Marian Kaplun Shapiro, Psychologist
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Marian Kaplun Shapiro


17 Lantern Lane Lexington Massachusetts, 02421


Extensive Experience in the Field of Women's Psychological Trauma. She Entered the Field When it was Rarely Studied and Paved the Path for Today's Professional Women in the Field, and Those Seeking Help.

Secondarily, as a musician and well-published writer herself and as a former teacher of writing,!she works with people around developing her artistic process.

Education and Training

Harvard University

Board Certification

Group Therapy


Forensic Psychology

Provider Details

Female French 44 years of experience
Marian Kaplun Shapiro
Marian Kaplun Shapiro's Expert Contributions
  • Hypnosis

    Do you have frequent nightmares? Panic attacks? Debilitating phobias? Have you been told that you suffer from PTSD? These are all conditions that can be treated successfully with clinical hypnosis, whether by a psychologist, psychiatrist, clinical social worker, or psychiatric nurse.  Hypnosis has...

  • What is Anxiety?

    Anxiety. Even the word makes you feel anxious. From the Latin anxietās, this word, and its many synonyms (worry, nervousness, upset, distress…), has described states of mind that appear to be universal. We cannot live without it – how would we cross a busy street if we were not to some degree...

  • What does a psychologist do for schizophrenia?

    Hi - someone with schizophrenia is a person! So that person needs a medical physician, namely, a psychiatrist, for medication. Usually, that person will see a psychologist with whom they will talk about their lives, their feelings, their plans, their problems, etc. That is what a psychologist is for. Peace, Marian READ MORE

  • How long does it take to emotionally recover from divorce?

    Like anything else it depends. The amount of enmity, the presence of children, the reasons for divorce, the presence of addictions, violence, criminality, illness, etc etc. Nothing wrong with getting some counseling to help - a good thing. In the long run, you can gain an understanding of why you married and why it didn’t work, which will help make choices going further. Good luck! Dr. Marian Shapiro Licensed Psychologist Peace, Marian READ MORE

  • Is a childhood environment more influential on personality than genetics?

    There is no one answer other than both and it depends. Perhaps your interest stems from your own history. Many scholars pursue valuable studies having been inspired by their own experiences. Any future studies for you? Peace (Dr.) Marian Shapiro Licensed Psychologist READ MORE

  • My aunt sleeps all day?

    I am not a physician, but sounds like “long COVID” to me. Tests of the spinal fluid may reveal the source of this problem, and, hopefully lead to a treatment. Please consult a physician with COVID experience. Peace, Marian (Dr.) Marian Shapiro Licensed Psychologist READ MORE

  • I am going through mental traumas?

    There’s a saying from Robert Frost, “the best way out is through.” No tablet will do it - no way to excise individual memories. As a trauma specialist, I know about this. Please find a trauma specialist and talk to them. Make sure you feel trusting with them, and that they are well-trained in that specialty. You may cry and yell a lot of forawhile, but then you will feel better. Did you know that approximately 1/3 of girls are victims of trauma? Lots of young women, lots of ‘sisters. Good luck - ask around - teachers, guidance counselors, ministers, doctors, nurses, friends - someone may know a good place to start. Online options are also possible. READ MORE

  • Losing weight without trying?

    Hi, I hope you have a therapist in addition to the meds you are taking. If you “like” that you are “punishing your body,” you need help from a qualified therapist. Your body is the only one you will ever have – why would you not want to care for it? It is important that you understand the answer to that question, and literally change how you think about it. Do get help finding a good therapist – you could start by asking your doctor (pediatrician?) for a referral. You could also ask another doctor you have, maybe a dermatologist, or allergist, or a nutritionist, or a physical therapist – someone you like. Or a teacher or guidance counselor in your high school. Please get some help – you have so many years to enjoy, what an opportunity you have now to make them good ones. Peace, Dr. Marian Shapiro READ MORE

  • Do I have OCD?

    Hi, What you describe is a compulsion. Obsessive-Compulsive diagnosis includes a more complex set of behaviors. Do you want to stop doing this particular thing? If so, you can try many ‘tricks’ to stop yourself such as wearing a hat, busying your hands with other activities like knitting, twiddling, playing with a distracting fidget toy, doodling - if you succeed. If not, make an appointment with a reputable hypnotherapist (American Society of Clinical Hypnosis) for a couple of appointments on Zoom. Hope this helped. Peace, Dr. Marian Shapiro READ MORE

  • My 9 year old daughter smoking cigarettes?

