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Dr. Verma is a Northern VA native with roots in this community. He attended George Mason University and received his BS in Biology/Pre-Med studies. After working with a chiropractor, he decided that his path was chiropractic and rehabilitation. He graduated with his doctoral degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic and continued his graduate work in sportsmedicine and orthopedic rehabilitation. His specialty is in functional assessment and diagnosis of the human body with emphasis on biomechanics of motion. His treatment style is varied depending on patient needs and comfort levels as well as willingness of the patient to participate in their own rehabilitation.

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Palmer College of Chiropractic DC 2001

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American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians

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Dr. Vishal Krishna Verma D.C.
Dr. Vishal Krishna Verma D.C.'s Expert Contributions
  • How long does it take for a herniated disc to reabsorb?

    Discs can take months to reabsorb but the pain from herniated discs can be relieved much sooner by reducing the inflammation at the disc. Therapies like traction, decompression, cold laser, and even chiropractic care can help the reabsorption rate of the disc. Vishal K. Verma DC CCSP ASHBURN, VA 43810 Central Station Dr., Ste 160 Ashburn, VA 20147 Phone: (703) 723-4777 Fax: (703) 738-7778 FAIRFAX, VA 13135 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy., Ste 202 Fairfax, VA 22033 Phone: (703) 272-4533 www.ihcenters.com READ MORE

  • What exercises improve posture?

    Basic core exercises can strengthen and improve postural muscles. Exercises like plank, bridge, bird dogs are examples of some. In the weight room, exercises like squats, lat pull downs, rows can help improve postural muscles as well by strengthening the larger muscle groups around them. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • How do you know if you need a chiropractic adjustment?

    Typically, if you have pain for 2 weeks, you need some type of muscle work and adjustment. The body adapts itself to the pain, which usually means it aligns itself to compensate. Correcting the issue involves realigning and releasing the joints involved and retraining the muscles. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • What will a chiropractor do for back pain?

    Chiropractors will evaluate the mechanics of the spine by doing an examination of your back pain and then treat the mechanical issues that are causing the pain. Combined with some soft tissue work on the muscles, there is a high chance of your back pain being relieved. Some chiropractors use machines to adjust the spine and others use their hands. Many chiropractors also can give you advice on exercise, nutrition, and workplace modifications. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • What age should a child see a chiropractor?

    It depends on the chiropractor's training. Some chiros are pediatric trained after they graduate chiropractic college so they see children from birth to adolescence. Chiros like me, who are sports/orthopedic trained, see children at around 5-6ish. This is when they get more active for our specialty. Find yourself a trained chiropractor to take your 10 y.o. to. They will do a thorough evaluation and treatment. READ MORE

  • Can you become addicted to chiropractic cracks?

    You never become addicted in the traditional sense. I doubt anyone is getting the shakes or having any withdrawals from not getting adjusted. The idea of being "addicted" comes from people feeling much better after an adjustment. This is usually because they feel refreshed and "looser" after adjustment. READ MORE

  • How should I sleep with scoliosis?

    Hello, It depends on if you have pain or not associated with the scoliosis. The easy answer to that would be whichever position is pain free. I believe side position is the best since it offloads the spine the most. I know many scoliosis patients who prefer laying on their backs. But again, it’s going to be based on comfort levels and if you had to pick one, side sleep position. Make sure your pillow provides ample support for the head and neck too. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • What will happen if scoliosis is not treated?

    Scoliosis at your age may not progress any further, but it depends on your specific case. If the curve has been progressing, determined by X-ray analysis over the years, then you have to treat it immediately. If there has not been any change over the years, then you can slowly work on your curve via specific exercises. So first determine how bad the scoliosis is and how it’s progressing. If not treated, scoliosis leads early degeneration of the spine including bones and discs. This can lead to pain, spasm, and nerve issues if they get irritated due to the changes. Vishal K. Verma, DC CCSP READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help with bad posture?

    The chiropractor is your best option for posture related issues for your son. Look specifically for a chiropractor who also does postural rehab. The combination is best. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • How can I straighten my spine?

    Hello, Using braces can help stabilize the spine, but cannot necessarily straighten the spine. That typically involves proper postural restoration exercises to be done daily and weekly for a while. Curvatures of the spine are controlled by muscles and ligaments who require time to train and retrain to their proper strength and tone. Just like working out, but with specific exercises for spinal balancing. You may be able to find some exercises on Youtube, but you may also want to visit a professional chiropractor who specializes in spinal restoration. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor align your jaw?

    Yes, they can help with TMJD. Usually the jaw is just tight and possibly swollen at the joint. Occasionally, the jaw is “misaligned” and requires manual adjustment. Chiropractors can address the jaw from the outside and some work on it from the inside as well with subtle pressures. If the alignment is worse, it may require dental appliances like a mouth guard to keep it in place until it heals. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • How do I strengthen my back with scoliosis?

    Hello, Back strengthening for scoliosis should consist of both strength exercises and stability training. Most doctors and therapists who specialize in scoliosis retraining focus on the stability and proprioception (balance). My suggestion is to look for a doctor that uses the CLEAR method near you. It's so much better to have someone guide you through the exercises and many of them will be unique to you specifically. If you want to do on your own, try basic core stability exercises like spinal bridges or bird dogs, planks, side planks for stability training for your core muscles of your back and front. READ MORE

  • Why does my neck always click?

    Most clicks in the neck are harmless and have to do with muscles moving across bones as you move. If there is pain with click, then you are getting some inflammation of those muscles. The bones of your neck can also click while moving back to their position. This may mean you need to get your neck adjusted at the chiropractor. Again, most clicks are harmless. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • How do I sleep with a herniated disc in my neck?

    Hello, I can imagine that there is a lot of pain while trying to sleep with a herniated disc in the neck. There is no simple position for a herniated disc because it depends on how the disc has herniated out. The easy rule of thumb for this is to try first on your back with a supportive pillow. Sometimes it helps to sleep in an inclined position which can alleviate the disc pressure more than laying flat. If back sleep doesn't help, lay to the side away from the pain if there is one. Most people have pain to the left or right or down their arms with disc issues. Sleep away from that side and use a supportive pillow again. A supportive pillow means one that keeps your head and neck aligned and not too low or pushed too high. If that position doesn't work, lay to the side of the pain and see how that works. This would indicate that the disc is herniating more down the middle of the spine and not to any one side. I would have to see an MRI or a report to give you a more accurate idea but try those recommendations. I really feel that an inclined sleep position is going to do the best job. READ MORE

  • What are the risks of chiropractic treatment?

