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How can I reverse yellowing of my teeth?

I am 27 year old woman and I am now seeing my teeth are turning yellow. Is there a way that I can reverse yellowing of my teeth?

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Maintain proper diet and do bleaching. Darkening is a normal aging process
Probably not. There is nothing you can take that systemically will change the color of your teeth. However, there are home bleaching kits which may help, such as the Crest bleaching strips. The only thing you have to be careful to watch is sensitivity.
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Calcium, vitD, stop smoking, coffee, red wine.
There are several options for you. You can do "in office" whitening, get custom trays made to whiten at home, or purchase whitening strips to whiten at home.

Michelle B. Deutch, DDS
First, how long has it been since you have had a professional cleaning? I would suggest that if you want to whiten your teeth further, you should get a professional evaluation to make sure that there won't be problems when using whitening agents. Once you have had the evaluation, ask your dentist for your options including over-the-counter treatments.

First of all, you have to see a dentist to determine if the teeth got “yellower” because of stains that could be accumulated on your teeth, due to a diet or not proper oral hygiene. If these are eliminated, possibly smoking or drinking coffee in excess may be contributing to changing color of your teeth. The process can be reversed by whitening procedures done in office or home, depending upon your dentist suggestions, and forms of treatment. Good luck.
You can reverse yellowing of my teeth by taking effective dental procedure such as teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is the dental procedure that assists to remove stains and discoloration of the teeth. This treatment is a safe and proven way to brighten your smile and boost your confidence by reversing the yellowing of my teeth. It is one of the most common dental treatments as it is a fast, easy and inexpensive solution to improve your smile and thus, enhance your appearance.
Yellowing can occur from aging, smoking and drinking dark liquids such as coffee,tea and red wine. Start with a Dental Cleaning to remove stains, then whiten with a carbamide peroxide whitener. Maintain whiteness using a whitening toothpaste and touch-up kit.
If your teeth are getting yellow now and were lighter before. The stain is in the outer layers of the teeth and is due to what you are consuming (examples: coffee, tea, colas, red wine, smoking). There are many bleaching techniques that can lighten the teeth due to the outer staining. Reducing the things that are causing the staining will increase the time between touchup bleaching procedures.
Daily flossing and brushing with a whitening tooth paste and avoiding smoking, coffee, tea, and other such things that stain teeth will go a long way to remove stains and preventing new development of staining. Having your teeth cleaned regularly (every 6 months, or 3 months in some cases) is another important part in keeping whiter teeth. Many people find that they would like even brighter teeth. That is where bleaching comes in. Over-the-counter systems work to some degree. Dental office provided systems work even better. For some, there are in-office treatments with or without a light to get an initial quick start and may have an even better result.
Dr. Grimm
You can try whitening toothpaste and/or mouthwash: Crest & Colgate have a few nice choices and Listerine has a whitening mouthwash. These usually will remove some light surface stains and help prevent stains from accumulating. To change the actual 'color' of your teeth, you need a tooth whitening or tooth bleaching product, not use any of these without consulting with your dentist first.
If you are only 27 years old, you should probably get some custom fit bleach trays made, and bleach as necessary to maintain the shade that you are happiest with. The home bleaching regimen is the most cost effective option, and it also allows you to maintain control of the final shade.
Good luck,
M. Karl
Evaluate your diet for foods that produce a lot of discoloration and staying like caffeine nicotine soft drinks which are colored in nature. It is very possible that if your condition is only now being noticed at an older age you are over brushing precious enamel away with a stiff brush when you should be using a soft brush and proper Strokes rather than a sawing motion of your hygiene attempts. Enamel can be a braided away over a period of years leaving the teeth appearing to be yellow in shade when it's actually the loss of enamel and the Dentin showing through that is underneath the enamel and orange in color. This would appear to be a yellow to orange tint that cannot be brushed away it is highly sensitive containing nerves to the tooth itself and protection of the root canal.
I would get a consultation in person. Might need whitening to be performed.
Diet can certainly cause yellowing of teeth from coffee to red wine to black tea. There are many bleaching products that can quickly whiten your teeth. Ask your dentist about either in office bleach or a bleach tray kit to whiten your teeth.
If the color of your teeth is becoming increasingly and noticeably yellow perhaps vital tooth bleaching, bonding, or Veneers may be the solution. There are times we see teeth that are turning yellow secondary to a traumatic occurrence. It is best to have your dentist evaluate your teeth and give you a recommended course of treatment.
Yes it can be reversed in a number of ways:
1) whitening
2) enamel repair re-whitening desensitizing toothpaste by PREVDENT
see their patient education clip
3)in form of restoration, i.e., veneers or crowns (most expensive option)
Absolutely! Teeth whitening is a very effective and safe way to reserve teeth yellowing. Teeth whitening can be completed by one of three different methods: over-the-counter trays or strips like Crest White Strips; custom-made whitening trays made by your dentist; or in-office whitening completed at your dentist's office. Each method have different advantages, so talk to your dentist to find out which way is best for you.
Professionally administered tooth "whitening" procedures may minimize the discoloration if the teeth are not "non-vital" (dead).
Any "over the counter" whitening agent can help. Cigarette smoking, coffee and tea are the leading causes for discolored teeth.
The best way is through bleaching which can be done at the dental office or over the counter. Bleaching has been proven to be safe and effective over the past 30 years. The bleaching process needs to be touched up every 3 to 6 months. Make sure you are not pregnant and sometimes you have to stick with it for several weeks or even a month or two before you see good results. Teeth can become sensitive but this is usually transit and will get better after the treatment is finished.