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Why do I keep crying every day?

I'm 38 years old, and I cry almost every day for no apparent reason. I don't think I'm depressed or anything like that. Do you think I should go see a therapist, or a psychologist?

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Crying every day, for no apparent reason, can be a sign of depression (even without you being aware of it). It also can be a sign of some other physical disorder. I would suggest a thorough exam by your GP first. If there is nothing out of the ordinary there, a consultation with a therapist/psychologist is a good idea.
Yes! Crying every day may represent underlying or unconscious issues, emotions etc. that you are not aware of. Therapy may help you better better identify what is going on.
If the crying has been recent, it could be a response to stress or loss. Often we are so busy in our every day lives, we may not have time to think about grief or a sense of loss. Some recent research has shown that crying is therapeutic and can create a release of emotion. It might be worthwhile to get a therapeutic consultation.

Thank you for your question. If you are crying everyday for no apparent reason, it might be helpful to see a mental health profession to explore underlying reasons why you might be crying. There are lots of reasons besides depression to understand tearfulness, including being stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, shame/guilt, grief, etc.
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Jenna Torres, PsyD
Hello. Thank you for reaching out. To answer your question, I have to start by asking you a few questions. Have your gone to your doctor and shared your concerns with him about you crying every day to see if there is anything biologically going on that could explain your crying? If not, I would suggest you start by doing that. If you have, and there is no medical/biological reason it would not hurt to see a therapist or psychologist so you can explore what could be going on.
Yes you need a therapist and medication at least for now. You can be a depressed person and not realize it. Sounds like depression all the way. There is no other reason one would cry every day for no reason unless they are depressed. You just may not realize that. A therapist can help you.
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After reviewing these links, you will be in a better position to know whether you need to see a MH specialist.