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13 Health Benefits of Papaya

13 Health Benefits of Papaya

Papaya is a pear-shaped refreshingly sweet fruit, orange in color with hundreds of blackish sticky seeds which are round in shape and glutinous to touch. The soft and flavorsome portion of papaya is not only tasty but nutritious, appetizing and full of health advantages.

The fruit is most common, easily available in all different seasons and nutritive which young and old love to have. The fruit is easily available in almost all parts of the world. In some places, the fruit is bigger in size and available in greenish red color, but most commonly it is medium in size and remains green when it is raw. It changes its color slowly and turns orange in color. Papaya is highly popular among the people and it has been always chosen above many other fruits such as banana, apple, oranges and pineapples.

Papaya offers a host of benefits and many nutrients, hence Christopher Columbus called it the ‘fruit of the angels’ and today, it has become a part of many people's diet. The various health benefits papaya offers are discussed one by one below:

1. Controls cholesterol level

Papaya is full of fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. The fruit is full of vitamin C which works against the common ailments like diabetes. It also controls the level of cholesterol which sometimes rises and blocks the arteries, which can cause a heart attack. But regular consumption of papaya helps in reducing cholesterol naturally, without any side effect.  

2. Reduces weight effectively

The fruit papaya which is of medium size contains about 120–150 calories and it works effectively in helping to lose weight. Always add the fruit in your diet which not only offers rich amount of dietary fibre, but it also offers the feeling of fullness. Papaya helps in reducing the unnecessary wants and cravings.

3. Makes immune system stronger

The regular consumption of papaya helps in making the immune system better and stronger which definitely helps in fighting against various forms of infections and illnesses. The amount of vitamin and minerals papaya offers is about 200% more than the daily requirements of the body especially vitamin C which works in making the immune system highly resistant and powerful.

4. Effective on increasing diabetes problem

Though papaya is considered as one of the sweeter fruits, yet it is low in sugar. It has about 8.5 gms in a sliced cup of papaya. It has a lower glycemix index too, hence papaya is an effective fruit for controlling diabetes.

The amount of vitamins and phytonutrients in papaya definitely work against diabetes and also reduce the chances of having heart disease in diabetic people. To remain healthy and avoid diabetes, one should consume more papaya.

5. Best for the eyes

Papaya contains vitamins such as vitamin A along with flavonoids like beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, and also lutein. The flavonoids offer safety to the mucus membranes of the eyes and helps in keeping the eyes clean and healthy. it also prevents eyes from any possible disorders which could damage the eyes.

Eye-related illnesses which generally start developing due to age-related problems and the development of macular degeneration can be reduced with the help of Vitamin A, which is available in plenty in papaya. Papayas are also full of carotenoids, which are present more in papaya than in carrots and tomatoes.

6. Cures arthritis

The disease arthritis affects people severely and it can reduce the quality of life considerably, making people feel sad and helpless. But having papayas as a part of the regular diet can help you to overcome the problems relating to muscles and bones to a great extent.

The bones have the anti-inflammatory properties but the presence of Vitamin C helps in reducing the different problems of arthritis and keeping it under control. According to the medical science report, it is found that, the people who have less percentage of Vitamin C in their diet always suffer more from the disease of arthritis.

7. Improve digestive powers

The quality of food available today is average and after you eat food, you need to digest it. The food that is prepared outside in hotels or in the roadside restaurants is prepared with low quality, low-priced ingredients, which can cause digestive problems.

At times, we cannot help it as for certain reasons, we have to eat out and hence to improve your power of digestion, you should eat more papayas. Papayas are full of digestive enzymes called papain and fibre which can prevent all types of digestive problems and helps in improving overall health.

8. Reduces menstrual issues

For women who suffer from menstrual pain and are having difficulties during the menstrual time, it is advised to consume papaya. The enzyme papain which is a part of papaya helps in regulating the flow of menstrual periods. Papaya is definitely an effective home remedy to lessen the menstrual problems in women.

9. Anti-aging fruit

Every person, either men or women would love to stay young forever, which is impossible, but what is possible is to look graceful and remain healthy. To reduce the effects of aging, one has to eat papaya regularly. Make a habit of having papaya in your regular diet as it is seen that a person who consumes papaya regularly looks about 5 years younger than his age.