    Not many serious risks with chiropractic care. Mild strains can occur with some treatment, but the chiropractor will typically examine you to make sure you don’t have any red flags to being treated. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • Does cracking your neck release endorphins?

    Hello, It is true that any adjustment releases endorphins at a certain level into the body which is why most people feel better after a good adjustment. That release, coupled with better mobility of the spinal joint, causes improved pain relief overall. READ MORE

  • Why does my pelvis crack?

    Depending on your activity levels, there could be many reasons that sound could be happening. Typically people can "crack" their pelvis by twisting their lower bodies. That is normal and actually can feel good. If there is pain with the "crack", that is something more serious. Many active people tend to hear that while stretching out and it feels like a nice release. If you have pain or feel unstable, have it checked out. READ MORE

  • Should I wear a bra to the chiropractor?

    It won’t make a difference if you do or don’t. Many of my female patients wear a bra and can be treated without problem. The chiropractor will let you know if you need to do otherwise for the following visits. Vishal K. Verma DC CCSP ASHBURN, VA 43810 Central Station Dr., Ste 160 Ashburn, VA 20147 Phone: (703) 723-4777 Fax: (703) 738-7778 FAIRFAX, VA 13135 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy., Ste 202 Fairfax, VA 22033 Phone: (703) 272-4533 www.ihcenters.com READ MORE

  • How do you fix neck kyphosis?

    Hello, Neck kyphosis is usually something you have to train back to its proper position if it can be achieved at all. In other words, proper exercises over a long period of time can retrain and reshape musculature at the deepest levels. No quick fix with this. You can also check out a device called Posture Pump which is specifically designed for retraining and reshaping spinal curves in the neck. Look it up and it will explain how it works. READ MORE

  • Is it necessary to see a chiropractor 3 times a week?

    It depends on the extent of injury you are dealing with. Injuries like car accidents with whiplash or disc injuries of the spine causing sciatica require frequent visits initially to quickly get changes to pain levels. Simple strains and muscle tension don’t need that type of care. Some chiropractors have specific protocols that they use that require all of their patients to start at 3X/week. Whether it’s necessary or not is a matter of the individual chiropractor. Personally speaking, I have seldom seen a case that requires 3X/week if that gives you any insight. Even severe cases like the ones I described above. You always need recovery time between visits to allow healing. Hope that helps. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • What are the two main types of chiropractors?

    You have straight chiropractors and mixing chiropractors. Straights do just adjustments. Mixers do other physical therapies as well. That used to be a bigger question over 10 yers ago, but now most chiropractors are trained in multiple therapies and are more mixers. I hope that answers your question. Vishal K. Verma DC CCSP READ MORE

  • How long does it take for sciatica to go away?

    Depending on the source of the sciatica and what’s causing it, it can take 2 weeks up to 12 weeks. The reason for the big range is because a muscular cause can be stretched out in a few weeks. However, a disc bulge or other pinched nerve situation, it can take a longer time. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • What treatments are used for pediatric chiropractors?

    Depending on your son's age, the treatment can consist of chiropractic and physical therapy in combination to assess, diagnose, and treat the injury. If he is playing baseball, it is important to find out what is the cause of the injury and then treat accordingly. READ MORE

  • Are chiropractic neck adjustments effective?

    Neck adjustments are very effective for the treatment of musculoskeletal issues like neck pain, strain, stiffness, tightness. The doctor will always check your neck first with tests to determine if you are a good candidate. There are also multiple ways to adjust a neck including manual adjustments and use of an instrument. Both are effective and mostly based on preference. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor relax your spine?

    Yes, chiropractic adjustment relax your spine by adjusting the restricted vertebrae that are causing muscle tension around the spine. The most common reaction to adjustments are relaxation and tension release as reported by patients. You will find it to be very relaxing. You may have some soreness after treatment which is normal. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor relieve hip pain?

    Depending on your hip pain (area of pain, hip or pelvis, quality of pain), a good sports and orthopedic chiropractor is your best bet. They tend to combine chiropractic with therapy care which can help with the pain once you are evaluated. We have seen plenty of good results with hip pain so I know it is possible. The key is to narrow down the diagnosis to the source of the pain. It may not even be in the hip. Hoping the best for you. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor ease hand arthritis?

    Arthritis usually is helped with movement of the joint that is involved. So, moving the hand helps with pain. Chiropractic involves movement and releasing of the joints, so it would be a great option for you. The chiropractor should evaluate your specific arthritis to make sure you are a candidate. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • Should I see a chiropractor for my lower back pain?

    Absolutely you should. Chiropractors treat low back pain all the time and have great success. They can also assess you and see if you need a referral. Vishal K. Verma, DC CCSP READ MORE

  • Should you rest after a chiropractic adjustment?

    Depending on the injury or pain you are seeing the chiropractor for, you should rest accordingly. If you have a back injury and are treated, try not to do a heavy workout after. Daily activity is okay. If just a typical adjustment for wellness and no injury, then no rest needed and return to normal activity. Also ask your chiropractor as they have their own reasons for rest or no rest. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor ease spinal pain?

    Hi, Yes, chiropractors specialize in spinal conditions and pain relief with conservative methods. So you should have great success with your issue visiting a chiropractor. READ MORE

  • Why does my neck always crack?

    If you don’t have any injury to your neck, then you are just hyper mobile in the neck joints. It’s very common to be for some and those cracks are adjustive movements that occur as you move around. Nothing to worry about unless it becomes painful. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • Why do my legs hurt for no reason?

    There are many reasons they could be hurting from restless leg syndrome to muscle tightness caused by lack of activity. I suggest that you try stretching or doing yoga first to see if it is just muscles that are tight. Yoga is gentle and very effective. You can find a lot of good videos on Youtube as well. If there are no changes over a month or so, contact your PCP to have it checked out and you may need chiropractic or physical therapy. At that point, you need to see if the legs are being caused referred pain from the spine or buttocks area. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractic treatment become dangerous?

