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Can acupuncture help me in managing stress?

I am under a lot of stress and pressure because of my job. I have tried to be a little more organized with my work and manage my time right, but it's not really working. Can acupuncture help me manage my pain?

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Yes, it can help with both pain and stress. If you decide to try acupuncture, make sure you start with a fully trained acupuncturist (not an MD or Chiropractor that did minimal hours of training to get a license).
Acupuncture can greatly reduce the effects of stress and help balance the body back out.
Yes acupuncture can help manage stress
Yes, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can help you with your stress. When you are stressed out, blood stays stagnant in and around your head. By inserting very fine needles into precise points of the body, the needles will trigger your body to release natural painkillers such as endorphins. These endorphins will help relax the muscles and allow the body to direct blood flow to the affected areas. The increase blood flow to the affected areas will help stimulate the central and autonomic nervous system to reduce the experience of stress which in terms attacks the root cause of the problem of headaches and migraines.
Absolutely. I personally love to see the quick turnaround in patients that come in with anxiety. Acupuncture has been proven to increase serotonin and dopamine levels in the body, which aid in feeling relaxed and happy. I tell patients they can expect, after a treatment, to feel more “go with the flow” and be able to roll with punches. They usually leave feeling much more relaxed and sleep better the night after a treatment. Stress and anxiety are some of the conditions acupuncture just inherently handles best, if I’m able to name just a few.
Absolutely, Acupuncture is great for managing stress and pressure. An acupuncturist can recommend lifestyle changes so you help yourself as well.
Yes. Acupuncture works to release stress very well.
Sorry to hear that you are dealing with such stress in your life. Acupuncture can greatly assist you in this case. Acupuncture works well in reducing and managing stress and its related symptoms, as well as for many other conditions. I would highly recommend that you give it a try. I see many patients in my office for this same thing with amazing results even immediately after the first treatment. I am sure you would benefit as well. Find a licensed Acupuncture Physician in your area and get your stress under control. Stress is not a good thing so get it taken care of immediately. Yours in Health!

Yes, acupuncture is very helpful in managing stress. There are a number of protocols which alleviate stress on a physical (communicating directly with the nervous system), mental (helping to regulate emotions stemming from stressors), and energetic levels. It can literally help you "re-pattern" your body to a more relaxed and peacefully responsive state.
Additionally, these treatments can be very simple and use very few needle to be effective. I highly recommend trying at least 3 sessions. Though remember with acupuncture, the more sessions you do closer together, the more stable and longer term balance you obtain.

Thank you for your question.
Yes, acupuncture is excellent for stress reduction. Reducing stress can improve your health as well as your mood.
Yes. Acupuncture is often used for releasing stress, treating insomnia or other mental disorders. Treatment should be used 1-2 time a week for a few weeks, or used regularly if the reason for the stress is not removed.
Yes, it really works.
Yes, acupuncture helps reduce stress and pain.

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Mike Berkley, L.Ac., FABORM
Acupuncture is known for pain and stress (insomnia). I have had and currently treat patients for their stress and pressures, not only from work, but even family/daily life or even traumatic events (eg PTSD). It helps to get to the root of the stress, but even lifestyle improvements like exercise and breathing exercises can help in alleviating the pressure and
stress. A good night’s sleep definitely helps recharge one’s self, too.

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Acupuncture is a fantastic modality to help both anxiety and pain. If you can find a practitioner who has had training in "Worsley 5-Element" style acupuncture they are very adept in emotional work, but most any practitioner can easily balance you for both anxiety and stress and pain.

Because this is a work related issue, I believe at least one time a week to two weeks would be good for a while and if you start feeling better for longer periods you can drop to once a month or less.

Your practitioner should also teach you breathing exercises, meditation skills or advise some other lifestyle activity. The 5-E practitioner would also be able to focus on how you can organize your life, time management, et al.

Find a licensed practitioner, not an MD or DC who took some courses and definitely not a PT who only too "dry needling" classes.

