Christy Soto-Johnson, NMD & Shanna Bayrd, NMD, Naturopathic Physician
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Christy Soto-Johnson, NMD & Shanna Bayrd, NMD

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301 E Bethany Home Rd A-207 Phoenix AZ, 85012


Dr. Christy Soto-Johnson is a naturopathic physician practicing in Phoenix, AZ. Dr. Christy specializes in proactive prevention and treatment of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. She also devotes much time to providing patient education and helping patients to be their best health advocate. Dr. Christy provides a unique blend of the latest modern medical and scientific advances with long-standing, effective ancient techniques. Providing both individual and family care, the most common ailments treated are allergies, environmental toxicity, poor immune system function, PTSD, anxiety/depression, chronic pain, brain fog and fertility. Dr. Christy's dedication to the success of the whole-person and whole-family's health extends beyond medical and spiritual health, to include financial health. The medical center which Dr. Christy co-founded integrates professional financial health education and wealth management resources to all who seek it, regardless of location in the US, FREE of cost. She truly and whole-heartedly believes that top-notch medical care and financial literacy are essential for the maximum well-being of individuals, communities and the world. Naturopathic Physicians place a strong emphasis on natural remedies that increase the body's own ability to heal and reduce the need for more invasive treatments. 

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Christy Soto-Johnson, NMD & Shanna Bayrd, NMD
Christy Soto-Johnson, NMD & Shanna Bayrd, NMD's Expert Contributions
  • Is exercise incorporated into naturopathic medicine?

    Hello, Exercise is one of many lifestyle-related options that may be recommended by a naturopathic doctor. Whether or not it is, and what type/ specific details depends on what you're seeking help for and what you're already doing or not doing. Generally speaking, getting regular movement (even just walking or stretching) is an important part of reaching and keeping good health for many reasons. Same with drinking enough water, which is also a common topic discussed at a naturopathic visit. READ MORE

  • What home remedy can I use to stop itching?

    Hello, without knowing anything about why it's itching (ex: allergic reaction, dry skin from cold weather, etc.), some general things that can help make itching feel better are things like calamine lotion, salves/creams that have calendula or aloe. There's a huge variety of things you can use but knowing more about your itching skin would be needed. If these basic items don't help, you should be seen by a local health care practitioner. READ MORE

  • Are holistic remedies able to help liver disease?

    Hello, that is a great question. Holistic treatments have the potential to do some wonderful things for liver disease. How severe the condition is and how much / what types of treatments you're able to do all directly impact how helpful or how much change one may experience. READ MORE

  • Can you suggest natural laxatives that are safe for elderly patients?

    Hi, this question would best be answered after having a consultation or first appointment with a naturopathic doctor as many of our elderly are on medications that may have interactions with natural medicines, or have other health issues that could impact the safely of any medication, natural or pharmaceutical. READ MORE

  • Are there certain disorders or illnesses that you shouldn't see a naturopath for?

    Hi! The answer to your question is not straightforward in that it's not so much a just the disorder or illness, but rather what type of solution you're looking for, what state you live in and which particular doctor you go to. All naturopathic doctors are taught the same foundation and medical approach as conventional primary care doctors, but then we get 4 years of natural medicine education as in addition to that. And each state has different laws on what we are able to do (or not do) of all the things were trained on. Also, some naturopaths, like conventional doctors, may get additional specialty training after graduation. So what it comes down to is not the type of illness that we can or cannot treat, but what we can or cannot address is determined by both the specific doctor's speciality/focus as well as what their state allows them to do. Finally, if you're looking for, say major surgery, that is something not part of primary care training so no naturopath would do. READ MORE

  • Can naturopathic treatment work for seniors?

    Hello. Many naturopaths work with newborns all the way to our wonderful elderly population. Some may specialize in gut issues or pain, etc. so there is definitely a naturopathic doctor out there who can help your father. What you describe would be something that most naturopaths, family practice or gut specialist, could address fairly easily. READ MORE

  • Is it safe to go off rice and wheat for a long period of time?

