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Why do I have back pain while eating?

Off late I have been having a strange back pain when I sit and eat my meal. I have been having this for the last 2 days. What could be the reason for this pain?

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There could be several different causes for pain. Regardless, pain is your body's warning system, telling you something is wrong. It should be checked out. It may be something as simple as posture. It could be problems with digestion. A detailed history and examination should be done by your chiropractor. Then, a diagnosis can be made, and the appropriate recommendations can be suggested.
Your posture while you are sitting is most likely the cause.
Your spinal joints could be locked up and you should see a Chiropractor and have it corrected.
Back pain is not normal by any means and to have it while sitting and eating a meal definitely requires attention by an appropriate doctor.
That could be a number of things either related to you sitting or to you eating. Go in to see your Primary Physician as they will be able to check the digestive part of the issue first.
Could be an ulcer or gall bladder issue referring pain to the back. Rule that out and then get adjusted by a chiro.
There may be many reasons. You will need to be examined to determine the cause
This could be due to multiple reasons. If you have a hernia in the abdominal area, the weakness of the core muscles could lead to the pressure in the lower spine, and when you eat, the pressure of the stomach in this weak area while slouching and eating could cause back pain, but further examination is required. See your chiropractor immediately.
While sitting down and performing any activity, it jams the lumbar vertebrae in your lower back which pinches the nerves and causes pain. I would recommend to see a chiropractor to help relieve the pinched nerve , and to get exercises specific to your condition.
Thank you for your question. The likely cause of your pain is called referred pain. This means that you might be experiencing pain or discomfort in another area of your body, like your stomach, that can refer pain to your back. It can also be caused by improper posture when sitting. Ensure that your back and butt are against the chair when sitting and that you are not leaning forward. If this does not help, it is advised to consult a physician for a proper examination and diagnosis.
Hmmm. Well, sitting can put a lot of pressure on your back, especially if you don’t have support for your back while you sit. You could try putting a pillow, towel or jacket in the small of your back and see if that helps.
If you are having stomach or GI issues, that can cause pain but not usually in the back. Gallbladder problems sometimes refer pain to the right upper back.
Good luck and good health!
Dr Moon
Since it’s only been two days it is most likely trapped air from eating too quickly, not chewing well enough or maybe some positions you are getting into. If it persists I would see a health care professional.
This can be a few things, and depends on where the pain is. My first bit of advice would be to make sure you have good posture while sitting and eating. Also it could be an issue with your gallbladder if the meals you are consuming are very fatty.
See your medical doctor. Back pain shortly after starting to eat could be a sign of a gall bladder issue.
It could be a gallbladder issue. I would ask a general practitioner to look into that.
All organs are a nerve coming from the spine to make sure they are doing what they are suppose to DO at the TIME they are suppose to do it. For example, your stomach needs to produce acid when, and only when, you start eating food. It would not be god for your stomach to produce acid when you don't eat food. This is the role of the Brain and Spinal Nerve. If the organ, in turn, is affected or in dis-ease state or (infection, compressed, ulcer, other) then the feedback from the organs to the spine is sending signal to the brain to let the brain know something is going on. During that feedback, muscles around the area of the spine will tense and be in spasm. This is another way for the brain to PAY ATTENTION of what is doing on inside the abdomen.

Your holistic chiropractor (SOT(R) METHOD or AK doctor) would look at indicators and find out how the spine and organs reflexes are impacted and may also order blood work to correlate both together, at least this is how I approach this issue.

It could be that your spine is subluxated (misaligned). It could be soft tissue. I would send you to a local Doctor of Chiropractic to have it looked at and solved, rather than just covered up with a med.

Dr Krutulis
If this is happening on a regular basis, it might be a problem with your bowels.
Definitely see a reputable chiropractor as soon as possible

Questions in return are: 1. Is it pain in back ONLY when sitting to eat? Or whenever you sit? 2. Any change in diet or digestive issues related? 3. Where in the low back is the pain: centered on the spine or out to the side of the spine, or does it radiate into the gluteal area or into lower extremity?
I would love to give you an easy answer, but there are many variables that need to be addressed. If it continues, I would consult a primary care or a chiropractor to do an exam, which would address the questions I asked you and help specifically diagnose the issue at hand.
Hope I helped.

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Dr. Todd Gewant