Dentist Questions tooth pain

My molars are hurting. I already had my wisdom teeth all taken out. What can this be?

My molars are hurting, especially when I floss. I'm not sure what this could be, as I've gotten all my wisdom teeth removed already.

14 Answers

Most likely the alignment of your molars is off. This can be resolved with a procedure termed an "occlusal adjustment". The pain is nature's way of telling you something's wrong.
Many reasons. Need to have an examination of your entire mouth and necessary X-rays to determine the treatment plan.
Clenching or grinding your teeth.
Could be either gum or cavity related. See your dentist
Gum disease, tooth decay, sinusitis, many possibilities. see your dentist and ask.
This could be due to gingivitis or periodontal disease. This could also be due to a cavity in the area of the molars. A third option is if the gums grow over the back of the molars you can bite on them and this leads to an infection. Clinical examination is required for appropriate diagnosis and recommended treatment.
Difficult to answer without a radiograph of the areas in question. Visit your Dentist for evaluation and treatment
Anything from decay to gum disease. Advise a dental exam and X-rays to diagnose and treat.
It's possible that your molars are in traumatic occlusion. I would start first with an orthodontic examination.
You should get the other teeth checked because it could be many reasons.
There may be a cavity or decay in your molar teeth. There could also be something in the jaw bone itself that may be causing pain. Sometimes sinus pain can cause your upper molar teeth to hurt. You should see a dentist to have him/her check your molar teeth and rule out all these possibilities. The dentist may need to take an x-ray to see if there is any infection in the bone or any problems with the sinuses.
Well, let's see. It depends on what's causing the pain. Hot, cold, chewing, sugar, nothing in particular? Is it the top molars? The bottom ones? One side? Both sides? There could be many different causes for tooth pain. You might have a cavity, a tooth might be broken, the gum might have receded, exposing your roots, you might have a sinus infection, etc. Your best bet is to see your dentist.

Good luck.
This discomfort could be because you have decay in the areas you are flossing, or it could be that your gums are inflamed due to plaque/tartar accumulation, and that you are hurting the gums when you floss. Start off with an examination and cleaning by a dental professional, and floss regularly to keep the plaque away. If a cavity is found, the decay will be removed and the cavity filled.
Flossing should not be painful regardless of having wisdom teeth removed or still present. There could be numerous reasons for this discomfort. My recommendation is to see your dentist and have a checkup, which will likely include taking X-rays to properly diagnose.