    Hi! As long as you are eating healthy, well balanced meals that contain macro-nutrients of proteins, complex-carbohydrates and healthy fats, you should still have enough energy despite going off of rice and wheat for a while. In fact, there are plenty of healthier, better sources of energy and nutrients than rice and wheat out there! Examples include sweet potatoes/yams, beans or any kind of legume, bananas, berries, nuts, fatty fishes (ex: salmon, tuna, sardines), and dark leafy greens. READ MORE

  • Can natural remedies treat insomnia?

    Hi there. I'm so sorry to hear about your insomnia troubles. If your insomnia has not improved with trying conventional or common treatments, then it may be that the true cause of the insomnia is not being addressed or maybe not discovered yet. There are several natural remedies to reverse your insomnia and to know which one or ones are right for you, I'd need to ask several questions. Feel free to book a free 15-minute phone consultation via my website READ MORE

  • Do naturopath's use essential oils?

    Hello! While all naturopathic doctors receive training in herbal medicine that includes essential oils, whether or not a particular doctor uses them as part of their treatment recommendations varies from doctor to doctor. That would be an excellent question to ask the naturopath you have a consult with if it's a treatment approach you would like to use. I hope your consultation goes well! READ MORE

  • What type of nutritional supplements do naturopath's prescribe?

    Hello! There is no limit to what type of supplements a naturopath can prescribe (so long as the state laws do not interfere as it may in some states). From a single specific vitamin to making their own herbal tinctures, recommending homeopathics, prescription grade supplement combos or over-the-counter available supplements; we recommend whatever is most needed to address the health concern you have. We also give nutritional recommendations to use food as medicine. READ MORE

  • Are there natural toothpastes available to care for teeth and gums?

    My 2 favorite tooth lasted that I personally use are Dentalcidin by Biocidin and fluoride-free peppermint Dr. Bronner's. Dentalcidin is best if you have more serious issues like irritated gums or bad breath issues, while the Dr. Bronner's is a good general tooth paste; both are natural, clean products (ie not loaded with chemicals) and pleasant taste. READ MORE

  • How is naturopathic medicine beneficial for people?

    Hi there! While this could be a very long answer as there are many, many benefits, I'll list a few key points here and include a link to my article that tells you about what we do in more detail. First, one of our founding principles is to seek and treat the root cause, aiming to resolve or reverse the condition. Second, most naturopaths give a ton of time to you! Instead of 10-15 minutes with the doctor you'll get at least 45 minutes, sometimes even up to 2 hours! Third, we use natural, gentle and least invasive treatment approaches first. While we can prescribe medications, it's a last resort rather than a first resort, or prescribed only when truly needed. Finally (again you can read more in the article), we don't just treat and care about your body's symptoms. We also look at and care for your mental, emotional and whole-life health situation. READ MORE

  • What are the best natural remedies for mononucleosis?

    Often the best natural treatments for mono are things you can only get through a naturopathic doctor. They don't sell them over the counter or on Amazon. The best recommendation would be to see a local naturopath or one who can treat your daughter via telehealth as my team can. READ MORE

  • Do naturopathic physicians do healing work similar to chiropractors?

    Hello, Naturopathic doctors are trained in many therapies including adjustments (like chiropractors do), but you'd need to ask the specific naturopath you want to see if they do that therapy as we have many to choose from. Our training includes primary care medicine, herbal medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and much more! Some do a little of everything and some specialize in only a few areas. READ MORE

  • What is a healthy natural substitute for ibuprofen?

    Hello - yes! Generally speaking, high dose turmeric capsules like any "mireva" type supplement, or for some, feverfew herb can help prevent migraines as well as treat headaches. However, keep in mind it's best to ask an herbalist or naturopath before starting to get a specific dose AND to make sure it's not going to interfere with any existing medications you may be on. READ MORE

  • Can I solve my stomach issues through natural remedies?