    Any treatment can be dangerous if used improperly. Medical, chiropractic, physical therapy, nutritional supplements can all cause problems if done wrong. Chiropractic is safe and effective for most patients and chiropractors will examine you to see if you are safe. A 24 y.o. should have no difficulty with chiropractic at all. Make sure to tell the chiropractor about any injuries you may have to help them get you the best care. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • I have had neck pain for almost 3 weeks?

    There are many reasons you could have neck pain. Everything from sleeping wrong or poor posture at the computer or phone. Obviously you’re young and you’re saying that you don’t play sports so we can rule out arthritis or injury. But neck pain is usually a secondary issue to something else like weak muscles or restricted joints. Have yourself evaluated by a chiropractor to determine the cause and the treatment should help you if it’s a musculoskeletal problem. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • What could be the cause of my shoulder pain?

    The shoulder is a complex structure made up of multiple bones, ligaments, and muscles. They all work together to form the shoulder complex and any disruption of the normal motion of the complex can cause pain to occur. Short of a traumatic injury (sports, fall, other impact), usually it is a soft tissue disorder like ligament or tendon/muscle injury. The most common will be rotator cuff strain or biceps strain. I would suggest a good orthopedic evaluation to determine the cause of the pain. Typically, orthopedists do not do these tests and rely on X-ray or MRI which are good, but don't paint a full picture. Everyone at the age of 49 will have some "not so young" look to their shoulders and other joints. I suggest a sports/orthopedic chiropractor because we are trained in actual functional evaluation of the shoulder complex. This helps us determine an accurate diagnosis and the need for any imaging if necessary. If you are averse to visiting someone for evaluation, you can always try the Throwers 10 exercises online. These are the exercises for throwing athletes and are a pretty complete group of shoulder exercises to be done. Again, evaluation will be better for you first to determine cause. Good luck. READ MORE

  • How can I relieve my right shoulder pain?

    Yes, you can see a sports chiropractor for this shoulder issue. They have the ability to evaluate and treat a shoulder issue with chiropractic and physical therapy. You can also try Thrower's 10 exercises for your shoulder pain. You can find it on youtube and it the exercises that are given to throwing athletes who have shoulder pain and need rehab. Check it out and try them first. READ MORE

  • Are chiropractic adjustments effective for neck muscle pain?

    Yes, they are very effective. Chronic issues usually have an underlying issue that is stopping them from healing. Chiropractors can find the underlying issue and treat accordingly. Whether by spinal adjustment or therapy. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • What are the treatment options for migraines?

    Depending on the cause of the migraine, treatment can consist of chiropractic care, physical therapy, medication, acupuncture, or other therapy. The first step is to figure out what is triggering the migraine. Muscle tension, spasm, muscle imbalance, or spinal restriction can be some of the physical causes. Chemical imbalances can be another cause and have to be addressed as well. Find a good chiropractor to assess the neck, upper back, and low back as well as other joints to see if physical abnormality is the cause. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • Can seeing a chiropractor help my chronic neck pain?

    Yes, chiropractic care works very well for chronic neck pain. We generally will examine you first to determine a source of the pain and then use different forms of chiropractic technique and physical therapy to address the situation properly. READ MORE

  • Is chiropractic care effective for a herniated disc?

    Absolutely it is effective for discs. Chiropractic can help take care of the restricted vertebrae and we do physical therapy is combination with it to reduce pain and inflammation of disc. Look for a chiropractor who does traction or flexion distraction in particular for herniated discs. If they do cold laser, that’s a bonus as well. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • Why does my neck ache after waking up?

    It depends on many things like your activity level throughout the day like working out or sitting in poor posture at the computer. It can also depend on any injury that you may have or have had in the past. If all of those are normal with no injury noted, then it may be your pillow or sleep position. Laying on your stomach or using a poor pillow without proper support can make your neck stiff when waking up. I suggest getting checked out by a chiropractor to see what the cause is. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • What is it called if your back is out of line?

    The term chiropractors use is subluxation or misalignment. Usually when someone feels “out,” they are referring to that or some muscle spasm associated with it. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • Are chiropractic adjustments painful?

    Chiropractic adjustments are not painful by themselves. Usually, the area in pain can get sore after adjustment occasionally just like physical therapy. But many people feel immediate relief of pain well. You should always be up front with your chiropractor about what you feel to help minimize any discomfort. Good luck at your visit. You will be fine. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • Why am I so tired after a chiropractic adjustment?

    For some, it is normal to feel that way because of the tension release that the body experiences after adjustment. Without getting too technical about nerves, the adjustment stimulates the nerves associated with the area adjusted which helps the muscles relax and release. You feel it as tired or exhausted temporarily. It should then become more energy and looser. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor break your neck?

    There is no evidence of chiropractic breaking any spinal bones with the adjustment. Short of you having a broken neck already, it is virtually impossible for a properly trained chiropractor to cause that level of damage. The chiropractor should do a full orthopedic and neurological examination on you before proceeding as well. This will help determine any injury you may have and the proper treatment given. READ MORE

  • Why do you need to drink water after a chiropractic adjustment?

    Similar to massage, drinking water helps flush any lactic acid that could cause soreness after adjustment. Not as critical as massage, but definitely a positive thing to do. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help with knee arthritis?

    A sports certified or orthopedic specialized chiropractor can help with arthritic knees. We are trained to evaluate and treat joints other than the spine with chiropractic and physical therapy. Vishal K. Verma, DC CCSP READ MORE

  • My son has very bad back pain. What can I do?

    It is very unusual for a 7 y.o. to have bad chronic back pain, so I would definitely suggest a visit to a chiropractor to evaluate. You can also visit your pediatrician to rule out other issues with growth and development. Pediatric chiropractors specialize in children of his age and are trained further than general chiropractors in pediatric issues. Look up that term when searching to see if there is one in your area. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • Is a chiropractic adjustment needed after a sports injury?

    Definitely look for a sports/orthopedic chiropractor to treat your back. Anything lasting over 3 days should be evaluated and treated. Medicine won't help fix the problem at this point. Sports chiropractors are trained to treat athletes in various sports with a combination of chiropractic and physical therapy. READ MORE

  • Is it OK to exercise after an adjustment?

