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Which kind of braces are best?

I am a 21 year old male. I want to know which kind of braces are best?

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i use and prefer pitts 21
The ones that work
There are many different types of braces. If you want more of a cosmetic look than consult with your dentist about Invisalign.
All are good.
Conventional braces using brackets are used for complex cases where there requires a lot of tooth movement required to achieve aesthetic and functional results. Clear aligners are a good alternative, but only for mild to moderate crowding cases.

Every person’s mouth is different, depending on how crowded your teeth are, jaw relationship of upper jaw to lower jaw, etc.
Invisalign is great option if you are compliant and you are an appropriate candidate. The trays must be worn 22 hours a day. It is easier to take the trays out and clean your teeth than with the traditional brackets and wires. Sometimes tooth movement is more predictable with traditional braces.
Unfortunately you want an answer that I can’t really give without seeing you. I would recommend you see an Orthodontist or a Dentist who does Invisalign for a consultation and ask for their recommendation as to which mode of treatment you will be best suited to.
Good Luck!
The answer really depends on what it is that needs to be accomplished with regard to how your teeth are positioned and what we want to achieve for an outcome. We offer several different solutions at ARCH Orthodontics including traditional braces on the front of the teeth in both metal or clear, removable Invisalign which are virtually unnoticeable, and lingual braces which are placed on the inside of your teeth and are completely invisible for anyone looking at you.

Dr. Chase
There is no magic appliance, best or faster. If there were, we would all be using the same kind. What you think is best for you is important. Some patients would not undergo treatment unless the orthodontist used clear trays, others want gold or clear braces and many are satisfied with conventional stainless steel while others prefer invisible braces placed on the tongue side of the teeth. Like everything else in America, you have choices and can have it your way, but their are differences in cost depending on the choice.

As an adult, the most important thing is to check the health status (bony support/type of bite issue, and joint relationship with bite) of the most complicated joint and function system of your body. Then one can assess what type of orthodontic system can be used, from behind the teeth braces, to clear high torque fixed program systems to limited clear plastic aligners.

The Doctor needs to check.

Hope this helps.
Clear braces offer advantages over traditional wires and brackets in most situations; however, there are some movements where wires are brackets are better. To decide what would be best for you would require an examination with X-rays. Best to visit your dentist or orthodontist.