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I'm having pregnancy symptoms?

I want to know when I got my ablation does the doctor tie your tubes because I'm having pregnancy symptoms.

Female | 49 years old

4 Answers

If you and your doctor did not discuss permanent sterilization (separate procedure) before your ablation then I would assume it was not done. If You no longer desire the ability to conceive then you need to speak to your doctor about how to make that happen.
Tubes are not tied as part of a normal ablation, though the ablation process may damage the part of the tubes near the uterus. If you feel pregnant you should have a pregnancy test. Pregnancy at 49 years would be unusual and even more so after an ablation.
It is commonly done with TL but not necessarily. The ablation has a rare chance for pregnancy only. Unlikely at 49yo but I would probably do a pregnancy test to be sure.
It is not standard to tie the tubes simultaneously unless a 2nd procedure was done. The best course of action is to check a pregnancy test.