    Unless you have an injury that you are treating, it is absolutely okay to exercise after a general adjustment. If you notice pain with exercise, then you can stop or modify that activity. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • Should a chiropractor help me with my leg stiffness?

    Every athlete who performs at a high level like triathletes should be at a chiropractor. In particular, choose a sports certified chiro near you as we are trained in biomechanics of sport motion and how to treat them. The stiffness you are feeling can be resolved with chiropractic and soft tissue care. Both can be done by a trained chiro. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • Can I get adjusted without an underlying condition?

    Absolutely, you can, and it would be very beneficial. Stiff joints usually need to be freed up and the chiropractic adjustment helps with that. Not having an actual problem or injury makes it even easier to get adjusted. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • How often should I go to the chiropractor?

    It's hard to tell how many treatments you may need because it depends on what is causing the sciatica. If it is due to a spinal issue (disc, bone), it may take longer than if it is strictly due to muscle problem (piriformis muscle). I would think that a 4-6 visits initially with chiropractic and soft tissue care will get some results and then further care can be done depending on your response. The chiropractor should do a thorough exam to determine extent of sciatica first. READ MORE

  • What happens when you don't drink water after adjustment?

    It's always good to drink water after a massage, chiropractic, or workout to hydrate the body and flush and lactic acid that has formed during treatment or workout. Nothing bad will happen, but you may have more soreness if you don't. It's more of a standard thing we say for post-adjustment instructions. READ MORE

  • Is there something wrong with my hip joint?

    Hello, It could be a restricted hip joint, but it could also be anything from a quad strain to hip flexor strain. Have it evaluated by a sports chiropractor and they can determine the source for you and adjust accordingly. READ MORE

  • Could posture cause lower back pain in children?

    Hello, Yes, posture can definitely be causing the back pain in someone that young. The best solution is to involve him in activity away from the computer to offset the bad posture. There are also postural exercises that he can do but they have to be done consistently. A quick search on YouTube for postural exercises will show you many. I prefer wall angels or wall slides as they get all the muscles. Learning good posture exercises early will help him in his older years too. It’s tough with a ten year old and even tougher with a teenager, but try your best to encourage it. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • Can I work out after a chiropractic adjustment?

    Depending on the low back pain and condition that caused it, I see no reason why you could not. I typically ask the patient to be active after care unless they are injured in which case they do more rehab type work. The chiropractor should be able to let you know that after treatment. READ MORE

  • Is chiropractic treatment safe for a 60-year-old?

    Sure it is. Chiropractors are trained to examine and determine the health of the individual, no matter the age, before treatment. They will see if he is able to be manually adjusted or if they should use a gentler method. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • Is my lower back pain related to my sciatic nerve?

    Hello, Sciatica is described as pain down the back of the leg and calf into the foot and toe. It can cause low back and buttocks pain as well since the nerve actually starts in the lumbar spine. If you don't have pain in the leg and calf radiating down, you won't be diagnosed as sciatica. Low back pain can have many causes and the symptoms can be dull and achy to sharp and stabbing. Depending on what you are feeling, it could be a spinal joint that is inflamed to just a simple restricted joint that needs to be adjusted. It could also be a disc problem that is pressing on the nerves. Find yourself a good sports and orthopedic chiropractor who can perform specific tests to narrow this low back pain down. READ MORE

  • What can I do at home for sciatica pain?

    Sure there are plenty of at home exercises for sciatica. If it is true sciatica (pain and/or tinging/numbness in back of thigh, calf, and foot, then exercises at home can help. I would suggest looking at youtube to see the different stretches and exercises recommended. In particular, look up sciatica stretches and McKenzie exercises for sciatica. They are fairly easy to do at home and have great results. It is the same things a chiropractor and physical therapist would suggest as well. Hopefully they can help you as well. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor fix a pinched nerve?

    Find a good sports chiropractor to help with this issue. Sports chiropractic specialists have advanced training in injuries other than just the spine and can help with shoulders, knees, ankles, etc. He/she will do a full orthopedic exam to determine where the nerve is pinched before treating it giving you quicker results. Many times, the pinched nerve is not in the shoulder itself, but more in the upper back or neck, so it is vital to do the testing. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • Would going to a chiropractor help with headaches?

    Absolutely, it would. Headaches are consistently resolved with chiropractic care. Most headaches can be attributed to tension of muscles and restriction of the bones in the neck and upper back areas. Chiropractors can examine for both of these and treat it effectively. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • Could the pain in my back be caused by kyphosis?

    Yes, the kyphosis can be the cause of back pain. The chiropractor will adjust your spine and should give you exercises to help strengthen the spinal muscles as well as improve posture and reduce kyphosis. Vishal K. Verma, DC. CCSP READ MORE

  • Is a chiropractic consultation needed after a sports injury?

    A good sports chiropractor will do a functional and orthopedic exam to figure out the problem causing your back pain. Sometimes it’s not just the back but other areas as well. Will also need to check your muscle strength and flexibility to make sure it’s not contributing. Once that’s done, they can treat with spinal manipulation and rehab according to what you have wrong. Simple and very effective. I’ve had injuries from b-ball and have always benefitted from chiropractic care. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • Can sciatica pain extend to my leg?

    Yes, it can. Technically, sciatic pain runs from the buttocks or low back down the back of the leg or legs. You may feel it just in the thigh to the knee or below the knee in the calf and feet. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • How can you relieve the pain from a pinched nerve?

    Pinched nerves generally occur from either soft tissue or bone. If there is a bony alignment issue or area that is restricted in movement in the spine, it can cause irritation or compression of a nerve making it a “pinched nerve.” Chiropractic adjustment can help restore normal function and alignment of the bones in the area to alleviate nerve tension. The chiropractor should do some tests to determine cause and area that needs care. Good luck. Vishal K. Verma DC CCSP READ MORE

  • Can chiropractic care help my baby's fussiness?