    Hello, Quick, you need help - you are having trouble being a parent to a 9-year-old. What will you do as she gets older? Smoking is a long-term health destroyer – a child at 9 is legally not allowed to make the decision to destroy her health, because she can’t grasp the details. Therefore, the legal age for smoking is 18. Your child is PRE-adolescent, still growing, hormones changing…. It is very possible that a child protection agency will discover your daughter’s behavior and you will be investigated as a negligent parent. Remember, kids talk to each other and they talk to their parents and teachers. Cigarette smoking smells – others will notice that smell. Get ahead of the process and ask for help from a parenting class. Social work agencies often have or know of such parenting classes or groups. It’s good you wrote about this big problem – if you act now, you have a shot at solving it! Peace, Dr. Marian Shapiro READ MORE

  • The winter artificial heat is making me restless and psychotic?

    Intriguing to me, but awful to you! Sounds like you have to do some research on yourself. For ex., let’s say it is HEAT, rather than ARTIFICIAL  heat: how is it for you in a room heated by a fireplace? With wood? With gas? Do you react to a heating pad that is plugged in? What about one that is heated in a microwave? Surely you are eating food cooked on an (artificial) stove, microwave, or oven? No problem with that? Make a comprehensive list, and since you have OCD, you should be able to do that well. Then bring it to the best research medical person you can find = perhaps a physiatrist, who deals with all systems of the body. At least they will be interested. Good luck with it. Peace, Dr. Marian Shapiro READ MORE

  • Why do people become addicted to antidepressants?

    People do not become “addicted” to anti-depressants. They do not need more and more to make the same effect, and MOST IMPORTANT, they do not crave them the way people crave narcotics. The body becomes habituated to them, and one has to decrease by schedule, not all at once, or there are unpleasant side effects. But that fact does not mean "addiction." Here is a useful definition: “Addiction is a complex condition, a brain disease that is manifested by compulsive substance use despite harmful consequence.” Hope that answers your question – and if it is you who needs an antidepressant, don’t avoid trying one prescribed for you out of the idea that it is addicting! Peace, Dr. Marian Shapiro READ MORE

  • Friend is having issues with depression and anxiety?

    Sure – the doctor is obliged to tell the person that you informed them of the situation, but it seems the right thing to do. I did that myself before I became a psychologist a long, long time ago, and it turned out that I saved the person’s life – they were found by the doctor who went to their house – they were about to jump off a roof with their child. So afterwards, the person immediately told me they were grateful that I had broken my promise (not to talk about their problems with anyone), and remained my friend for the rest of their natural life. Takes courage, but sounds like you have that! Peace, Dr. Marian Shapiro READ MORE

  • Obsession with cheating?

    Yes, it certainly could. Does he have a PC and an annual checkup? Blood tests? Perhaps you could accompany him and mention his thinking during the time you are there. Or let the doctor know by phone or letter, knowing that he must tell your father that you contacted him. Various tests may reveal the cause of these obsessions. At least it is a good place to start. Your mother, of course, could also do this. Good luck! Peace, Dr. Marian Shapiro READ MORE

  • Can a psychologist help with chronic pain?

    This is a complicated answer: it depends on the kind of pain. I do a lot of work with chronic pain, and have, as a person with post-polio syndrome, suffered with chronic pain myself. I also used to have severe migraines, now cured. So in self- interest I learned all there was to learn about psychological techniques as well as physical interventions for others. Please consult a psychologist with training in using hypnosis for chronic pain. YES, really. Pain is processed in the brain, so teaching the brain how to perceive and not perceive it is real and valuable. Consult the American Society For Clinical Hypnosis for a referral. Zoom is actually excellent for this kind of treatment. Do not go to quacks. There are lots of them out there. Also, some hospitals (Beth Israel in Boston, for ex) have departments of medical hypnosis. My personal experience is that nerve pain does not respond to hypnosis. But other sources of pain usually do. Best of luck to you. Peace, Dr. Marian Shapiro READ MORE

  • Is this a serious problem?

