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New Herbal Patch May Help to Heal Canker Sores Faster

New Herbal Patch May Help to Heal Canker Sores Faster

According to a new study presented at the 85th general session of the International Association for Dental Research, a novel over-the-counter patch containing licorice extract may help in the quick healing of canker sores. In this study 46 participants who had recurrent canker sores were recruited. The participants were divided into two groups. The first group were provided with Cankermelts, the patches, to control the inflammation. The herbal patch was put over the sore for 16 hours a day but they were asked to remove it during sleep. The second group was not provided with any patches and were also asked not to apply any other treatment for canker sores.


The researchers photographed the canker sore for 8 days and asked the participants to rate the pain on all these days. At the beginning of the treatment, the average size and pain of the canker sores were similar in the two groups. After 8 days, the size of the canker sores and the pain associated with it was lesser in the group which used the patches when compared to the group which did not have any patches.

Scientists from the University of Washington and the American Academy of Oral Medicine in Seattle, along with Jeff Haley, founder and chief scientist of Orahealth were the brains behind the study.