Plastic Surgeon Questions Stretch Marks

What is the best treatment to get rid of stretch marks?

I just delivered my baby and I have too many stretch marks. What is the best way to get rid of these stretch marks?

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stretch marks can be tough

there are many options, all of which involve buffing off the marks

these treatments whether with lasers or micro needling or whatever option you choose require time and several sessions to improve the look

you may never get rid of all the scars but most of the time the improvement is significant
There is no effective way to completely erase stretch marks because they are caused by a tear is the dermal layer of the skin. Lasers, creams and many other modalities have been used and at best, merely offer a mild improvement.
Be careful of undergoing expensive procedures that cannot live up to the "sales talk".
Your fresh, post pregnancy, stretch marks will improve on their own but will not disappear completely.
The best treatment for stretch marks, specifically, recent ones, is Candela V Beam Perfecta. It is a pulsed dye laser that really is amazing as far as the improvement in one session.

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Hi, please send me some photos.


Dr. Ibrahim El Achkar.
Tightening “fractured” dermis is difficult. Large ones that are single or a few that are closed together can often be excised as part of a body lift procedure or tummy tuck. Some of these can even be treated in the office in this manner. Dermarolling (needling) is more helpful to build collagen (needle-sized) scars to raise the valleys and fill in these cracks.

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Congratulations on the birth of your child!
There is no easy way to get rid of abdominal stretch marks, or “striae.” After you give birth to your last child, strongly consider having an abdominoplasty, or “tummy tuck.”
Stretch marks are tough as they come when the skin is expanded. There are plenty of creams and skin products which claim they will help reduce or prevent stretch marks like cocoa butter and almond oil. Despite the claims on the products nothing has been proven.

The only treatment that is sure to remove stretchmarks is surgical removal through an abdominoplasty/tummy tuck. This will only work for stretchmarks around or below the level of the belly button. Stretchmarks above the belly button may be tougher to remove. Where it is appropriate to surgically remove the skin, it is possible, but I suggest you seek consult by a board certified plastic surgeon to assess what is best for you.
Unfortunately, there’s no really good treatment for them. Certainly, massage with lanolin will help. There are some new laser treatments being evaluated now. Removal with an abdominoplasty still remains the standard of care.
It is exceptionally complicated and needs patient cooperation infrequent in office treatments.
There is no one perfect treatment. If the color of the stretch mark is the issue and your skin is white, fractional laser resurfacing helps. For darker skin types or for skin color stretch marks I like doing a series of prp and microneedling treatments or 1-2 radio frequency microneedling treatments.
Depends if you have excess skin, may improve with excision of the affected skin.