    It’s best to take your daughter to a pediatric chiropractor who are specifically trained in pediatrics and the use of gentle chiropractic to help. The way it helps is based on the nerves of the body. If the fussiness is being caused by abnormal nerve signals throughout the body, some chiropractic treatment done with a light touch can help restore proper nerve flow. Nerves control everything in the body from pain to stomach function to bloodflow. Nothing in the body works without the nervous system. If that immature nervous system has any interference, it can symptomatically present as fussiness. Vishal K. Verma DC CCSP READ MORE

  • Can I exercise after a back adjustment?

    There’s nothing dangerous about working out after adjustment with a little soreness. If there is actual pain, you can rest it for 24-48 hours. Everyone reacts differently however, a good adjustment can only help. Vishal K. Verma DC CCSP READ MORE

  • Tinnitus and chiropractic care? Really?

    Tinnitus caused by trauma like accidents can be common. Muscle strain of the neck can translate up to the ear canal, where many of he muscles attach beneath, causing dizziness, tinnitus, headache, etc. Chiropractic helps to relieve that tension and strain with care which may help reduce the symptoms in your ear. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • How well does spinal manipulation work for sciatica?

    Yes it is a great method to reduce sciatica if the sciatica is from the spine or pelvic region. The key is to find out where the sciatic nerve is pinched. It could be at the spine, the SI joint, or piriformis muscle in the buttocks. A solid orthopedic exam can narrow it down. Vishal K. Verma DC CCSP READ MORE

  • What is the difference between an osteopathic physician and chiropractor?

    Hello, For lower back pain, I would choose a chiropractor as we are trained for 4 years on spinal issues and the conservative treatment of these issues. Osteopaths are trained in gross manipulation of the spine with specific procedures similar and different than chiropractors. Osteopaths also have the ability to prescribe medicine unlike chiropractors who have a more natural approach. Having worked with osteopaths, I have found that chiropractic adjustment are much more precise when done. You will get results either way but, in my opinion, a good sports medicine/orthopedic chiropractor will be able to diagnose, treat, and correct lower back pain. READ MORE

  • I have severe whiplash from work. What is the treatment?

    The treatment should consist of soft tissue work initially like massage, myofascial release, and neck mobilization. Because whiplash involves ligament and muscle injuries, chiropractors will treat with passive and active physical therapy as well as rehab. The goal is to start lightly and increase treatment intensity as you improve. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • Does scoliosis correct itself?

    It depends on the treatment involved. Physical therapy by itself will help strengthen muscles of the spine but you need chiropractic care to stimulate change on alignment and position. There is a specific technique of chiropractic created for scoliosis called CLEAR Institute. They specialize in curve correction for moderate to severe scoliosis. If there is not one on your area, look for a sports chiropractor as they see young athletes with curve issues a lot and have the rehab knowledge needed. Curves can correct if caught early on. Hopefully your daughter responds well to treatment. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • Is Spinal Manipulation and Osteopathic Manipulation one and the same?

    Both manipulations are considered the same. The difference is in who is delivering the manipulation. Chiropractors are trained to specifically adjust and manipulate joints while osteopathic manipulation is more unspecific and goes after a less specific target. Depending on whom you are more comfortable with, it will help you. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • How can I treat my leg pain that occurs when I walk?

    This could be a sign of spinal stenosis which means narrowing of the spinal canal and the nerves from the spine that go down the legs. That needs evaluation and treatment. You can do home knee to chest exercises that relives the leg pain hopefully. Visit a chiropractor for evaluation. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • How can I correct the hunch in my back?

    One of the best exercises I’ve seen for that are called wall angels. Great way to help correct the slumping back. You also need to get some chiropractic care to get some movement in the areas that are restricted. Those areas tend to contribute to the poor posture. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • I've been experiencing weird hip pain for 2 days. Could it be due to weight gain?

    Yes, it can be due to weight gain over the long term. Likely you may have strained a hip muscle or simply tightened it with some activity you did. Sudden pain like that could be from something done previous to the pain. Use heat for muscles and stretch out the hips. Get it evaluated if it persists for a week or so. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • How does going to a chiropractor for ADHD help?

    Hello, There is no clear cut data for chiropractic and ADHD, but there is a benefit that I have seen with chiropractic care coordinated with craniosacral therapy. I work with a therapist together and have seen the results. So, find a good craniosacral therapist as well as take your son to a chiropractor. Vishal K. Verma DC CCSP READ MORE

  • Will I ever get relief pain from hip pain?

    Depending on what exactly the hip is hurting from, yes, you can get great relief from chiropractic care. Just need to find a chiropractor that will evaluate you to see what the cause is. Sometimes it feels like the hip and it turns out to be the low back or pelvis referring pain to hip. After pregnancy, including epidural or C-section, it may be from the low back even though the pain is in the hip. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • Will yoga help in treating my hip pain?

    Yes, absolutely it will. Yoga can help to stabilize the pelvic and core muscles that are usually affected by childbirth. Start slow and get used to controlled movements and poses in yoga and then you can advance yourself. Good luck. READ MORE

  • Can I go on a treadmill or go cycling with back pain?

    Treadmill walking can help alleviate the stiffness of your low back more than cycling can. It also depends on what type of pain. Sharp pain can get worse while dull achy pain can improve. Focus on moderate pace treadmill walk and maybe a light jog. If pain starts to worsen, just stop and stretch out. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • How to fix bad posture?

    Hi, This is a very common question I get regarding posture. The best solution I can offer is a postural restoration exercise called wall angels. You can look them up on YouTube and you will see how simple yet effective they are. They basically retrain your postural support muscles to help you upright yourself over time. Posture is lost over time and has to be retrained and regained over time. Do them consistently and you will see results. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • Do chiropractic adjustments help with chronic lower back pain?

    Absolutely, yes, it can help with chronic low back pain. The majority of chiropractic patients have chronic low back pain and are tired of taking medicine that simply cover up the symptoms. Chiropractors are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of low back pain and other spinal pain. Find a good orthopedic and/or sports chiropractor who looks at their patients biomechanically who can address the source of the pain and help get him on the road to recovery. A combination of chiropractic, rehabilitation, and home exercise can help. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor correct my limping?

    Depending on what the limp is caused by (disease, injury, etc.) a chiropractor may be able to help with adjustments and rehab. I suggest a good diagnostic be done by the chiropractor of choice and determine if it will help. I have personally seen a limp disappear within a short time with chiropractic care just restoring proper biomechanics. Again, all dependent READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help in treating migraines?

