How to Choose a Good Birth Control Method for You

How to Choose a Good Birth Control Method

Birth control methods give the flexibility and option for individuals to become parents. There are a number of methods available and making a choice in this regard is truly hard. Firstly, one should know about the different methods of birth control available.

Talk to your doctor regarding the different options and before choosing, and consider the following:

  • If you want a permanent solution – For those who do not want to have children, permanent methods, like tubal ligation and male vasectomy are good options.
  • Consider how effective each method is – The most effective methods among the different types are hormonal implants and injections, and hormonal intra-uterine devices. Birth control pills like dretine, patches and rings are next only to these hormonal varieties. Barrier methods like condoms and spermicides are less effective when compared to the above said methods and one may require using other methods as well.
  • Convenience of using – Methods which are easy to use ensures the consistency of usage by a person and thus increases the chances of success.
  • Risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) – Many of the highly effective methods like hormonal implants and injections do not provide protection against the spread of STDs. Barrier methods like condoms are effective against STDs but are not very effective in preventing pregnancy. So one will have to combine two methods, if there is a risk of STD.
  • Health condition of the person – If a person has certain health conditions like migraines, heart diseases, hypertension, blood clots, and diabetes, all birth control options may not be suitable to them. Do talk to your doctor before making a decision.
  • If you want to have children in the next year – If this is your decision then you may have to avoid progestin only injections as it may affect restoring fertility before a year. Monthly periods may also be affected by taking combination pills of progestin and estrogen.

Emergency contraceptive methods can be used if the person had unprotected intercourse. These methods are effective, but may not provide protection against STDs. These can also be used if any of the birth control options fail.