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Gluten-Free Cooking Ideas

Gluten-Free Cooking Ideas

Celiac disease patients or those living a gluten-free lifestyle might find cooking at home to be overwhelming. What are safe and unsafe ingredients? How can someone make a delicious meal without sacrificing flavor or exceeding the weekly budget?

Many people ask these questions. There are many individuals who have experienced this situation and love sharing the experience with others. When it comes to gluten-free food, the experts share important topics.

From professional chefs and home cooks to authors and high school students, these bloggers help in removing the guesswork from gluten-free baking and cooking. Here are the top picks for amazing gluten-free cooking blogs.

Gluten-Free Fun

Erin Smith, Gluten-Free Fun creator, has always played an active role in a gluten-free community. She was diagnosed with celiac disease in the early '80s. Nowadays Erin shares her experience. Gluten-Free was created in 2007. The gluten-free Fun blog contains lifestyle tips, recipes, and educational resources. It also includes food product reviews and unique perspectives.

Not only does Erin run Gluten-Free Fun, but also manage two celiac-related initiatives. She is a lead organizer of NYC Celiac Meetup Group. The group has about 2,000 members. She also manages website. This site encourages celiac disease patients to travel around the world. It also offers tips on how to find courage eating gluten-free around the globe.

Celiac Disease Foundation

This foundation was created in 1990 by Elaine Monarch. The mission of Celiac Disease foundation is to help celiac disease patients and those living with non-celiac wheat sensitivity.

Since its creation, there has been significant progress. The nonprofit organization hosted the first serology workshop. This lead to a blood test used today to diagnose celiac disease. The foundation advocate disability benefits and gluten-free labeling laws.

Gluten Dude

Gluten Dude contains a lot of gluten-free information. It started in 2007 and offered informative, knowledge and funny advice to the gluten-free community. This blog provides resources, valuable topics section and a newbie area. The blog also is loaded with love stories, humor, interviews, traveling, etc.

The website has a forum section where people can connect with other gluten-free foodies within the area, find restaurant reviews and explore recipe and baking tips.

Beyond Celiac

Beyond Celiac was created in 2003 by Alice Bast. The mission is to bring forth advocacy, spread awareness and take action to help celiac disease patients. Bast had complications when she stayed with untreated celiac. She had several miscarriages, stillbirth but eventually delivered a baby weighing only 3 lbs. She was filled with passion for preventing such things from happening to others.

The website offer wealth of information to celiac disease patients. Beyond Celiac offer a free medical education program to about 600 medical professionals and also host research summits. It offers sections for the recipe of the week and Answers from a Dietician. Also, there is a section showing latest celiac-related events and news in the locality.

Gluten-Free Diva

Ellen Allard was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2005 when she was 50. On Gluten-Free Diva blog, Ellen shares how she immediately embraced the gluten-free lifestyle. When she was diagnosed, she got to understand why she was skinny with stomach issues and long-lasting bloat. She pursued her love for cooking gluten-free foods and started sharing what she learned with others.

MassGeneral Center

MassGeneral Hospital’s medical staff and team created a center that deals with diagnosis, research, treatment and long-term support for children living with celiac disease.

Celiac and the Beast

Due to love for Disney and long celiac disease diagnosis, Erica Dermer created the blog. She explains her experience with the disease. The blog contains many gluten-free product reviews, giveaways, and upcoming gluten-free expos and events.

The blog provides funny, opinionated post and reviews. Erica tries products and gives honest and accurate accounts. Erica is famous for many blogging and many gluten-free events.

Allergic Living

Gwen Smith created Allergic Living in 2005 when she had food allergies. Her printed magazine was the best for asthma, allergy and celiac communities. The website and magazine offer advice, tips, and allergy-related breaking news. It also provides resources, recipes and an Ask the Allergist section.

My Gluten-Free Kitchen

Michelle Palin created my Gluten-Free Kitchen. When she was in seventh grade, Palin fell in love with baking during a cooking class. She loved baking anything sweet such as cupcake and cookie until 2010 when she was diagnosed with celiac disease. She started changing how she baked. Nowadays, Palin shares delicious gluten-free recipes such as maple doughnuts and gluten-free brownies with her fans. She aims at helping people to enjoy cooking and eating gluten free foods.

Celiac Corner

Paula Grader had two goals during the creation of Celiac Corner: creating awareness about celiac disease and help those diagnosed with celiac disease to cope with the gluten-free lifestyle. The site has many resources, recipes, and gluten-free books.


Sheena Strain was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2010. Her son was diagnosed a few months later. She had to learn how to cook gluten-free food. This lead to the creation of Noshtastic. This site has mouthwatering recipes and amazing photography.

Elana’s Pantry

Elana Amsterdam started a gluten-free lifestyle in 2001. She founded Elana’s Pantry. This website has a lot of information on recipes, types of flour alternatives, special diets, and cookbook options.

The site has a section dedicated to sclerosis disease, and in this section, you will find Amsterdam’s story. She also shares the natural alternatives and the steps someone would take when diagnosed with the disease.


YumUniverse was created in 2010 by Heather Crosby when she realized that she needs to change her lifestyle. She started by creating new recipes every week. This led to many recipes with healthier ingredients and fermented food.

Gluten-Free Goddess

In 2001, Karina Allrich realized that she had multiple genes associated with gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. This was when she gave up gluten. She realized that after two days of diet without gluten, her stomach issues had started improving.

After a year, she started being creative in the kitchen. On her blog, she helps people to change to the gluten-free lifestyle and teach on how to substitute ingredients and other unique recipes. 


Verywell website contains health information written by nutritionist, doctors, and trainers. The site has celiac disease section has information on symptoms, diet, dining out and coping with the disease.

The site also has sections with best cooking practices and a glossary of words to help those newly diagnosed.


This site offer samples and coupons that help people with allergies, celiac disease, and gluten intolerance cook and eat food. It was created by Kathleen Real who was diagnosed with celiac disease.

Angela’s Kitchen

Angela’s Kitchen offer gluten-free knowledge, recipes, and a lesson in food preservation. Angela Litzinger loves creating dairy and gluten-free meals, and this made her create the site. Litzinger provides her fans with lessons on the preservation of any food.

Celiac Chicks

Kelly Courson created Celiac Chicks, and she has been sharing her experience with the celiac disease that she was diagnosed with 14 years ago. She loves sharing information on everything she has tried since she was diagnosed. She offers videos, product reviews, recipes, restaurant, etc.

Allyson Kramer

Allyson Kramer has many recipes for plant-based gluten-free goodies. Kramer is a recipe artist, developer, and food photographer. She is famous for her cookbooks and recipes, and she has earned awards.


Carrie Forbes created GingerLemonGirl, and she offers many incredible gluten-free recipes. Forbes shares her life, journey as a graduate student, books, and gluten-free cook. She helps newbies in changing to gluten-free life with travel trips, shopping guides, and gluten-free baking tips