Radiologist Questions X-Ray

Why is my lung X-ray looking hazy?

I have a severe cough and chest congestion. As a precautionary, the doctor advised a chest X-ray. The report says haziness in the chest. What does this indicate?

5 Answers

It depends. If you have a cough with a fever, it would suggest a pneumonia. If just a cough with or without fever, it still could be pneumonia but also atelectasis which is basically partial collapse of your small airways. Could be edema or a pneumonitis or multiple other things. Short answer is it is not specific for on disease process. A lot depends on your doctors physical assessment.

Hope that helps,

Dr Cox
Without seeing the actual images, I can't say. That is a very vague description and one I would never personally use without clarifying it further. Sorry.
Guessing, I would say bronchitis or other viral disease.
Probably a viral infection
Most likely pneumonia, but follow up is necessary to make sure it clears with standard treatment.
As a radiologist myself, I am not sure what that means exactly. It probably means your radiologist thinks there is something in your chest cavity, but it is not standard terminology for describing findings in your chest. It is of little use to your provider in determining your care.