The rich set of vitamins present in the fruit, which includes Vitamin A and Vitamin C along with antioxidants in the form of beta carotene offer the most nutritious diet which keeps the skin smooth, shiny and free of damages. Even wrinkles and the signs of aging will be reduced to a certain extent. When eaten on a regular basis, papaya brings a glow to the skin and keeps the body healthy for long.

10. Helps in hair growth

Papaya is considered to be the best medication for hair growth. Regular use of papaya in the diet helps in maintaining your hair healthy and reducing all types of hair-related problems. Papayas are rich in vitamin A and it is mainly used while preparing sebum, which is highly effective in making the hair long, smooth and shiny.

Papaya can also be used in hair masks for external application. The pulp of papaya should be applied to the scalp which not only reduces the common problems such as dandruff, but it also helps in making hair clean, shiny and smooth. It helps in hair growth and also strengthens the hair.

11. Anti-cancer medication

Papaya is a fruit which is full of antioxidants such as phytonutrients and flavonoids. The antioxidants strengthen the tissues and the cells in the body and keeps them healthy for long. The cells inside the body become stronger and work against all types of infections, including cancer.

Papaya offers a good amount of antioxidants which protect the cells from damage. Beta carotene, which is part of papaya always fights against deadly diseases like cancer and stops it from spreading in the body. Papaya is especially useful while dealing with prostate cancer and colon cancer and helps to eliminate the disease completely.

12. Reduces stress

Today, when life has become so hard and busy, people working in offices and at homes face all types of stresses. In order to overcome stress, one should eat Papaya as the fruit is full of vitamins, expecially Vitamin C which is most suitable in having stress-free life and healthy nutrients.  According to a research conducted in the University of Alabama, it is observed that about 200 mg of vitamin C eliminates stress completely and revives a person with full of energy within no time.

13. Works against toothaches

A paste made of papaya pulp is highly effective in reducing all types of teeth problems. It is useful mainly in reducing toothaches and offering complete relief in short time. Even the leaves and the inner bark of the tree can be used as a medicine against all types of tooth problems.

Final Thoughts

The health benefits of papaya are plenty and it offers all the minor and major health advantages.  Papaya is best for all types of digestion-related problems, it offers complete relief on severe toothaches, it improves the immune system and makes the heart work smoothly for longer period of time. 

Papaya is also called as pawpaw or papaw in many places around the world, particularly in Australia and some countries of the Caribbean. Papaya is commonly found and available in all seasons and it can be the part of your diet without any difficulty. Papaya is also highly popular among the masses for its commercial usage because of its higher nutrients and medicinal values. Papaya is also called Carica Papaya for its higher health benefits.

Apart from many other health benefits, the most significant one is that papaya works as anti-cancer medication. Today, the disease of cancer is commonly seen among people around the world and most of the times, the cancer does not get cured at all because either the medicines are not powerful enough or availability of the suitable medicines is limited. But Papaya helps in minimizing the influence of the cancer, if had on a regular basis as a part of your diet. 

Neither does the papaya have any fragrance nor does it have a strong taste which makes it highly acceptable as part of the diet and can be consumed anytime of the day. Consuming papaya before a meal helps to increase the appetite and if you have papaya after meals, then it helps in digestion. Papaya can also be taken as a food replacement where you plan it in your diet and avoid other food items.

Papaya is a natural source of different vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Papaya can be eaten simply as a fruit or it can be used in various recipes and dishes, where it makes the recipes appetizing, nutritious and healthy to have. Papaya can be a part of smoothies or milkshakes or juices. Papaya can be added with green vegetables in the raw form while preparing dishes. The fruit adds its own fragrance and delicious taste and makes the food items enjoyable. 

The fruit is useful for other reasons as well apart from its health benefits. The latex derived from the fruit is extensively used in manufacturing many different products in the area of medicine, cosmetics, beauty products and several other lifesaving items. It is also used to make chewing gum, which is a highly popular product. The enzyme papain is mainly used while preparing the chewing gum which is a dietary supplement.