    Hi there. I'm sorry you're having frequent stomach issues. Without knowing what kind of stomach issues you're struggling with, I can say that generally speaking, natural treatment approaches can successfully address most stomach and gut issues. Sometimes natural is used in conjunction with conventional, but often times it can be successful on its own. It really depends on the specific cause and complexity of the issue on how long it would take to see results and what all you would need to do. READ MORE

  • I want to try a natural medical treatment, should I see a naturopath physician?

    Hello! Yes, naturopathic medicine would be a great way to get going on a natural approach to your healing. If you don't have a naturopath in your area, another option to look into would be an acupuncturist who also works often with Chinese herbs. That could also be another good avenue to natural healing for many health conditions. READ MORE

  • Would you recommend naturopathy treatment for severe diabetes?

    Hello, Naturopathic doctors who treat diabetes will absolutely give natural treatments along with insulin, metformin and any other diabetes related medications the person is on. It's not safe to just cut off all that medicine and do all natural. It takes time for the body to respond to the natural treatment. At the same time, depending on how long they've had diabetes, how severe their case is, and how willing (or unwilling) the patient is to make lifestyle changes, one patient may be able to fully reverse their diabetes and come off medications while others will always need some medications. If they cannot come off fully, naturopathic treatments often helps them to reduce how much of the other medicines they need. READ MORE

  • Is a water fast safe or healthy?

    Hi! This is a great question because it's a tricky topic. There are several types of water fast and lots of people have written articles and even books on it. There are even clinics that a person can stay at for long-term fasting for serious medical issues. I have seen some people really hurt themselves because they didn't know what they were doing or they did it for too long, or they didn't follow instructions. Other times I have recommended it to my patients and gave them very detailed instructions, plus checked in on them daily during the fast. Doing a water fast, even if you do it "right", for weight loss won't give you permanent results. IF you lose any weight it will just be water weight, meaning a quick flush of excess water you're carrying, but once you go back to your regular diet you will gain it right back. Some people even gain more than before the fast, depending on their nutrition and overall lifestyle. For safety reasons, I will say that there is a way to do a very short term water fast correctly that is safe and has positive results. However, most people struggle to do this because they often find it difficult to follow all of the requirements, such as no physical activity, drinking the right kind of water, the right amount, knowing how to deal with possible detox symptoms, etc. I can only give exact instructions to my current patients who I can monitor during a water fast and help trouble shoot to keep things safe and maximize results. I hope they this helps you understand that water fasting can be beneficial if done correctly and can be harmful if done incorrectly, and it's not a guarantee that you will lose weight even if you do it right. READ MORE

  • Are homeopathic remedies effective?

    Hello! There are some over the counter natural remedies for UTI's that can be effective for most people. Some of them are general homeopathic blends and for the average person work well. But every now and then there are some who need more than that. If you do traditional / classical homeopathy where you get a single remedy instead of a general combo, that's usually where people don't have as much success because if they don't get the exact right one for their specific symptom presentation, then it won't work. What I usually recommend for my patients is to use these combo remedies plus an herbal tincture for UTI's and dietary changes during illness. If in 2 days they have no improvement but they still don't want a regular antibiotic then I might suggest Azo or similar, also found over the counter. But if you have worsening pain or it's harder to pee at any point, or your urine starts to look orange or dark, go see your doctor ASAP! I highly recommend finding an herbalist in your area or checking a local health food store for a UTI tincture. Re diet- for example, cut out all sugar and dairy as they create more inflammation and thicken the mucosal lining of the bladder wall making it harder to flush the bacteria. Also, a lot of people think drinking cranberry juice is good for UTI's. Yes BUT most people drink the wrong type! Juice like Ocean Spray, Welch's, etc have very little juice and tons of sugar. It MUST be 100% cranberry juice with no added sugar to be helpful! And don't add sugar lol. It will be extremely tart. READ MORE