    Please speak to your doctor about this odd symptom. S/he might send you to a neurologist to test whether you have some seizure disorder, easily treated. And you may be right - these more often surface when a person has poor sleep. Good you asked! Peace, Dr. Marian Shapiro READ MORE

  • Anxiety and OCD diagnosis?

    No, you are having side effects – please see a doctor who specializes in psychiatric medication. You need an adjustment in it – perhaps a little less Zoloft, perhaps an addition of another med such as a little Ativan for a short time. I assume the “doctor” you went to was a general PCP – s/he gave you good treatment, but it may need a little subtle adjustment. Glad you are getting it taken care of quickly – such an unpleasant thing to live with! Peace, Dr. Marian K. Shapiro READ MORE

  • Is this normal?

    Hi, You have something going on that needs some intervention. A good thing to do is to speak to your doctor who can find a psychologist to give you some paper and pencil tests. Also you might be sent for an MRI, to figure out why you are seeing and hearing entities that are not literally there.then they will know what to do for them! Glad you reached out for help at your young age! Peace, Dr. Marian Shapiro READ MORE

  • I found a lump a solid one?

    As I can tell you know, you do need to be seen for imaging and probably a biopsy. Please go to a hospital where they can start the process. You could also call Planned Parenthood - they have some women’s cancer services. Good luck - it’s scary, but taking care of it early is the best method. Peace, (Dr) Marian Shapiro Licensed Psychologist READ MORE

  • Should I go to a hospital or a doctor with new PTSD symptoms?

    Hello, So good you reached out. I don’t know what resources you have in your community, but if you were in the area I know best, which has large general hospitals, small suburban hospitals, and many facilities for mental health care (in and out-patient), I would seek a referral for a brief inpatient stay with the purpose of diagnosis and some medication. Those people could also arrange an outpatient therapist or group. Basically you can interrupt this slide from good functioning and return to your previous stability by getting some treatment - likely medication - now. Best of luck, Dr. Marian Shapiro READ MORE

  • What is happening to me?

    Not a delightful way to begin a new adventure! I think you were not quite ready to ‘do the deed,’ as you put it. Your detailed description of the subsequent body reactions sounds like a panic attack that kept on generating more of the same. Like if you injure one leg, then you lean on the other excessively and then it gets injured, and so on. You could use a little counseling for your excessive anxiety, and for exploring your feelings about having sex with your boyfriend. A good thing to do at your age! Also, you might acquaint yourself with the ‘morning after’ pill, which is for emergencies. Knowing about such options might also reduce your panic. Peace, Dr. Marian Shapiro READ MORE

  • I feel like there's not any other option besides suicide?

    That is a terrible way to feel – I guarantee you that you will feel better if you give the world a chance to help you. Please go to your local hospital and tell them you are feeling like this. Talk to a sympathetic doctor, or nurse, or psychologist (which is what I am), and  they will say just what I am saying. Many people fail these exams– or medical exams, law exams, auditions, etc., and go on to either pass them, or change their career plans to do something they really want to do. Your father said a terrible thing – perhaps he thought it would motivate you. But you don’t have to listen to that. You MUST not listen to that. Instead, please take yourself for some help. Again, I GUARANTEE you will feel better if you stay alive to discover what you really are meant to do in this one life we are given. Peace, and a good life to you, Dr. Marian Shapiro READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

PTSD; phobias; anxiety; pain

Professional Memberships

  • American Psychological Association; American Society of Clinical Hypnosis; American Group Psychotherapy Association  

Professional Society Memberships

  • American Society of Group Psychotherapy, The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, American Psychology Association, International Society for the Study of Trauma and Disassociation

Articles and Publications

  • "Hypno- Play Therapy with Age- Regressed Adults"- 1988

What do you attribute your success to?

  • Coming Into the Field as a Time When Women's Trauma was not Explored and Having the Opportunity to Make a Difference and Guide Other Women.

Hobbies / Sports

  • Writing Poetry

Favorite professional publications

  • The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis Journal

Marian Kaplun Shapiro's Practice location

17 Lantern Lane -
Lexington, Massachusetts 02421
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New patients: 781-862-3728

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