture points located all over the body on interconnected networks or webs that are linked to the different organs in the body, the vascular system, the nervous system, the hormonal system, and the lymphatic system. So acupuncture needling (which is also called dry needling in other professions) has specific chemical and physiological effects on all aspects of the body. In the US, many people learn about acupuncture simply for their pain relief in the beginning until they realize through direct experience that acupuncture stimulates all aspects of the body depending on how it is used, and the needs of the patient.

Al Thieme, LAc, MAOM, MSEE
Depends on your symptoms. It can be the legs or arms.
Acupuncture needles may be placed anywhere on the body where the skin is exposed. Treatment prescriptions depend on the condition that is being complained about. The very most common points are the “third eye” between the eyes, the webbing between the thumb and index finger and the the webbing between the big toe & 2nd toe. Usually acupuncture can be down local to the site of pain, but there are also distal points that may be prescribed like for headaches we might needle around the feet to drain the energy down.

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Thank you for your interest in acupuncture. Your question does not have a simple answer. There are over 400 acupuncture points on the body, mostly along specific channels. There are also points in the ears, on the scalp, trigger points, Korea’s hand points, and the list goes. There are also pain points called Ashi points that is anywhere there is pain.
It is a hard question. Acupuncture is based on the meridians system. Point selection is based on the symptoms as well as patterns of illness.
It all depends on your health concerns. There are over 360 points on the body, not including the extra points. All acupuncture prescriptions are designed for each patient.

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The needles are placed at the meridian points.
Hello! This depends on your acupuncturist. They can be placed anywhere in the body.
They are placed pretty much anywhere on the body with the exception of on genetalia, on nipples, in eyeballs oir inner ear and in the navel.

Points are found all over the body and needles can go on arms legs, hands, feet, chest, back, abdomen, face, scalp, etc.

When and where specifically for treatment always depends on diagnosis and treatment plan, so only a few places each time
There are 365 main points plus several other special points. On the ear over 100. All depend on the problem that we are working on. It can take 1 needle or 10 needles, all depend on the case.

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All over your body! There are meridians and points that cover you from head to toe. Of course, they will not all be needled at the same time (that would be over 600 needles including the meridians, extra points, scalp points, and auricular points), but where they are placed exactly will differ depending on why you are seeking acupuncture, the style of acupuncture your practitioner practices, and what your practitioner finds in your tongue and pulse.
Except nipple, naval and private areas, acupuncture needles can be placed everywhere on the body.
Chinese medicine, practiced well, doesn't have set treatment "protocols." We're looking at the body in a completely different way relative to conventional medicine and part of that difference is the realization that two patients can be experiencing the same or similar symptoms for entirely different underlying reasons. We want to treat the underlying reason, not the symptom. Even though two people might have back pain or headache, they won't necessarily receive the same treatment.

On top of this, there are multiple different systems of acupuncture: modern Chinese, classical Chinese, Korean, Japanese, local treatment methods, distant treatment methods. All, properly applied, can be effective, but they all focus on different aspects of the medicine, have different theories about how points are applied and, sometimes, have completely different points and point locations.