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Why Beauty Sleep Should Be Taken Seriously

Why Beauty Sleep Should be Taken Seriously

A study published in the journal BMJ, provides supports to the concept of beauty sleep. A small study conducted by Swedish researchers shows that adequate rest is essential for looking healthy. Until now, the concept of beauty sleep lacked solid evidence from science.

In this study, 23 healthy volunteers between the ages of 18-years-old and 31-years-old were photographed twice – once after receiving eight hours of sleep, and the second after being deprived of sleep. The participants were asked to sleep for five hours, to have sleep deprivation. None of them were allowed to wear makeup, and followed the same grooming routine. They were asked to have a neutral expression with a relaxed appearance while posing for the photographs.

The photographs were then evaluated for attractiveness, tiredness, and healthy appearance, by 65 untrained people. The judges rated the sleep deprived photographs as less healthy, less attractive, and more tired. Some of the sleep-deprived images were rated as healthier, more attractive, and less tired. The researchers conclude that sleep deprivation immediately shows in the face.

The results show that people “are sensitive to sleep-related facial cues." Authors say that generally, human judgement is based on complex processes. Decision making is influenced by a mixture of responses from perceptual cues to semantic calculations, according to researchers. Social interactions are influenced by both reflexive and reflective processes in the human mind.