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Is Green Coffee Helpful in Losing Weight?

Is Green Coffee Helpful in Losing Weight?

Is Green Coffee Helpful in Losing Weight?

Recently green coffee has been in great demand as a great beverage for losing weight, with a number of articles being written about it in media publications. It is often viewed as a one stop answer for weight loss, so effective that it can melt away those extra pounds without need for strict dieting or strenuous exercise. How easy!

Raw, unroasted coffee beans that retain healthy chemicals are known as green coffee. Chlorogenic acid, one of the healthy ingredients in green coffee, is known to help slow the release of glucose into the body, an ideal process for weight loss. Chlorogenic acid is also thought to reduce the accumulation of fat in the body and seems to decrease blood pressure in some people. This chemical is lost after a bean has been roasted.

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In one of the major studies with green coffee, eight men and eight women were given different doses of green coffee extract during the study period of six weeks. All the participants consumed an equal number of calories during the study period. An average of 17 pounds was lost by the participants when checked after 22 weeks. While the study had some highlights, it also included some major drawbacks including an unconventional study design and very few participants. Experts are still concerned about the validity of the results.

Although this ‘miracle’ bean seems to have many health benefits, it is not devoid of side effects. Some of the side effects reported include headache, upset stomach, and anxiety. It is not recommended for people with glaucoma, anxiety, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, osteoporosis, or bleeding disorders due to its high content of caffeine. Moreover, it is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breast feeding.

Green coffee is known to have adverse interactions with a number of other medications as well. Drugs for heart problems, weak bones, menopause, depression, schizophrenia, and lung diseases interact with the green coffee extract, so drinking green coffee in conjunction with these medications is not recommended. If you are interested in beginning to drink green coffee, talk to your physician beforehand to avoid health risks. 

If you are convinced that the product is really ‘miraculous’ in controlling weight, do meet the doctor and discuss the benefits and risks. Do disclose if you have any medical conditions or if you are on medication for any of the health issues before using the extract. Always remember, a healthy lifestyle is all that you need to maintain healthy body weight!