    Absolutely, yes. You do not have to suffer from migraines and, if there is neck involvement, a chiropractor who can diagnose, adjust, and do soft tissue work can help. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help me get relief from muscle pain?

    Absolutely can. Not only do you get pain relief, but also learn how to retrain the muscles of your back to avoid future complications. Good luck, Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help with spondalytis?

    Spondylitis is inflammation of the spinal joints usually caused by abnormal motion or restriction of the vertebrae. Chiropractors help adjust the vertebrae to help them move better and normally. They can also do physical therapy to help reduce inflammation and strengthen the core. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • Is sciatica pain a lifelong problem?

    Thank you for the question. Sciatica is NOT a lifelong pain and if you are not seeing the benefit after two months of PT, then you have to make a change in therapy. Sciatica should be reducing within the first week or two and we see resolution within the month when the cause is found. If the right orthopedic tests or MRI's were not done to confirm if it was a disc bulge or herniation, spinal stenosis, muscle spasm, etc., then the treatment will not be specific for you case. I would recommend going to an orthopedic trained chiropractor as we see sciatic cases regularly and he/she can test you properly to determine the cause. Then, the treatment can be applied properly and sciatic relieved quickly. READ MORE

  • After healing from a sprain, why do I still feel pressure in my ankle?

    Ankle sprains can heal as far as pain over a span of 6-8 weeks, but there can be residual pain that exists for another few months, mostly due to the remodeling and scar tissue that has occurred to repair the area. The ankle joint must be put through specific exercise at this point to stabilize the ligaments and other soft tissue in the area. This can be as simple as one-leg stands and balance disc exercises for proprioception. Depending on where the pressure is and the intensity of it, give it some good stretches and strengthening before going to the doctor. If there is still pressure after another 4 weeks or so, have it X-rayed to check it out. READ MORE

  • Pulling pain in back in morning. Could it be due to sleeping position?

    Hello, It could be aggravated by your sleep, but a sharp pain in the back generally means that there is something happening in your spine or your spinal muscles. Morning pain can mean that your muscles or spine are being aggravated by your sleep position. You may want to have it evaluated if it has been happening for over a week now. A simple chiropractic exam can usually reveal the cause of the problem and then some treatment and home routine should take care of it. Sharp pain has to be evaluated as it can range from anything from joint/muscle issue to nerve pain. READ MORE

  • Can heel spurs be corrected by a chiropractor?

    Heel spurs have to be assessed first to see how bad they are. Most heel spurs are not large and can be helped conservatively. Chiropractic can help if the doctor is a sports/orthopedic chiropractor and is using cold laser therapy and doing soft tissue therapy. Laser can help reduce inflammation of heel spurs and soft tissue care can reduce the muscle adhesions in the calf and plantar fascia that have contributed to the heel spur. Add in some foot and ankle adjustments and there can be some good correction. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • My back has become very curved and is pushing my stomach out. Do you think it can be corrected?

    Hi, Your curve has developed over time and is called a hyperlordosis at this point. If your stomach is sticking out, it is most likely caused by this excess curve. You can do curve restoration exercises with a rehab based chiropractor or physical therapist to help reduce it. Age will matter in terms of changing the curve fully, but there is still some change that will occur over time. READ MORE

  • Can stress be the reason for back pain?

    Yes, there is definitely a connection. Increased stress increases muscle tension and causes pain if the area is already tight to begin with. Get adjusted by a chiropractor, get a massage, or get acupuncture to resolve the tension. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • Does overactive thyroid cause neck pain?

    Possibly can be. Mostly in those who have a goiter, though. Get your neck evaluated to see what the source is. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • I have a back ache after my car accident. What can I do?

    If it has been two weeks, use heat for 20 minutes a few times per day and start lightly stretching your back. Pain from minor accidents can be delayed just due to muscle physiology and other factors. Usually, it's self-limiting and resolves itself. If the pain continues, consider a visit to a chiropractor. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • Is yoga recommended to treat sciatica?

    Hello, I do think yoga will be great for your sciatica if the cause is from the muscles. Yoga gently stretches the muscles which can help release the nerves along their path, especially for the sciatic nerve. You can find basic stretches for sciatica as well online. If the sciatic nerve issue is from the spine, you may need the assistance of a chiropractor to help free up the nerve in that region. Combined with yoga stretching, you would be able to find some relief within a few short days or weeks and complete resolution shortly after. Six months of sciatica is a long time to be suffering from a nerve problem so I encourage you to seek help. Most chiropractors will do an orthopedic exam to determine cause and even order X-rays or MRI as needed. Feel free to follow up with questions if you have them. READ MORE

  • Is the traction table treatment permanent?

    All treatment without rehab will be temporary. The goal of traction is to separate the vertebrae allowing spinal discs to rehydrate and relieve pressure. When it’s done, the disc wants to collapse again. Done consistently, it helps to stretch it a bit more which can keep pressure off. When we used traction, we always followed it up with spinal stability exercises in laying down and standing position to retrain spinal muscles for a more “permanent fix.” Make sure they are doing those or start yourself. It also depends on how bad the disc started at. Very collapsed means very weak so may not be as effective long term. If your sciatica has been helped, that’s a great sign. Keep it up. Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP READ MORE

  • Is there a treatment for degenerative disc disease?

    There is no cure for degenerative disc disease (DDD) as it is basically arthritic changes of the soft tissue disc between the bones. DDD is treated by treating the symptoms associated with it including neck pain and tension of muscles, loss of motion of the neck, tingling/numbness in arms/hands, weakness of upper body. Chiropractors will generally try to promote better function of the cervical vertebrae via adjustments or physical therapy. In her case, it may be more gentle to her for them to use an instrument adjusting technique that gently pulses along the neck to get motion back. Add in some soft tissue work and stretching to get maximum benefit. READ MORE

  • My son suffers from ADHD. Should I bring him to a chiropractor?

    Hi, While I believe chiropractic can be a great adjunctive treatment for ADHD, I feel it’s more positive to be done with other therapies including medical. Chiropractic has shown a positive result with neurological disorders and psychosomatic disorders. READ MORE

  • How does spinal manipulation work?