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CranioSacral TherapyMayan Abdominal MassageGemstone Meridian Therapy / Medical Gemstone TherapyHerbal MedicineNutritional Medicine / Functional Nutrition

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  • Medical Director Guiding Elements Medical Center 2021 - Present

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Phoenix, AZ 85012
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Get to know Naturopathic Physician Dr. Christy Soto-Johnson, who serves patients in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr. Christy is a well-respected naturopathic physician serving as the Co-Founder of Guiding Elements Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona. She works alongside Dr. Shanna Bayrd, NMD, providing a myriad of natural, holistic, vibrational, and traditional medicine therapies.

Born out of love, hope and service, the doctor-duo sought to create a place that is more than a clinic, a place where the shortcomings and injustices they witnessed over their years of medical and life experiences could be addressed. Guiding Elements Medical Center is a judgement-free community hub where people can come together to heal, be empowered, transform their mind, body and spirit, and grow beyond their current conscious awareness. 

Passionate about true, full-life health, Dr. Christy maximizes all facets and all forms of health. She goes beyond the body, mind and spirit to include free professional financial health-literacy and education, as financial health can directly impact physical and mental health, quality of life and life expectancy. Her primary goal is to empower her patients to become their happiest, healthiest, most successful selves and teaching them how to bring this joy and freedom to their families and communities. She takes a hands-on approach to her healing practice and enjoys working closely with her patients to help them exceed their personal health goals and discover their true life potential. 

Since childhood, Dr. Christy’s grandmothers impressed upon her the importance of nature, cultural traditions, folk medicine, and faith. Her keen interest in the human experience prompted her undergraduate studies in anthropological cultural, linguistic, and biological evolution at the University of California, Davis. After exploring professional opportunities in race relations and communications within the California Community College system, she transitioned to the Sutter Health Institute for Research and Education and began working in the field of public health. It was here that her childhood passion for natural medicine was rekindled. This, combined with the shortcomings of conventional medicine in her own family’s health ailments, Dr. Christy left her budding career to pursue a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Arizona.

With a keen interest in aiding indigent, homeless, and veteran populations as well as women and children who have survived some of life’s most traumatic experiences, she sought every internship and clinical rotation possible at various community clinics, domestic violence shelter clinics, and at the Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS where she focused on acute illness, mental/emotional recovery, and pain management. During medical school, she obtained outside training and certifications in the areas of Mayan Abdominal Massage, Pranic Healing Therapy, Gemstone Meridian Therapy, and Applied Kinesiology. 

After graduating from medical school in 2016, Dr. Christy completed a rigorous residency program in McMinnville, Oregon at the clinic, A Family Healing Center. There, she received specialized training focused on pediatrics, family medicine, women’s health, pain management, and nutritional management of pyroluria disorder. 

Board-certified in naturopathic medicine, minor surgery, and acupuncture, she holds additional certifications in craniosacral therapy for physical, emotional, and energetic health restoration. Supporting the body’s own healing process, she provides a unique blend of the latest modern medical and scientific advances with long-standing, effective ancient techniques. 

As a woman of faith, Dr. Christy attributes her passion for her work and success in life to the grace of God, the support of her husband, and the love of and for her family.  

The practice of naturopathic medicine includes modern and traditional, scientific, and empirical methods. Naturopathic medicine is a distinct health care profession, emphasizing prevention, management, and optimal health through the use of natural therapeutic methods and substances that encourage individuals’ inherent self-healing process first. Pharmaceuticals and other conventional interventions are only prescribed when absolutely necessary. Naturopathic physicians focus on prevention and root cause identification of acute and chronic imbalances to understand, restore, and establish optimal health.

In 2020, Dr. Christy was selected by Women In Medicine Magazine as one of Phoenix’s Top Doctors in Naturopathic Medicine. 

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