Good luck.
Acupuncture is amazing when it comes to stress management. You should absolutely look in to seeing a board certified acupuncturist, they will be able to help.
It looks like you're asking about two things - can acupuncture help with stress and pain? To both is a resounding yes. As far as pain goes, the World Health Organization lists acupuncture as a useful way to treat all kinds of pain. Perhaps less well known is that acupuncture is also extremely effective for treating stress. In fact, stress and emotional problems of all kinds are my favorite things to treat because acupuncture works so well for it.

So, yes, get yourself in to the nearest practitioner you can find (plan on seeing them twice a week for a series of treatments till the stress is under control), and start feeling better today!!
Thank you for your inquiry!

I think acupuncture works AMAZING for stress relief and associated muscular tension and pain that come from stress! I highly recommend you give acupuncture a try as a first step to reducing stress and see the many benefits. A lot of patients, regardless of what they are being treated for, leave the office saying how "they feel a weight off of their shoulders."


Yes, acupuncture can help stress relief and regulate the sympathetic nervous system.


Dr. Pai Hsiang Peng, L.Ac.

Yes, acupuncture helps. It helps you to concentrate and focus; it also helps de-stress, which a lot of people find it helps for doing their job. Acupuncture can't do your job for you, but make your job more joyful.

Hope this answer helps.

Huan Wen Fang
Acupuncture helps to reduce mental stress and promote the release of feel-good hormones. It is definitely recommended if you wish to relax your mind, and it will help you sleep better throughout the night.

Alexandre Hillairet, DAOM.
Acupuncture is an amazing tool to managing stress. With no exceptions, anyone who tried it can say that they become very relaxed afterwards. We also do ear seeds and herbal medicine to continue the relaxation after you leave the office and also to help to get a faster result in shorter time.

Dr. Maryam Mansouri, Lac., OMD.
Acupuncture is very effective in reducing stress.
Yes, acupuncture can help stress relief and regulate the sympathetic nervous system.

Yes, acupuncture does wonder for stress management. It helps balance your hormones and assist with relaxation. It is also a great treatment for pain when combined with cupping.

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Aleksandra Dianova, L.Ac.
Yes, acupuncture can modulate your neuro-chemicals to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. The mechanism works as Rx. Acupuncture needs several visits because acupuncture effects are accumulative based on research studies.
Yes, it can.
Yes. Acupuncture can be very effective for stress. It should be thought of as a therapy, not a one-time treatment. It should be done over a period of time. The number of treatments necessary will depend upon the individual, but you should expect to lessen the frequency as you improve, perhaps getting to the point where you only need an occasional "tuneup."
Yes, acupuncture can certainly help with reducing and managing stress.
Absolutely. Acupuncture is most well known for it's treatment of stress and anxiety. The treatments can help with the symptoms you feel and there are exercises and meditations we can work with to help prevent you from feeling stressed or overwhelmed to begin with.
Acupuncture is one of the best therapies for managing stress. Too often in our fast-paced lifestyle we are keyed in to our sympathetic nervous system, or fight-or-flight syndrome. Acupuncture helps you key in to your relaxation response.

Yes, acupuncture would be able to relax your nervous system and calm the "fight or flight" response of the body. Hence, it'll make you more concentrated on your workload rather than stress.
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If you are asking if acupuncture can help with stress, generally, yes. If you're asking about pain, you will need to be more specific about the type of pain.

Above all, take care of yourself. Stress is the cause of many chronic conditions. Asking about what can help and recognizing your job is a source of stress is a great start.

Be well,

Dr. B
I treat stress daily and with nearly every patient. Acupuncture calms the mind and allows you to be in control of your stressors instead of feeling like you are controlled by them. It helps with sleep and mood as well.
Acupuncture is one of the best therapies for pain. It can help reduce pain, inflammation and increase the range of motion. It also works very well with stress which in most cases is the cause for the pain. So, by reducing the stress and increasing blood flow into the painful area, we get two for the price of one; Reducing the stress and eliminating the pain.
Acupuncture excels at managing stress, especially with needling points on the ears, as they access calming neurotransmitters. Many studies have shown the benefit of acupuncture in reducing various types of pain.