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Beauty Tips for the Morning Hours

Beauty Tips for the Morning Hours

An ideal skin care regimen for the morning will definitely include ways to fight free radical damage, protect the skin from sun’s rays, moisturize the dry skin, and other steps that would help the skin to glow. Marianna Blyumin, MD, a cosmetic dermatologist in Hollywood has given few skin care beauty tips for the morning which will help to keep the skin glowing.

Physical activity – Exercise is one of the most important tips to have a glowing skin. “Exercise helps to lower stress hormones that damage different parts of the body including the skin," says Blyumin. Damage by stress hormones can be best prevented by cardiovascular exercises. So include 30 to 45 minutes of any of these – walking, biking, swimming, or martial arts.

Exfoliate – “Exfoliation helps to remove the damaged superficial skin cells and allows fresh skin cells to form”, says Blyumin. Exfoliation method generally varies from person to person. Those who have dry skin should exfoliate monthly using a mild moisturizing scrub. Those who have normal skin can exfoliate weekly using a body cleanser containing fine beads. People with oily skin can exfoliate three times a week using a body cleanser with fine beads or with a loofah. They should remember to use a barrier repair moisturizer which contains ceramide that will prevent water loss and help to rebuild the skin.

Use light moisturizing products – Always use light moisturizing products in the morning and avoid the greasy ones which may make the skin look oily in the day. Blyumin prefers a product containing antioxidants like green tea, soy, coenzyme Q10, or vitamins A, C, and E which will prevent the damage by free radicals. Free radical damage may result in aging and may also lead to skin cancer.

Keep well hydrated – Moisturizer may help to keep the skin hydrated from outside, but it is equally important quench the thirst from inside. Dehydration makes the skin look dull and dry. Drinking plenty of water helps to keep the body well hydrated.

Protect from sun – Experts say whatever the beauty regimen, it should be supported by a good sun protection plan. Covering up the skin with a sun block with an SPF of at least 30 will help to prevent skin cancer and premature aging. Opt for physical sunblock that contain ingredients like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide as it causes less irritation to the skin. Sunblocks help to block both UV A and UV B rays.

Protect your lips – Protect your lips with a lip balm with at least SPF 30. “This is very important because skin cancer in the lips is more likely to spread to the inside of the body," says Blyumin.