    Spinal manipulation is a broad term for chiropractic adjusting whereby we use manual pressure to your spinal joints to mobilize them out of their restricted position. In other words, if the bones are stuck in position we manually move them. The benefit to you is proper motion of the joints which causes reduction of pain and muscle tension/spasm as well as reduced nerve pressure if there is any. READ MORE

  • Can you suggest some medication for treating my shoulder pain?

    Hello, There are many over-the-counter medications that you can take to help with pain relief depending on what is causing you pain. In other words, the better thing to do is to get a diagnosis possibly of what is wrong. Could be just postural muscles that need strengthening from sitting all day or it could be more of an injury that is aggravating by sitting. Please visit either your primary doctor or a postural specialist (chiropractor, physical therapist) for that. Any stronger medication would have to be advised by your primary. You can look up postural exercises online and start them for 2 weeks to see if they help. READ MORE

  • My posture is getting a little slouched. What should I do?

    The key is to correct yourself. Posture cannot be changed overnight as it has taken some time to get to its current state. Look up postural exercises like wall angels and spinal bridges to change posture over time. We prescribe those two everyday for posture to be done at night before bed to allow your body to restore proper posture and then fall asleep. This allows your body to continue the change overnight rather than continue to get tight during the day. Try them for 3 weeks and see if you are better corrected. Add some chiropractic adjustments in and it will help to get you better aligned. Hope that helps. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help in treating foot pain?

    Yes, a chiropractor can help with heel pain as long as they are certified in extremities or sports medicine. It sounds like you may have plantar fasciitis, which affects the heel, especially when first walking in the morning or after a long period of sitting. Adjustments to the foot, muscle therapy, and maybe even some cold laser can help with it. Weight gain can contribute to the pain, so exercise is a must eventually to help avoid it further. READ MORE

  • My mother suffered Bell's Palsy and is now recovering. Can a chiropractor help at this stage?

    Hi, Yes, a chiropractor can help. I would choose a chiropractor trained in rehabilitation or neurology who has a better understanding of Bell's palsy rehab as well. You can search for them online near you. General chiropractors can help, too, but the specialists are better equipped to do it. READ MORE

  • I have sudden pain in my left leg. How can it be treated?

    Hello, Pain in the leg could mean many things. You may have strained it, as you stated, due to working out and that would be a dull, achy, and tight feeling in the leg muscles. If there is a sharp pain, tingling, burning, or other high intensity type pain, you may have a nerve pinch or tear of some kind. Muscle strains can be stretched or worked out, but nerve pain or tearing has to be addressed clinically. READ MORE

  • I feel my posture has bent after delivery. What can I do?

    Hi, Sorry for the late reply. Childbirth can definitely change a lot of things, including your posture. Pelvic misalignment and poor biomechanics of the pelvis can result from childbirth and can cause your body to compensate with tight muscles and changes in postural curves. That may be why you feel like your posture has bent. Focus on getting back to core exercises like yoga and Pilates as well as some light weight training to strengthen your spine and core muscles. Start lightly with everything and focus on form and flexibility first to get your body accustomed to movement. Then you can gradually add more and more. Look up postural retraining exercises. READ MORE

  • I am having pain around my hamstrings. Can I see a chiropractor for this?

    It sounds like you may have a piriformis syndrome which could be pressing on sciatic nerve or just a hamstring tightness and injury. Definitely have it evaluated by a sports chiropractor to find out. READ MORE

  • Can being overweight lead to flat feet?

    Excess weight gain can lead to over pronation (flat feet). As we age, feet tend to become more pronated and start losing their arch. Proper exercise, which leads to weight loss, can help prevent pain in the feet from occurring due to over pronation. READ MORE

  • My daughter sits with her back slanted. How can her posture be corrected?

    Posture can be corrected via postural exercises and retraining done on a continual basis. Habits of slanting and slouching are tough to break at that age and most of it will be corrected as she gets older. Encourage proper posture by introducing her to some well rounded exercise or yoga or other gentle moves. Even involving her in sports or dance can help her attain better spinal posture. READ MORE

  • How is back soreness treated?

    It could be that your back muscles are weak which is why a hard surface like the floor makes your back feel better. The firmness of the floor seems to support your muscles which takes pressure off. Soreness could be related to weakness. Work on core strengthening exercises but also have a chiropractor check your back to see if anything else is needed and to confirm weak muscles. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help me with a pain in the back of my thigh?

    Yes, absolutely, a chiropractor can help if you cannot get the muscle pull stretched out yourself. Find a good sports chiropractor in your town and they should be able to evaluate a muscular injury and treat it the same day. READ MORE

  • Will a chiropractor be able to help me with my hip pain in the 5 month of my pregnancy?

    Absolutely a chiropractor can help all the way up until birth if they have pediatric and prenatal training. Look for a pediatric trained chiropractor to help you. A general chiropractor can help too but I prefer one trained in pediatrics and prenatal. READ MORE

  • My ankle hurts even after I walk a mile. What could be the reason for this?

    There are many reasons that your ankle could be hurting after walking, but most of the time it is a soft tissue injury like muscles, tendons, ligaments that are causing the pain. Unless you have had a trauma recently, the joint usually hurts due to overuse and improper gait. This means walking on a pronated foot (loss of arch height while standing) that causes deformity of the soft tissue in the area and even up to the pelvis in compensation. Start by addressing that issue by visiting a sports chiropractor who can evaluate your hard and soft tissue by exam or X-rays/MRI if needed. Then he or she can put you on a plan to recover at home and in clinic. READ MORE

  • I have a problem with my posture that is causing back pain. What should I do?

    Hi, It's never too late to improve your posture, but it must be done by concentrating on strengthening your whole body and not just your spine. Focus on core stabilization exercises like planks and bridges as well as compound exercises like squats, pull ups, and push ups. This will help you work the right muscles that allow you to become more upright with better posture. One specific exercise I give our patients are knows as wall angels. They look like a pull up but done up against a wall and without having to actually pull yourself up. Look on youtube for these exercises. READ MORE

  • Can an X-ray diagnose a spinal deformity?

