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Are acupressure mats safe?

I work in construction, so I often have a lot back pain. My wife suggested that I get an acupressure mat for it. Are they safe and effective?

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Sage but not effective
Acupressure is safe if she knows how to make it works for you, I suggest you see a good practitioner.
I unfortunately can’t say I use them in my practice but I would say they are harmless and may help to relieve some pain.
There are many acupressure mats on the market. I am not familiar with the mats, but I know acupressure works. Do your research and fink someone with knowledge of the mats. That person should be able to assist you to find a mat specific for your needs. Good Luck!
I am unfamiliar with acupressure mats so I can't give you a definitive answer. They probably have nobs at certain points to try to correlate with acupuncture points on the back. But people are different heights, so it would be difficult to know if they are hitting YOUR points. If they are, they might well be helpful, and I can't see any reason why it wouldn't be safe.

Hope this helps.
I haven't read any negative research about acupressure mats. My opinion would be they are safe, only applying pressure to sore spots on the feet, not needling. I use reflexology on my patients as well as needling, to target specific areas of the body that can also be worked out through the feet, which is great because some patients cannot be touched due to severe pain. Look up Nogier on Google. He created something called auriculotherapy which denotes that all of the body can be accessed through the ear in what is called a microsystem.....a smaller representation of the body mapped out on the ear. He also has a similar system on the foot....reflexology. It can be quite effective, especially when patients are too sensitive to palpation. Try it!!! Good luck.
Hello and thank you for your inquiry.

Acupressure mats can be one of alternative home remedies you can use at home. Some small studies show “subjectively relax” benefit of the mats and other study conducted in 2016 reports that “whether or not using the mats for two weeks would help people with chronic back pain.” However, more high-quality research trials are required to evaluate the long-term effect of acupressure mats. It’s highly recommended to consult with a practitioner for a treatment plan that fits your need and utilize the mats as an alternative home treatment.
I would not suggest that

With any medical supply use, it should be used after consulting with a physician about your condition. You should find out what's really causing the back pain, and treat it accordingly. Consult a physician first before you purchase or use the acupressure mat.


Scott Sang In Lee
Acupressure mats are rather safe, unless you have any skin problems. They increase circulation in the area and may help with the pain. Of course, it depends on the level of your back problem.
Hi Dear,

There are many different types of Acupressure mat. For moderate to severe pain, acupressure probably won't help as much. Although it will increase circulation to your feet and overall, but if the pain is daily, chronic, unbearable, or "a lot" in your case, it probably won't alleviate it so much to the point you don't need any other treatments. I would certainly get a mat to help with your overall health. I would suggest you get a TDP heat lamp on amazon about $100 or so and lay down and use that instead.

Stacey Ma, L.Ac, M.Ac,

I am not sure what kind of acupressure mat you have, so I could not comment on it. My suggestion is to find an acupuncturist to evaluate what caused your back pain. You can bring your acupressure mat to the clinic and ask if it is safe and effective.
Yes. They are good for massaging and stimulating key points on the body to promote deep relaxation and healing. Acupressure mats work by causing the body to release endorphins, oxytocin, and other “feel good” hormones which relax the mind and help the body naturally heal itself. Definitely do it! :)

Brooke Zanni
Yes, they are safe and effective.
AcuPRESSURE is a bit different than AcuPUNCTURE. I do recommend AcuPUNCTURE. It is very efficient to back pain.
Be well, be confident, we can help.
Yes! They are safe and proven to take pressure off your spine.
Yes, very safe and very helpful in many ways.
They are safe but not very effective. We select specific points unique to what is going on and how your body is responding to it. Acupressure mats are like pressing all the buttons in the elevator to get to the 12th floor. Secondly, there may be more behind your pain than just muscle tension in your lower back. If you would like some home relief, I recommend heat, stretching, and/or massage tools like a foam roller, myofascial ball, or even a softened tennis ball (if you would like more intense pressure). Before you do anything though, see a medical professional or personal trainer for guidance. These techniques may seem harmless, but injuries can easily happen if you're not using the tools or stretching properly.
I have not had any experience with that and cannot offer any advice. Acupuncture and our other tools are a great way to help to alleviate back pain. I would recommend that over a gadget.
I'm not quite sure what you are talking about, but I believe you are talking about some type of mattress or something that has nubs on it that you lay on. I can't really say they are effective, but it does help some people, so it may help you, but it's not a guarantee or an endorsement. I believe they are pretty safe, since there's no real insertion of a needle, like you would get at an acupuncture clinic, but again, I've never used one and don't know which type you are referring.

If you want to see a Licensed Acupuncturist, I do trust them to be safe and effective because they will be able to assess what is happening and where you would need a focus on treatment for your condition. A mat would not be able to asses that or change for you, whereas a human can.

If the mat is inexpensive and you know people who swear by it, go ahead and try it. If you want someone to care for you and help you get better, I again suggest going to a professional Licensed Acupuncturist.

Good luck.
According American Pain Society and American College of Physicians say acupuncture is an alternative therapy for treating back pain. There has not been enough research to prove that acupressure mats are safe and effective.
Try Far Infrared Mat.
To be honest, I had to look up acupressure mats because I've never heard of them. After checking a few out, here's what I can say: something like this is most likely safe and I can't speak to effectiveness.

Contrary to popular belief, acupuncture points are not in fixed locations. The actual position of the point varies from person to person and even varies on the same person from day to day. There's no way to guarantee the stimulation from the mat will be delivered to a location that will be useful to you given your issue.

Given that the mats aren't all that expensive, it might be worth a try to see if you can get any relief. Your best bet, however, would probably be to see an actual practitioner of Chinese medicine and have them do an assessment and treatment for your back pain. If you have a problem with needles, just let them know - while needles get the fastest, longest lasting results (at least in my experience), we do have other options for treating pain that don't rely on needles.

Unless you're in California, I'd suggest you start with the "Find a Practitioner" directory at This will give you a list of board certified and state licensed acupuncturists in your area.