    Yes an X-ray can show spinal deformity of bones and an MRI can show deformity soft tissue like discs, muscles, and ligaments. READ MORE

  • What is the lump that I can feel right behind my neck?

    Could you clarify your question? Is it the neck or the back? Your heading says neck but your question says back. READ MORE

  • Why does my back feel sore?

    Sleeping on your back may be causing you discomfort for a variety of reasons including weight, increased lumbar lordosis (back arch), weak muscles of the back, or even a poor supporting mattress. Actual injury can be assessed by a trained physician to determine if any pathology is there. READ MORE

  • Is a chiropractor helpful in treating kids?

    I do believe that a chiropractor can help with that issue. In particular, you can look for a pediatric chiropractor or orthopedic chiropractor as they are specialty trained in these types of things for children of that age. They should do a comprehensive evaluation of him and treat accordingly. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help me with my lower back pain?

    Chiropractic has been proven to be most effective for Lower back pain. They will examine and treat the lower back with very good success. Depending on your specific case of course. READ MORE

  • Can excess weight cause spine problems?

    Hello, sorry to hear about your low back pain. Yes, rapid weight gain like in pregnancy can cause lower back strain which can continue after delivery. Gaining weight can put excess strain on your spinal discs and ligaments causing weakness and potential bulges. Get examined to rule our disc issues and begin working on core strengthening again to stabilize the spinal muscles. READ MORE

  • How can i reduce my pain due to ankle sprain?

    As long as you have pain there with swelling, use ice and mobilize the joint by moving it in all directions frequently within your pain tolerance. Early and frequent movement of the ankle can reduce pain and improve motion. Also find someone who can use cold laser on it to speed up healing. READ MORE

  • Why do I have a sharp knee pain?

    There could be many reasons for sharp pain depending on many variables. Sharp pain can be anything from meniscus pain to tendon issues. Is there swelling? Is it in the front or back of knee? If I feel it while attempting running, it can be a biomechanical dysfunction causing improper knee pressure. Give me a little more data and I’ll see if I can narrow it down for you READ MORE

  • Are there any symptoms of osteoporosis?

    Hi, These could be the symptoms of osteoporosis as well as many other issues. You are 42 so unlikely you would have osteoporosis unless you have hormonal imbalances or early menopause which could cause it. You said you have an athletic body so I'm assuming you must workout well which is good. But with workouts comes strains and overuse injuries (bursitis, tendonitis) which could cause pain in the joints of your body. Muscles can tense up and feel pain as well which could then make you feel as though your bones are hurting. I would have to know more about your hormonal history and/or any imbalance you may have there. You can also get checked for things like fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome which can also contribute. High stress levels can cause pain throughout your body by causing adrenal fatigue. Being that you are young and athletic, consider a visit to the chiropractor for adjustments and rehab of your body and also a functional medicine doctor who can check you for chemical imbalance and even osteoporosis/osteopenia. I know I gave you a very long answer but I hope it helps. READ MORE

  • My mother has developed a problem of shaking hands. What could be the reason behind it?

    Hello Sounds like age related primary essential tremor but I can’t be sure until she is fully evaluated by her doctor. Could be anything from neurological disorder to idiopathic(unknown). Have her evaluated. READ MORE

  • My left shoulder is broader than the right. Is this a growth problem?

    This finding would need to be visually evaluated to determine if there is any pathology involved. Depending on your age and findings, it may or may not be correctable and may not have any issues associated with it. READ MORE

  • Is it bad to suddenly stop chiropractic care?

    It's not bad to suddenly stop as long as you were just maintaining your condition. If you have an injury, you should continue. If and when you have the ability to resume treatment, you should. READ MORE

  • Very tight neck

    Thank you for your question. If your neck is tight, chiropractic care can help you depending on the cause of the neck pain. Chiropractors will examine and test your neck and upper back to determine the correct course of care. Massage is very helpful when done in conjunction with chiropractic as well. READ MORE

  • Do chiropractors typically take x-rays?

    Many chiropractors take X-rays for various reasons including ruling out pathology. A good exam should be done to correlate any findings. Every chiropractor is different in their approach. Our office typically does orthopedic exams which helps us determine if X-rays or MRI is needed which we would refer out for. But as you said, it was a good gesture. READ MORE

  • Do chiropractors offer free consultations?

    Most chiropractors offer a free consultation for exactly that reason. To see if they are a good fit for your health needs. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor relieve muscle pain?

    Yes chiropractors who are trained in sports and orthopedics can treat muscle pain anywhere in the body with success. READ MORE

  • Is fertility reduced with spina bifida?

    Although there is a chance of nerve damage or compression with spina bifida that could affect fertility, most males will not have any trouble with it. Most are fertile and should have no problems. READ MORE

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Turn left onto Wilson Boulevard 2522 ft
Continue straight onto North Wilson Boulevard 888 ft
Turn left onto North Patrick Henry Drive 5202 ft
Turn right onto 16th Street North 3631 ft
Turn left onto North Edison Street 718 ft
Turn left 189 ft
Turn left 97 ft
You have arrived at your destination, on the right



Head north on Pickett Road (VA 237) 1270 ft
Continue straight onto Pickett Road (SR 237) 1298 ft
Turn right onto Arlington Boulevard (US 50) 2.1 mi
Take the ramp on the right 1041 ft
Keep right at the fork 289 ft
Go straight onto Gallows Road (SR 650) 2948 ft
Turn right onto Fairfax Hospital Gray Entrance 910 ft
Turn right 116 ft
Turn right 99 ft
You have arrived at your destination, on the right



Head north on Pickett Road (VA 237) 1270 ft
Continue straight onto Pickett Road (SR 237) 1348 ft
Turn left onto Arlington Blvd (US 50) 1057 ft
Take the ramp onto Fairfax Circle 835 ft
Continue straight onto Fairfax Boulevard (US 29) 2.7 mi
Make a slight right onto Lee Jackson Memorial Highway (US 50) 3.9 mi
Turn right onto Rugby Road (SR 750) 2098 ft
Turn right onto Adler Woods Drive 693 ft
Turn left onto Joseph Siewick Drive 944 ft
Continue left onto Joseph Siewick Drive 418 ft
Make a sharp left 115 ft
You have arrived at your destination, on the right